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A new wardrobe is often necessary when a woman goes through a major life transformation. A new baby, a career shift or aging can all require a woman to reconstruct herself, and modify her style to fit her new persona. Aviva innately understands how to navigate a major life change since she experienced one herself. Fifteen years ago, she went through a considerable transition – she lost over 60 pounds and started a style journey that led her to find her uniquely beautiful way of presenting herself to the world. “Finding my own style gave me incredible confidence,” she says. “Tzniut is not about being flashy nor is it about being erased,” she says. “The true nature of modesty means stepping into your own light.”



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The Science of Artful Accessorizing

Stylist Aviva Bamberger (on right) helps Mattie discover her beautifully individual style.

As a stylist, Aviva Bamberger has an instinctive knack for fashion. And as a teacher, she has concrete ways of explaining the art of dressing well so anyone can grasp it. A key goal is the use of accessories to balance and accentuate one’s features for a synchronized style.

Be conscious of your features. If you have small features or are petite, do not overwhelm your look with overly chunky pieces.

Flatter your chin. If you have a rounded chin, go with round shapes and soft scarves. With a sharper curved chin, experiment with v-necked scarves and accessories.

Try something new. Have fun exploring different textures and materials in jewelry. One interesting trend to try for summer 2015 is wooden jewelry, natural stones and beaded accessories.

Know how to choose shoes. A good basic shoe for most women is a low-heeled closed-toe pump. This style works well with most skirt styles. Brightly contrasting colors or highly embellished shoes create a focal point low on the body and can make you look shorter and stockier. If you choose these shoes, you should repeat the same color higher up (like in a skirt or belt) which will create a longer line. Nude shoes paired with nude hose will create a long look for your legs.

Take advantage of trends. This is an exceptional year for modest dressers. Two trends that are available this summer are midi skirts and ¾ sleeves. Aviva advises women to stock up on these trends while they can find them and think about storing these modest dressing basics for the future.