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Dear Mrs. Bluth,

I know you will view this as, perhaps, not as important as some of the other problems you deal with, but this matter is very important to me.  I am not a newbie to the workforce – or to the company I work for.  I may not been management material, which would account for my not being considered for such positions, however, I am reliable, dependable and honest to a fault.  I am also considerate, compassionate and understanding when someone makes a mistake, comes in late, needs to take personal time because of health or family issues – after all, we are all human.  I have been my division’s manager for the past forty-two years, almost since the company’s inception and my judgment has never been called into question by the owners. Under my direction, this department has helped the company grow and prosper and my office staff has performed on the highest level due to their loyalty and my consideration for them.  Today, everything is different.


Ten months ago, the three owners of the company decided to step down and each chose a designated family member to step into his or her seat.  One of these heirs is the drug-addled son of the oldest partner.  Since his arrival, he has turned the entire company on it’s ear, mixing in where he has little expertise and setting new protocol into effect that dangerously impacts the credibility of the company. His lack of good judgement, experience and work ethics have affected every corner of the company.  The worst thing? Everyone is afraid of this dangerous fool, even the two other new heads.  No one wants to stand up to him because he has a hot temper and a short fuse and two other department heads have already been shown the door.

Last week, he started to needle me about how I run my division.  He barged into my office and demanded I hand over everything from petty cash expenditures to attendance sheets.  I keep meticulous records and everything is accounted for and explained clearly and understandably.  Two days after I gave him the material he asked for, I got a message that I was being cited for how loosely I managed my staff, that there was negligence in how I managed their attendance at work and had extended special privileges to those who had been with me for years. I was also told that should it be decided that I was mismanaging my sector, I would be terminated.

I don’t know what to expect or what I can do to keep my job. I have loved working here. Until now, the company functioned liked a well-oiled machine, in tandem, and it was a pleasure to come to work each day.  My department is like family, we share in each other’s lives and work cohesively together. I am devastated and am reaching out in hope you can offer some suggestions as to how to regain my balance.


Dear Friend,

Every problem is important and yours is, as well.

Sadly, nothing stays the same, times change, people change and outlooks with them. Unfortunately, in today’s work environment, everyone is expendable and anyone is replaceable.

What I can tell you is that your sterling record should carry some weight when it comes to a hearing review. I would suggest that you reach out to any supervisors you have dealt with in the past to send letters about your work ethic and the way in which you manage your department.

Hopefully, there will be those willing to stand up for the intrusion you say this person is causing before he ruins the business.

As there is power in numbers, try to rally as many of those employees as you can to accompany you to the hearing and see what transpires.  I have a feeling you may be very surprised to see him back down.  I’m hopeful that you will make others realize that experience is more valuable then youth.

Here’s wishing you the best of luck.


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