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In 1984 David married and moved to Monsey to learn at Ohr Somayach’s kollel. When he wasn’t hitting the sefarim he played softball in the Monsey Synagogue Softball League.

A switch-hitter, he homered from the left side in his first at-bat and the guys on the team started calling David “The Natural,” after the book and movie made famous by Robert Redford.


After retiring from working full-time in the tech field, David concentrated on earning a Master’s degree in Jewish history and working on three projects: Tanna’im and Amora’im, Jewish History from the Second Temple until today, and a chronology of the Shoah.

“I was fortunate to have a wonderful career in technology services, started by a summer training program from Agudath Israel of America,” David said. “I later worked for American Healthware, Olympia and York, KPMG Peat Marwick, and NYU, making it to chief information technology officer before my retirement. I still do technology consulting when not learning or going to shiurim.”

David, who can be reached at [email protected] for Jewish history and [email protected] for technology consulting, never forgot the advice he got from his big league great-uncle: “Don’t neglect your studies.”

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Author, columnist, Irwin Cohen headed a national baseball publication for five years and interviewed many legends of the game before accepting a front office position with the Detroit Tigers where he became the first orthodox Jew to earn a World Series ring (1984).