Benito Gantz Talks & Acts like a Dictator — Israel’s Democracy in Danger

Gantz and other party members of Blue-White claimed over and over that they would not try to form a minority govt supported from outside the government by the frankly anti-Israel group of parties in the Joint Arab Lis

From Hebron to Pittsburgh… to Monsey

Over Shabbat many ex-JDL’ers shared stories about what they did to protect Jews in Philadelphia, Miami, Toronto and even in Ottawa.

My Jewish Allergy to Germans

I have a thing about Germans. I cannot stand to see or hear them. It isn’t intellectual, not something thought out, but a gut reaction: it literally turns my stomach to be in proximity to them, to Germans, even through the media of film.

Zina the Hounded- the Hatred that Never Wants to Talk

'Palestinianism' isn't about Palestinians, it is about Jews and Israel. Zina is just an example of a far bigger problem. One that holds people captive, trapped in a conflict and with no permission to escape. Palestinianism has even held millions of people in refugee camps for three generations.

Gantz Was a Mediocre General

Gantz's conduct of the war in Gaza was mediocre if not incompetent. Neither he nor Ya`alon, his partner in Blue-White should ever be in a senior political or military position.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Supporters Attack

The war has many fronts-physical and cyber.

Goodbye, Rav Elon

And then the news hit this week. Once again, allegations surfaced. Only this time, I would have to admit and finally accept with a heavy heart, that I could no longer see him as a teacher of Torah.

SJP- Students for Justice in Palestine or Systematic Jewish Persecution?

SJP’s #1 unity goal is “ending Israel’s occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall”. In laments terms, SJP wants Israel removed/to diseapear/be destroyed (you can chose which one sounds the nicest)

I am a Jew. Plain and simple

No matter what kind of Jew you are, we have more in common than the trappings that divide us

From Hebron to Pittsburgh

We need to stop being naïve and innocent: anti-Semitism always was and always will be, and in most places across the world it’s getting worse. How ironic that on the very Shabbat that I was in Hebron talking about what was done to defend Jewish lives in America and how we miss Rabbi Kahane’s leadership and couragea terrible massacre occurred to innocent Jews.

“A Date Which Will Live in Infamy”

We must strengthen our feeling of togetherness with all Jews and realize that just as Hashem is “Oheiv Amo Yisroel”, (He loves His Jewish people), so too we must reawaken and reinforce the realization that in the final analysis, we are all one family and we must all love each other, irrespective of the type of head covering we wear and irrespective of if the other Jew chooses to have no head covering..

Preparing for the Judgement

A reminiscence of a great lesson for Rosh Hashana learned long ago on a Brooklyn playground.

The Jewish Bungalow Experience

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of going to the bungalow colonies, allow me to take you on a journey…Imagine taking Brooklyn and putting it someplace with foliage.

I’m Coming Home

I don’t wish to sound alarmist, but I no longer feel welcome in my own country. I’m frightened, and it’s only getting worse. There is always a snowball effect, you see, with these things. It usually starts small.

Once Again…

This is the third "round" or is it the fourth? One loses track. What is certain is that Hamas has won each round. If a terror organization survives a confrontation - it is a victory. For a country - especially one as powerful as Israel to agree to a tie is a huge defeat and a bigger shame.

It was Our Turn in Adam

For more than 100 years, the Arabs have killed while the Jews have built and cultivated. And this is precisely what we’ll continue to do.

The Three Boys and the Judge Who Should Have Recused Herself

Based \on her decision, one might conclude that Judge Collyer’s thinking runs along these lines: Settlers are bad and need to be punished. She’s not blaming and punishing the victim, but the victim’s parents. It’s their fault the boys are dead.

Not Just Yeshivish or Chassidish: Many Paths to Seek Hashem

We were born with a soul that presses us to search for Him. How to do that search? Which direction to go?

The Peril of Prejudice: How to be Wrong, even When you’re Right

So let’s get this straight: the owner credits herself with heroism for making herself uncomfortable by asking Huckabee Sanders to leave thereby sparing her employees discomfort by refusing service to someone with whom they disagree.

A Message to the IfNotNow Folk

An open letter to the members of IfNotNow from a sympathetic-yet critical-Rabbi, who made aliya

Lies the Washington Post Told Me

One would think the Washington Post might do a little fact-checking on the op-eds they publish.

President Trump Does It Again

Exciting time in Israel. For a quick overview of the week that was and the week that will be...

Day and Night Intermingled

The sharp transition caused by the observance of Yom HaZikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) followed in immediate succession by Yom HaAtzmaut is very difficult emotionally, and also deeply profound.

Are Blonde Arabs Still Semites? Do They Have a Right to Live in the...

According to PC, pale white, blond-haired, blue-eyed people are BAD while black folk are GOOD, and people shades in between are rated accordingly. But what do we do if a blond, white Arab girl slaps an olive-skinned or darker Israeli soldier? Which one is right and which one wrong?

The Long, Shorter Path

I propose a new adage based on a recent study: Depression is good for you. No, not that kind of depression. Economic depression – as in the Great Depression.

The Orthodox Union: Reaffirming the Standards

This was a great week for the Orthodox Union (OU). This blog celebrates this fact.

When Pigs have Rings

There is a reason why we say when in Rome, do as the Romans do.  It’s not merely to avoid draconian penalties for what we consider minor offenses.  It’s because good manners dictate that a guest shows respect for his host.

Iran’s Despotic Ayatollah Echoes US Liberal Ideas-That Should Tell You Something

Iran's murderous, dictatorial, Islamist leader Khamenei, posted a tweet using the American left’s rhetoric to attack the US. This should alarm any liberal who has even the tiniest capability for introspection.


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