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Syria air strikes: US and allies attack chemical weapons sites - BBC News

Last night I went to sleep wondering if America would attack Syria in the night and if we would find ourselves running to our bomb shelters as a by-product.
I left shoes by the bed and did not lock the gate (which we usually do). Why waste those extra seconds if we needed them?

This morning it was lovely to wake up, knowing our night had been uninterrupted by attack.
It was good to discover that America decided to take a stand against evil and had convinced UK and France to do the same.


I hope that some significant targets were eliminated, that this was more than just a symbolic gesture. And even if it was mostly symbolic, it is still significant that the words of POTUS have value and that gassing people will not be witnessed in silence.

The policy laid out by POTUS is a refreshing change: we will help but your destiny is in your hands, no more nation building but at the same time, action in response to evil. THAT is #MAGA – be on the right side of history while not creating new damage through arrogance.

God bless America.
God save the innocents in Syria and protect the Nation of Israel from Iran and anyone making it difficult for us to protect ourselves.


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Forest Rain Marcia was born in Detroit and 'made aliyah', immigrated with her family to Israel at the age of thirteen. After her service, Forest Rain co-developed and co-directed a project to aid victims of terrorism and war. She is a Marketing Communications and Branding expert writing for hi-tech companies for a living-- and Israel for the soul. She says: "I was raised on American ideals and found them not in my birth country but in my homeland – Israel, the land of my heart."