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How Good Was Roger Maris?

Last month, I wrote about a 22-inning game in June 1962 between the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers that lasted seven hours and...

The Longest Game I Ever Saw

New York scored another run in the second; the Tigers added three in the third and another in the sixth, tying the score at 7-7. Neither team scored for another 15 innings.

The Baseball Men We Lost – 1979

Baseball keeps the older people younger and gives the younger people something to look forward to.


While Jews in Europe didn't know which way to turn, American Jews found entertainment by turning the radio dial.

100 Years Ago

President Woodrow Wilson sent a mission in September 1919 to investigate atrocities against Jews in Poland and Russia.

Play Ball!

Shai Abramson, chief cantor of the IDF, belted out the national anthem while Mets and Cardinals players stood at attention.

Spring Training In Lakewood, 1944

In 1943, Baseball Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis had actually forbidden training south of the Ohio and Potomac Rivers or west of the Mississippi River.

Baseball Trivia

Of all the audiences I’ve spoken to, the Boynton Beach guys were among the best informed on baseball history and trivia.

Good ‘Ol Trusty Rusty

I had many conversations with Rusty, who was considered baseball's most eligible bachelor, while on the baseball beat.

Babe Ruth, 70 Years Later

I was lucky enough to be on the baseball beat in the 1970s when many of Babe Ruth's former teammates were still alive.

Baseball Season Recap

On the other side of New York, the Mets, unlike the Yankees, don't have the young bats to excite the fans. However, a Mets farmhand led the minor leagues in home runs in 2018.

The Jews Of 1968

The 1968 baseball season was especially memorable because it was the last time a pitcher won 30 games and because it saw the end of Mickey Mantle's playing career.


The war affected America’s national pastime in several ways. Rubber was in short supply, so games in the 1943 season used a baseball with less rubber. The new ball resulted in low-scoring games...

Great Young Talent

The very first All-Star Game I ever saw was in 1950, a few weeks after our family got its first television. That was the year I started following baseball and collecting baseball cards.

Ball Fields And Battlefields

Cleveland was the center of the baseball universe in 1948, and Hank Greenberg was the spiffiest dresser in its front office.

Brooklyn’s Best Go West

The coliseum could house over 100,000 fans. On Opening Day the Dodgers drew 78,672 paying fans – almost double what their beloved former home, Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, could accommodate.

The Jewish Ed Mayer

I always seemed to end up with, what they call in card-collecting circles, "commons." To me, Ed Mayer was even less than a common.

Yanks Will Make Playoffs, But Astros Will Win It All

The rivalry between fans of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees will heat up as the season progresses.

Florida Musings

Those of us who winter in the Orthodox enclave of Century Village in West Palm Beach are lucky to be so close to Florida's finest baseball facility, which boasts many stars and superstars.

Fond Memories Of Some Personal Favorites

I have many memories of him talking to Ralph Branca, who also pitched for the Tigers in the mid-fifties.

Jews And Baseball A Hundred Years Ago

Jake Pitler was a caring Jew who agonized over the plight of his fellow Jews on the other side of the ocean as he continued his baseball career.

The Tragic Life Of Hack Wilson

Wilson had no problem finding whiskey during Prohibition and drank most of his money until his wallet was dry.

Aaron Judge, Jose Altuve, And More

I enjoyed watching the Yankees this year with their young players like Judge and Gary Sanchez.

The Summer Of ‘67

Events morphed into what became known as the Six-Day War. While the war lasted less than a week, millions of words were devoted to it in newspapers and magazines over the days and weeks that followed.

Elegy For ‘The Boys Of Summer’

My father would have taken us to the game but I declined because the Dodgers would soon leave Brooklyn and Ebbets Field would no longer house a major league team, so who cared?

1942: Jewish Ballplayers Go To War

While American Jews were leaving the baseball field for military bases, Jews on the other side of the ocean were being targeted by the Nazis.

The One-Of-A-Kind Jim Bunning

I followed Evers religiously and so I thought it was an act of sacrilege that Bunning wore Evers's uniform number while with the Tigers.

Baseball And The Written Word

Once a year in the spring, Bookstock takes over the corridors of an upscale suburban Detroit shopping center for an eight-day book sale mostly benefiting Detroit schools and its pupils.

Jackie Robinson And Hank Greenberg: Forever Linked

While Pittsburgh embraced Greenberg, Robinson had a more mixed reception in Brooklyn. The borough’s Jewish fans welcomed him, as did most of the rest of the Ebbets Field faithful.

2017 Season Preview

Admittedly, I took a liking to and saw a lot of the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals, who share the new spring training facility.


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