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Looters in Ferguson wore masks to avoid being identified -- but the kafiyehs worn by some provided a clue to possible identities.

It should properly be called “Affirmative Action Looting.” Having lectured the world for decades that American blacks should not be expected to obey the law or conform to the standards of behavior applicable to others, that black crime is a protest against social injustices, that blacks cannot succeed because of white skin privilege and never mind that there is a black president, the liberal establishment might as well be torching they buildings and cars in Missouri all by itself. The liberals have “Tawana Brawleyed” themselves into oblivion.

They seriously believed that a grand jury could be bullied into indicting an innocent policeman for having dealt completely properly with a violent thug. The grand jury refused to be bludgeoned by the liberal media. This is a case of “Let there be Justice” even though “Justice will Produce Hooliganism.” Those celebrating the violence with their “No Justice No Peace” signs are opposed to justice and opposed to peace. They are terrorists. Hardly surprising that they also embrace ISIS and the Hamas.


For 50 years or longer the liberal establishment has refused to address seriously the problems of crime of the black lumpen proletariat. How many times have we been told that jails are disproportionately filled with black prisoners because the police and courts are racists and only convict “Home Boyz“?

Side note: It has become evident in the recent elections that it is now vogue to raise the minimum wage in many parts of the country. This will price the “black lumpen proletariat” out of the labor market altogether and so will result in a massive increase in black crime. The same liberals who are responsible for the minimum wage assault against black employment will then of course blame the upturn in crime on white skin privilege, this after 50 years of affirmative-action black skin privilege.



  1. I don’t care whether you are for or against how the result came in Ferguson. With this kind of behavior these individuals will never gain respect. Time has come for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to use their money to educate these individuals and teach them about behaving like a human being.

  2. The mask of Anonymous. Was this just a random person or were they there as a group? Have people who commit violence and destruction as in Ferguson last night, thought about the idea that their perception of skin color, their perception of themselves, their attitude, their aggression, their violence toward others, their willfulness to rebel, their assumed right that they can loot, pilfer, commit crimes, burn and destroy buildings, break windows, and abuse their own communities just might be the reason there is a grudge, an intimidation, a leaning toward resentment, a favor against them when they are confronted in a compromising situation or in a court of law? Where do they leave room for credibility when the majority of their neighborhoods all reflect the same portrayal of the above descriptions? This isn’t to say that all members of those societies are this way, many are hard working, caring upright citizens, but those whom they allow to rule their streets have placed them in the same category as those rogue, rioting, unruly, criminal violators.

  3. The Obama Administration shares blame for the violence that has erupted. Eric Holder was in Ferguson before the Grand Jury even convened to make innuendo of racism. Al Sharpton; a regular at the WhiteHouse and a Tax Cheat also was fanning the flames of racial division from the beginning. It is telling, that no less than six eye witnesses had to completely change their testimony made before the autopsy of the victim Michael Brown, swearing under oath he was shot in the back while fleeing. The three separate autopsies; one from the state, one from the FBI, and one from the parents sources all concluded that this was an outright falsehood.

    During the trial it was shown that several so-called witnesses were not even present during the shooting incident, but also swore under oath that they saw the entire thing! You will not hear of any accountability of these witnesses as this behavior is completely acceptable in the Obama Administration and Eric Holder's Justice Department. The real injustice here is that a Police Officer who put his life on the line has to leave his home and career and relocate where he will not be sought out for the purposes of murder because the CORRUPT MEDIA has set him up for this kind of treatment. The United States continues to disintegrate in to lawlessness and cynicism! I wonder why???

  4. What BULL! In the US, white banksters steal BILLIONS and get away with it, but an unarmed teen who STOLE CIGARS is MURDERED by a cop, and you- SUPPOSEDLY A JEW?- are on the side of the oppressors? Granted, there are lots of "thugs" in the black community, but this kid was an unarmed college student with no criminal record- not exactly a gangbanger. So you defend the murderous cop? You, sir, are a disgrace to YAH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! G-d is on the side of the oppressed, not the oppressor! Stop yakking about "liberal" media and look at reality in the face! G-d will judge those who side with the rich and neglect the widow and orphan! PLEASE READ THE TENACH FOR YOURSELF! See how G-d sees social injustice!

  5. And you are a brainwashed Marxist moron. 6'2" 290 lb. Michael brown wasn't shot for stealing cigars,mhe was shot for trying to take youtube egg for. And trying to kill the cop. As for the bankers, call your pa, Pres Obeyme who prosecuted none of them &'whose DEMS got most of their bankers campaign contributions.

    And social,justice is not in Torah, social justice is marxist code for dictatorship of the morons.

  6. The only person judging by skin color here is YOU, "Tabatha". YOU judge the cop guilty because HE'S WHITE even though the entire non Marxist and non jihad loving world knows Brown was stoned, that he was a thief trying to kill the cop, and that you, his stepfather and the Obama polishing media with your imported jihadi riot trainers have now managed to burn down TWENTY FIVE MINORITY OWNED BUSINESSES IN FERGUSON.

    You should be hunted down and prosecuted for incitement to riot.

  7. This article is so one sided, who are you to call him a thug? That's ing insane. Believing all this bull the media is saying? Listening to the people you already share views with? How can you ever imagine to grow? These people commenting are fueling the racism. Yes riot and destroy, please, wake people up to the institutionalized racism! People riot and burn over ing football games, YOU if you have ANYTHING to say against these riots. SAVAGES? What about those "savages" in SF who burned cars after a Giants game, yeah mostly white. If you don't think there's racism deeply rooted in our system and in our cops you're lying to yourself or youre very ignorant. This cop deserves a trial, in no way shape or form should he get off with out one or ever be a cop again. Black individuals are oppressed and kepted in ghettos, killed by the police in record numbers every year by police and you have the nerve to blame them? You people disgust me with your comments, have some empathy you privileged, savages. Yes you are the savages, why? Cause you lack anything it takes to be human, in my eyes. That means the person who wrote this filth and the ignorant s I see commenting on it, and anyone who blindly takes Wilsons side while ignoring any evidence against him, all the while judging everyone else. Pathetic.

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