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Amital of has an entire section on her website devoted to three day Yamim Tovim and suggests a the following Final pre-candle lighting checklist:



Eruv Tavshillin – done three times this year Setting lights/heaters/air conditioners including timers if necessary Setting up blech/hot plate/oven Turning on crockpot Filling and plugging in the hot water urn Having a seven day candle for transferring a light. Simanim for Rosh Hashanah Arba Minim for Sukkot Checking the timer on the lights in the sukkah if people will be sleeping there.

Add to this list anything that is pertinent to you and candle lighting times so you have a clear idea when your deadline is.

Best wishes for a successful planning period and a kesiva v’chasima tova.

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Countdown To Yom Tov

Professional Organizer Elana Maimon, founder of Simply Put (, suggests the following pre-holiday time management plan.


Two weeks before a three-day Yom Tov:

The Eat Down – Use up the unnecessary foods that are occupying the much-needed space in your freezer. Frozen breads, cereals, frozen vegetable (unless you’ll use them over the chag).

Set menus – Check recipe books and create a first draft of your menus…

Make a detailed shopping list – based on your menus.

Invite your guests.

Shop ahead – Purchase dry goods and non-perishable items. Stock up on cleaning supplies, paper goods, drinks, and dry ingredients for baking and place your meat and poultry order well in advance. Shopping Tip: Shop online to avoid lines and save time. When purchasing these heavy non-perishables save your time and energy. No need to hand-pick the toilet paper… Delivery is the best part!


One week before:

Cook and Freeze – desserts and baked goods freeze well. Choose recipes for soups, roasts, and chopped meat dishes, and soufflés as they freeze well too! Now is the time to prepare your favorite salad dressings and marinades as they usually last well for up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator.

Storage Tip: To save space… Freeze things in Ziploc bags, lay the bags flat and remove the extra air from the bags. They then stack beautifully on freezer shelves.


Last few days:

Shop for perishables and all the extras that have made their way on to your list

Happy Cooking – Hopefully you are well on your way with a freezer full of desserts, soups, meats, soufflés, and marinades.

Food preparation Tip: Enlist your family of sous chefs and chop ahead of time in large quantities.


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