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July 23, 2014 / 25 Tammuz, 5774
Israel at War: Operation Protective Edge
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Jesus was WHAT???

Arafat-Jesus 320

Christmas and I have an understanding. I’ll smile and wish my Christian friends the merriest and happiest of holidays, white and laden with decorated trees. Jesus and I have an understanding too. He was born a Jew; died a Jew and was a Jew every day in between those dates. Whatever was done to him, whatever was done in his name in the centuries that followed, doesn’t change who he was, what he believed in. No, I don’t believe he was the son of God…well, anymore than my sons are sons of God, my daughters, the daughters of God. But, like Jesus, I never claimed to be a Christian; never claimed to believe that God is more or less than what He has always been.

I believe Jesus was a man of deep thought, but only a man. And I think somewhere, his neshama, his soul, remains Jewish to this day and I assume would accept not only his Christian followers, but the Jewish people to which he belonged.

I believe he would condemn Muslim suicide bombers…even if the Christian church often fails to do that. I just read that Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Archbishop Fouad Twal is going to be condemning Israel on Christmas night in Bethlehem. He won’t condemn the Arabs that took the Church of the Nativity hostage; the Arabs who urinated in the church and apparently sexually abused the priests and nuns they held for days. He won’t condemn Syria or Egypt or Iran or Hamas or Hezbollah.

I can deal with that because no matter in whose name he thinks he speaks, I’m going to believe that God knows the truth and the rest of us are smart enough not to listen. But one comment finally got to me…the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas has decided, once again, to float the idea that Palestinians have a history that lasts more than a century or less. Despite conclusive archaeological proof that not a single Palestinian relic has been found dating back 200 years, never mind 2,000 years, Abbas has decided that Jesus was a Palestinian.

The truth, as we all know, was that Islam didn’t exist at that time, nor did Palestine. Jesus lived and died as a Jew – not a Christian and certainly not as a Muslim. He had the honor, as I do today, of living in the Jewish land – then called Judea, today called Israel. Like millions of others, Jesus was murdered by those who hated us, who wanted to kill us.

No, Jesus was not a Palestinian…nor was anyone else for another 1,800 years after he lived. There were no Palestinians according to the current use of the term until, at most, 100 years ago. Before 1948, there were Palestinians – they were Jews and Arabs who lived in this land, ruled by the Turks, then the British. And then, as today, when the Arabs wanted to go to their holy of holy places…they turned their backs to Jerusalem and prayed to or went to Mecca.

And yet, later tonight, as this Archbishop stands up in Bethlehem, among a dwindling Christian population that is often harassed by its Muslim neighbors and seeks refuge among its Jewish neighbors, Jesus may well watch from above and wonder why in his name, the only people he ever knew, remain standing alone, as we have always been…as he was once…

Jesus, a Palestinian? Not by a long shot. Not now, not then, not tonight and not in any of the tomorrows to come.

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56 Responses to “Jesus was WHAT???”

  1. i cant believe a jewish newspaper would print something about this!!

  2. Not even close!!!!!

  3. What a handsome… devil! ||| You know, Jesus is whatever people say since there has never been a clear factual basis. There’s a whole branch of religious studies populated by mostly Christian scholars who do not believe their own literary accounts. So sure, Jesus is a Palestinian to a Pal, a queer to queers, a Jew to Jews (for Jesus), and money for pandering marketeers selling him at the store and church, he’s peaceful, vengeful, freedom fighter, communist, republican, Nazi, white, black, liberal, racist, just whatever you see when you look in the mirror because people who worship a man are often just worshiping themselves. Everyone and no one.

  4. You forgot to say He was killed by jews…

  5. I believe the romans killed him actually

  6. If he was even a real person

  7. Adam Gorny says:

    Yes he was, Talmud records it.

  8. Why not. If you don’t know what your enemy is thinking or saying, you don’t know your enemy.

  9. i laugh so hard, remind me of the onion! the photo is hillarious! the best for comedic value!

  10. Excellent blog. Thank you.

  11. Joyce Myers says:

    Someone needs to read the bible…

  12. There was a historical Jesus of Nazareth, just as there were real people in Tanakh. You can’t say what you said about Moses or the Patriarchs. They were not fairy tales. You need to actually read the CHristian part of the Bible and read Messianic Jewish scholars, not the fools you cite who fictionalize not only the Christian scriptures but the Jewish ones. Please. Take a look and let your own Ruach in.

  13. Shalom, pensem o que pensar os judeus foram escolhidos pelo criador, Israel e nossa casa….

  14. Michael Ross says:

    Jesus was not a Palestinian – good reading for my Jewish brethren….

    Read more at: http://www.jewishpress.com/blogs/a-soldiers-mother/jesus-was-what/2013/12/24/

  15. No way, Jesus did not lie and steal, that is how you know Jesus was not a Palestinian.

  16. Liza Tilley says:

    that we even find ourselves in the position of having to remind people about the history and biological descent of jesus is an absolute joke. and in answer to the person who remarked "you forgot to mention he was killed by the jews": first of all this is not factually correct, and second: even if it were factually correct, tell me what that has to do with the price of fish please? are you saying nobody ever killed a member of their own kind? what exactly is your point?

  17. Liza Tilley says:

    i remember the time when i laughed out loud at what one British Womens' Institute member said to another when they were talking about jesus.
    woman 1: yes, but you forget that jesus was not a christian, he was actually born a jew.
    woman 2: dont be so ridiculous !

  18. Really. I was raised Christian, believed, attended church, was ‘born again,’ and active various messianic venues. I have been engaged historical Jesus for over 35 years. That included learning Greek and then Biblical Hebrew, then Judaism in order to ‘save’ Jews. Then I was really saved by God from Christian horse****. I and my family was immediately attacked, I personally when my resignation was given, my property vandalized, my career taken as well as my livelihood. Christianity and Christians are not godly or good and I am ashamed of ever being one. There is no messianic + Jewish or a Christian part of the Bible. It is a cult and you need to escape and worship God instead of a dead man.

  19. The Talmud records a reaction to Christians more than factual information about J. No?

  20. Only if you can call him Rabbi, which I highly doubt.

  21. You compare J. to biblical figures, and within that reasoning he is placed within some type of ‘package deal’ — “If Mosheh is in the Bible, and real” for example, then J. is in the Christian writings we want considered Bible, and “real” also. But here’s what you people miss: J. is not compared with Mosheh, or any other biblical figure (and we do not obsess on the person of Mosheh or any other); instead it is God you compare and often equate J. with… since J. equals a real person like Mosheh then whatever we say say about him is true also…. In my studies, Jesus is (was) a real person, and possibly a good one—but that does not make him anything Christians claim about him true, or their religion true. It simply makes him interesting and we can only try to reconstruct him as a decent person in spite of some very bad people and an extremely bad religion that rejects God for the well documented evil of Christianity. Jews can actually look at the Jewish man and totally reject the bizarre and completely pagan Christian mystery cult. It is very unlikely he had anything ever to do with that cult begun by Paul of Tarsus and others inserting a figure within existing at the time.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Read Isaiah 53 for his physical description. Then read the gospels to compare. Isaiah is not talking about Israel , anyway the Jewish people are gods chosen people. Curse those that curse Israel and bless those that bless lsrael genesis 27-29.

  23. Anonymous says:

    He was the first "Reform" Jew, who went off the derech and said that Jews didn't have to follow the Torah. A true meshugah. The goyim even celebrate "Circumcision Day" on the eighth day following December 25th. If only he had been Mashiach, the world wouldn't be in the mess it is today. So obviously he wasn't.

  24. Anonymous says:

    He was Israeli, so the drawing should look more Sephardic. ;-)

  25. Jo Torres says:

    I would look at the people who vandalized your things, picked on you and your family. Those people are just plain bad. You can find good and bad people in each religion. Trust me, I was raised pentecostal and thrown out as a child. Then I grew up and found nasty people pretty much were everywhere. Celebrating the good people, no matter their religion, taking joy in a kind act, knowing that you and your family can be lights in the darkness is translatable to anyone who needs that light.

  26. Anonymous says:

    He never looked like Arafat as shown in the article's picture. His name was YAHOSHUA and He was Hebrew from the tribe of Yahuda, living in Natzareth. He was neither white nor black but was very much Middle Eastern. How do I know this? Bcoz He is direct descendant of King David so one has only to refer to the description given of King David in 1-SH’MUEL/SAMUEL-16:12 – He (David0 was tanned, with bright eyes and very good looking. The way Yahoshua is portrayed here is a direct insult the soon coming Mashiach of Yisrael. Look more deeply into all the Scriptures for they point directly to YAHOSHUA the only true Mashiach of Yisrael.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Jesus or Jesus Christ is the distorted Roman name for YAHOSHUA and Christianity is an utterly pagan religion and has nothing to do with YAHOSHUA or the TORAH. This so-called Jesus and his religion (Christianity) existed since the destruction of the Tower of Babel. This Jesus is the imposter of YAHOSHUA an utterly pagan satanic deity that was invented by Romans to fool the Natzarim the early converts to TORAH. YAHOSHUA was very PRO-TORAH. Bottom line: He and He (YAHOSHUA) is the true Mashiach. Blessed be His Holy name.

  28. Anonymous says:

    In response to Cvstodio Bxrnardes re: You forgot to say He was killed by jews…

    Don't do pseudo Bible reader – read thoroughly and research … It is the ROMANS who killed nailed (not JESUS) … but …YAHOSHUA to the cross and killed Him.

  29. Jesus was born in Bethlehem and grew up in Nazereth

  30. Yechiel Baum says:

    I would not mind if the Jews were honestly credited for killing jesus when in fact, he was killed by the Romans a.k.a modern Italians.
    now he is a palestinanian as per abbas so he can claim the Vatican and Italy and rest of the pagan world.
    The blacks also claim he was black so the Africans want him too.

    The only one who does not want him is the Jews. so no need to have his pagan churches in the Jewish Sate of Israel since it is unappreciated.

  31. Sheila Kidd says:

    Jesus was half Jewish half God

  32. Had no relation to rejecting. I don’t think they can be good if their religion is no good. Who cares, they’re not worth it.

  33. I understand how you feel, but I hope you do not think we are all Catholic’s because usually when people think Christian they think Rome, but that does not define the true Christian’s. A true Christian stands behind Israel no matter what they are not political. They know who their Savior is and what He is and that is a Jew, and if it wasn’t for the Jews we would not have a chance at salvation, so a true Christian is always thankful for the Jewish people. No Christ was not an Arab and no there was never a Palestine for Arab’s. It’s all political, but when Christ comes back He will fight for Israel and put down all of Israel’s enemies. Then will there will be peace for Israel. Just remember a true Christian loves Israel and will always stand with her.

  34. lisa berger says:

    G-d is not a man!!is that a difficult concept? Concerning the Moshiasch issue-Moshiach is supposed to be descended from King David. Tribal lineage is traced through the father- and Yoshke didn’t have a father supposedly.

  35. Paul Miranda says:

    It’s okay. One day, the beloved Jewish people will respond in their hearts concerning Jesus like the sons of Jacob did towards their brother Joseph: “We are verily guilty concerning our brother, in that we saw the anguish of his soul when he besought us, and we would not hear. Therefore has this distress come upon us.” (Genesis 42:21)

  36. Paul Miranda says:

    I laughed too when I saw AraFat’s face in the article.

  37. yes,dear margaret,read your history, jesus was nailed to the cross by the romans bec he defiled them, if you dont know the history ask any priest or minister

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