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The tourism industry in Israel has been booming in recent years, helping not only Israel’s economy, but its image too. I have yet to meet someone who visited Israel for the first time who did not return home amazed with this country.

Most people are amazed by the country’s historic religious and cultural sites, but if they were exposed to them, they would also be amazed by its unique nature and hiking trails.


What makes Israel’s nature so unique?

The most striking feature of Israel’s landscape is its variegated nature. Israel (which is smaller than New Jersey) has the dramatic Negev desert in the south, the Judean plains and mountains in the center, a long Mediterranean coast line, and the Galilee and Golan mountains in the north. Each of these areas has a different characteristic and climate.

This radical change in climate over such a short distance creates an amazing variety of life. For example, Israel is home to about 2,500 wildflowers species, compared with only 1,500 species on the British Isles, which are more than 10 times larger than Israel!

Historical and archeological sites blend into their natural surroundings in Israel. Many hiking trails pass through incredible biblical, historical and archeological sites. As you walk along your route, you might see, ancient ‎synagogues, Crusader monasteries, fortresses, Nabatean towns, and much more.

However, sadly, when I hike in Israel, I rarely meet tourists on hiking trails. One of the main reasons for their absence is the almost total lack of detailed information on the subject that is not in Hebrew. Indeed, one cannot get a hold of a hiking map of Israel that isn’t in Hebrew!

That’s why I created – to promote nature and hiking tourism in Israel by providing tourists of all ages and skill levels with the information they may need to enjoy Israel’s nature. The website offers detailed itineraries for day hikes, scenic road trips, unique picnic spots, and short walks.

Detailed hiking maps in English for each itinerary can be downloaded for a very modest fee.

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Erez Speiser, born in 1966, lives in Rakefet in the Galilee. Erez is passionate about nature and the outdoors, enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and surfing.