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Dear Mrs. Bluth,

I’m writing in response to the article written regarding Lyme disease. I have much to say as a parent of a child who suffered for four years before getting a diagnosis. Before I even scratch the surface of my journey, there is a common denominator that runs through the entire medical field, it is that time is money and profit supersedes a patient’s needs.


The CDC trains all doctors to get a patient in and out of the office efficiently. Unfortunately, Lyme disease is known as the great imitator. It presents differently in people, as a tick carries different co-infections. For this reason, most doctors will miss Lyme and its co-infections as being something else. The CDC is aware that a huge population in America suffers from Lyme disease, but continues to sweep it away and do zero research so vitally needed that would benefit the struggling masses. The CDC did the same thing when they kept the hazards of nicotine, Thalidomide, and opioids from the populace. The CDC knew full well how fatal these substances were to the general public, however, as long as the pharmaceutical companies were making money, it was all OK!

The same situation is repeated with Lyme disease sufferers. Patients can go for years being misdiagnosed and taking myriad of medications in futility, to cure their ailments. A list of ailments can range from joint pain, debilitating abdominal pain across the board to depression, anxiety, OCD and a multitude of psychiatric conditions. Think of how much money the pharmaceutical companies are making through this process of deceit. Would it shock you to learn that members on the board of the CDC actually have monetary stake in the pharmaceutical companies!

I wish I could tell you that this was my experience exclusively. Unfortunately most people who have suffered and been misdiagnosed have had a very similar journey.

Fortunately, there are a group of medical pioneers, physicians who practice under ILADS, who do so because they have been personally affected by Lyme disease. The CDC is huge and has a tight grip on most physicians. This organization dictates all of our treatments! In time, the American people will come to realize how corrupt this system is, and it is happening right now with the COVID debacle.

I implore each and every person who is suffering and has not found any reprieve to dig deeper and advocate for yourself. Don’t take everything a doctor tells you as the ultimate truth. If you are not being helped look further for the cause of your suffering so you may get the proper treatment.. It took me four years to take matters into my own hands for my child’s sake. I told my pediatrician countless times about my gut inclination. He not only dismissed my fears each time but neglected to even follow up knowing his patient continued to deteriorate on his course of treatment. This is a doctor I had used for 20 years to care for my children and whom I trusted.

Baruch Hashem, I was fortunate enough to find a pediatrician in Williamsburg who truly cares. Ironically, she practices under the CDC but knows exactly what is going on and refuses to turn a blind eye. She took all the necessary blood work and is dedicated to her patients. In addition, this doctor put me in touch with a team of Lyme and co-infection specialists who are with me every step of the way. You do not need to see or find a tick to have Lyme disease. Plenty of people are bitten and never even know it. If you are suffering from varying symptoms and don’t know why this is happening, this might be an avenue to explore.

Don’t be surprised if you are met with continued opposition from the medical field. I warned you, doctors don’t want to deal with this silent killer. Don’t lose hope, there is help. Please contact these incredibly helpful organizations, Life for Lyme and Chai for Lyme. Hatzlacha!!!



Dear Friend and Readers,

First let me erase one or two errors on my part from my reply to this column. Lymn disease is caused by a bacteria not a virus and is transmitted by an infected tick into a human host. Although one may be fortunate enough to find the tiny tick or get a forewarning that one has been bitten by a red circular ring around the bite site, on many occasions the tick is so tiny that it burrows completely beneath the skin leaving no trace of itself and giving no indication that one has been bitten. Not all ticks carry the bacteria and there should be no cause for alarm until such time as it has been verified that the tick is infected. Thanks to the huge volume of letters on this column, I have learned that Lyme disease is a horrible disease if contracted, often misdiagnosed and mimicking a huge topography of illnesses ranging from the physical and the mental and treated with medications for those will often lead to the worsening of the actual condition.

I have also learned about the unbelievable extent of corruption and information withheld from us by the CDC, the huge and powerful pharmaceutical cartel that has its hand in government and in whom we place our trust for our well-being. It is beyond belief and it is behind this current COVID fiasco, that had the government, at the directive of the CDC not withheld the readily available and inexpensive drugs that would have treated and cured the disease at its outset, there would have been far fewer deaths and after-affects from COVID.

I, also watched a documentary that followed one couple, the wife ‘s evolving and progressive journey with Lyme disease and their arduous trial in finding a doctor who would believe them take them on as patients. The danger to their own practices if they were found to be practicing methods not approved by the CDC and the horror of patients then stranded without the care they needed. Anyone interested can log on to YouTube ‘Under My Skin’ and I hope it will enlighten everyone to stand up and fight the machine. Your life, your health and your well-being is in your hands and if you don’t care, this will go on and may affect someone you love.


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