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Finding something out after the fact, coupled with the knowledge that it was intentionally hidden from us, causes so much more pain than any news you surmised would have hurt us. Moreover, our honed G-d-given intuition allows us to gift you with the kind of quality advice that most seasoned psychiatrists could never offer, and at a much lower cost.

If all this fails to convince you, there’s one argument you simply can’t afford to ignore: Who better to beseech the heavens on your behalf than your mother? Whose tears do you reckon would be more effective at piercing the heavens than a mother’s on behalf of her child?


Would you then be so foolish as to deprive yourselves of the potency of a mother’s tefillos? I think not. I hope not.

Note: Readers are advised to use discretion, based on their individual circumstances – as when a parent is ailing physically or mentally and there is no doubt that he or she would be traumatized or affected detrimentally. Conversely, when a sound-minded parent explicitly expresses his or her desire to a child, there may be an obligation to heed that parent’s wishes. Conflicted or in doubt? Seek counsel from your rav or halachic authority.

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