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I am a Jew. Plain and Simple

No matter what kind of Jew you are, we have more in common than the trappings that divide us

Hate Israel, But Don’t be Stupid About It

Long ago, I became a believer in the "You can't fix stupid" movement. Intelligence is not something that you can control. It is an innate part of your being. Stupidity, however, can be cured by education. So, what it comes down to is accepting that some people don't want to be educated. Some refuse to see Israel as it really is.

Stop This Insanity: Men CANNOT Have Babies!

A man says he is a woman or a woman says she is a man and we are off and running to assist them in their hormone therapy and body mutilation. Does this make sense to you? Scientific sense?

On the Brink of the Next War

Once again, yet again, it is time to make it very clear to our enemies that the choice is theirs. They can live with us in peace, or they will know no peace.

Trump Seen Hanging ‘Missing: 11,787 Votes’ Signs Around Georgia

"I'm calling on the good people of Georgia to help me find my missing votes! Have you seen them anywhere? Please check under your couch cushions. DM if you find them, THX!"

Brooklyn’s Anti-Gentrication Groups are Pushing Antisemitic Narratives and Activism

With a a few notable exceptions, the Jewish community appears unaware of the significance and relevance of these groups.
Shema Yisrael

Listen, O Israel!

Hearing is easy, but listening is much harder. That, however, is what we really need, and maybe that’s the biggest lesson we can take from these challenging times.

What the Statue-Toppling Left is REALLY Out to Topple

And why the Left really wants to destroy America.

Is America a “Failed” Experiment?

We are not perfect, but there is a lot to celebrate on the Fourth of July. Radical rhetoric aside, no nation has ever provided more freedom and prosperity for more people—regardless of skin colors.

The Power of Prayer Amid a Pandemic

Nevertheless, no matter how much we suffer, we must try to show gratitude and to pray, for asking God for mercy is the only remedy that we got.

Rashi In Auschwitz – 1944

They wonder: Why is he endangering his life? He approaches and tells them, “Kinderlach, we don’t know how much time we have left, so let’s learn Torah.”

Social Media, Coronavirus and the Search for Deep Connections

As obvious as it is, weirdly, I forget, again and again and again, that the most rich and meaningful things are the most utterly simple.

CoronaBlues, The Metzora, and Prayer

But are quick, zippy minyans, conducive to thoughtful, heartful prayer and connection to the Holy One, Blessed Be He?

Our Homes and the Virus

All of us can and need to develop a more positive home environment through enjoyable activities and better communication

Crypto Currency Ridicules and Makes Coin on the Holocaust

{Originally posted to the author's website} Some things are too sickening to digest properly, and I can rarely remember being as horrified by an item...

Passover 2020: The Challenges; the Beauty

What if you find yourself at this point in your journey living alone? Strangely enough, our assignment has the potential of being the most exciting of all: piecing our life story together like an immense three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle.

The Supermoon, Passover, Prophecy and Return

"And the light of the moon will be like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be seven times as strong, like the light of seven days, on the day that Hashem bandages the injury of His people and heals the wound of his blow."

The Only Seder Guest Who’s Still Invited

I will ask him, silently, to take with him hugs and kisses to my mother and father and brother, two time zones and thousands of miles away.

Benito Gantz Talks & Acts like a Dictator — Israel’s Democracy in Danger

Gantz and other party members of Blue-White claimed over and over that they would not try to form a minority govt supported from outside the government by the frankly anti-Israel group of parties in the Joint Arab Lis

From Hebron to Pittsburgh… to Monsey

Over Shabbat many ex-JDL’ers shared stories about what they did to protect Jews in Philadelphia, Miami, Toronto and even in Ottawa.

My Jewish Allergy to Germans

I have a thing about Germans. I cannot stand to see or hear them. It isn’t intellectual, not something thought out, but a gut reaction: it literally turns my stomach to be in proximity to them, to Germans, even through the media of film.

Zina the Hounded- the Hatred that Never Wants to Talk

'Palestinianism' isn't about Palestinians, it is about Jews and Israel. Zina is just an example of a far bigger problem. One that holds people captive, trapped in a conflict and with no permission to escape. Palestinianism has even held millions of people in refugee camps for three generations.

Gantz Was a Mediocre General

Gantz's conduct of the war in Gaza was mediocre if not incompetent. Neither he nor Ya`alon, his partner in Blue-White should ever be in a senior political or military position.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Supporters Attack

The war has many fronts-physical and cyber.

Goodbye, Rav Elon

And then the news hit this week. Once again, allegations surfaced. Only this time, I would have to admit and finally accept with a heavy heart, that I could no longer see him as a teacher of Torah.

SJP- Students for Justice in Palestine or Systematic Jewish Persecution?

SJP’s #1 unity goal is “ending Israel’s occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall”. In laments terms, SJP wants Israel removed/to diseapear/be destroyed (you can chose which one sounds the nicest)


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