Inspiration from Zion: Purim: Not to Speak is to Speak

Purim tells us about the power of one person to change the fate of our people. Esther is not described as particularly brilliant or talented. She is just a woman, with a big heart who, with courage and feminine intuition, changed the world.

Running While Jewish

An Esther neighborhood. Horgen Hill. A place where more Jewish children can live, grow and thrive in the land of our ancestors. That is how it is done.

Inspiration from Zion: Honor thy Father and thy Mother that thy days may be...

Yesterday was Father’s Day. The fact that someone thought it was necessary to set aside a specific day for dads shows me that we don’t honor fathers enough in our everyday lives.

Inspiration from Zion: Thousands of Generations I Dreamt of you, Jerusalem

“Thousands of generations I dreamt of you, to be granted to see the light of your face, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Shine your face to your sons! From your ruins, I will build you!”

Inspiration from Zion: What World are you Creating with Your Words?

Words shape reality. Using our tongue for bad can create a nightmare. Use words for good.

Inspiration from Zion: An Open Letter to Ward Simpson, CEO of God TV

Attempting to convert Jews is an attack on our identity, an attack on our souls and can be interpreted only as a curse.

Inspiration from Zion: 3 Reasons Both the Left and the Right are Terrified of...

A quick look at Bennett’s resume makes it crystal clear that there is no place for the word “weakness” in any sentence describing the man.

Haifa Town Hall

With Gantz the issue is more his incoherent sentences which seem to reflect very confused thinking. But many Israelis want anything that isn’t Bibi.

Inspiration from Zion: The Irony of International Holocaust Remembrance Day

{Originally posted to the author's website} The world would have preferred to forget. In 2005, Israel finally succeeded to attain UN recognition of an internationally...

Inspiration from Zion: Mother of Soldiers

And each time she mothers a soldier, she not only takes care of him but she also provides balm for the aching hearts of his worried parents

Inspiration from Zion: Should Netanyahu Resign?

These are the 3 reasons I not only hope to God Netanyahu doesn’t resign but that he also continues to serve as Israel’s Prime Minister.

Donald Trump, Disloyal Jews and Identity Politics

Pres. Trump said two words no one wanted to hear, pointing out a situation many recognize but most are afraid to mention: Disloyal Jews. With a piercing, instinctive understanding, Trump put a spotlight on an identity crisis in the Jewish community.

Inspiration from Zion: The Hebrews of Hebron

Were the ancient Hebrews of Hebron to suddenly appear, they would find their descendants living in their neighborhood, speaking the same language, connected to the same values.

Inspiration from Zion: Bon Jovi in Israel: We Will Love You, Always

In the middle of the concert Jon rededicated “We Don’t Run” to our People.

Inspiration from Zion: The Rage Less Traveled: PTSD and rainbows

Kay is like Israel. This is our beauty and our strength. Broken, yet still standing. Wounded physically and in spirit. Together we survive and we love and we infuse good into the world to counter-balance the evil.

Inspiration from Zion:

The definition of apartheid is two separate sets of laws for the same people. The Temple Mount is the only place in Israel where Israelis are subject to different laws based on them being Muslim or Jewish.

Inspiration from Zion: 3 Israeli values that made the Eurovision fabulous

The Eurovision is one of the largest events in the world. Larger than the Super Bowl, the Eurovision brings together 200 million viewers every year. The Olympics and the World Cup are the only events that have more viewers.

Inspiration of Zion: Cracking the Israel Culture Code

HOME is the place where your FAMILY is. That’s why, in Israel, family extends beyond the walls of our private homes to include strangers – they are just family members we haven’t met yet.

Inspiration from Zion: Freedom of the Jews

It is the shackles of the mind that are truly preventing freedom. No matter what Jews of diaspora mentality (or the world powers) say, we will not willingly join them in their bondage but our hands are outstretched to pull them into freedom.

Intersectionality and the Jews

Jews choose life. We choose building a thriving, happy future. THAT is our identity. Others choose victimhood, anger and stewing in past offenses against them. These two positions are diametrically opposed. THAT is why we can never take part in the intersectionality equation, no matter how “nuanced” it is.
How do Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz not choke on their lies?

Inspiration from Zion: Israeli Elections 101: 7 Lessons on Marketing, Slogans and the “NOT...

Watching him, I felt sorry for Gantz. He was trying to make the gestures and say the things he was told would make the best impression but his body language expressed louder than words just how uncomfortable and unsure of himself he was.

Inspiration from Zion: Beresheet: Israel Reaches for the Stars

We are a stiff-necked people. Our greatest fault, also our saving grace and an example to the nations of the world that anything is possible. Not even the sky can limit us.

Ori Ansbacher: Light, Freedom and Jewish Sovereignty

Ori’s murder is different because it wasn’t just a horrific attack on her, it was an attack against our nation. It wasn’t an attack on a woman who happened to be a Jew, it was an attack on a Jew who happened to be a woman. It was an attempt to erase the Jew from Israel.

Inspiration from Zion: A new IDF Chief of Staff – with love, awe and...

This week a new IDF Chief of Staff took on the responsibility of leading our military, defending our legacy and protecting our future. Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, Israel’s 22nd IDF Chief of General spoke of his responsibility and vision, defining his role and that of the IDF in a way I have never heard before.

Inspiration from Zion: Meet the Maccabees: My Nation forever, Israel

And because his was a life of symbolism, his parents gave him a name that means everything: Ami-ad Israel--My Nation forever, Israel.

Inspiration from Zion:: From the Maccabees to the IDF: 6 Things you NEED to...

Hanukah is a celebration of Jewish nationalism (which does not exist without God) and not a holiday of religious holiness although there are some prayers that are specifically associated with Hanukah. It similar to celebrating Israel’s Independence Day which also commemorates the victory of a tiny group of stubborn Jews fighting for sovereignty and freedom, against an enemy much more powerful and well equipped and – by the grace of God – WINNING.

Inspiration from Zion: I DON’T Want a Ceasefire

The calendar may have changed but the events are unfortunately familiar--another attack, another ceasefire.

Inspiration From Zion: Operation Finale – Movie vs Reality

Sir Ben Kingsley, promised Elie Wiesel, the voice of morality and Holocaust Memory that he would, at the next appropriate opportunity, take on a role and dedicate it to him – and that is exactly what he did.

Inspiration from Zion: HaShomer HaChadash

What kind of modern child would willingly put down their phone, turn off the tv and go outside to sweat in the sun? What for? They don’t know what hard work is and why in the world would they want to do any kind of physical labor? There is no necessity that could drive them, no demand. It could never happen. Or at least that’s what the founders of the Shomer HaChadash Youth Movement were told.

Inspiration from Zion:

The new law sparked an uproar, mostly within the Jewish world. The question is, why? Is there something wrong with the law? In order to address these questions, we must first examine the content of the law. It is short and written in very clear language.


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