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Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

A Picture Worth 2000 Years

A Jewish father teaching his kids in this place should be the most natural, obvious image in the world – but it’s not.

Not “JUST” a Dog

Zili was a combat dog, considered one of the best. Zili took part in hundreds of critical counterterrorism operations,

Inspiration from Zion: Why are so Many Jews Ignoring the Holiday of Shavuot?

Why do so many Jews barely notice Shavuot? What does this say about us as a people? What does this say about our future? Could we be ignoring this holiday because of what it teaches us?!

The Death of Shireen Abu-Akleh and Israel’s Handling of it

You can see that the police were deliberately provoked for the cameras, to enable the “narrative.”

Inspiration from Zion: The Hebrews of Hebron

Were the ancient Hebrews of Hebron to suddenly appear, they would find their descendants living in their neighborhood, speaking the same language, connected to the same values.

Inspiration from Zion: Questions Israelis Ask After a Terror Attack

Living elsewhere, the news of horror is theoretical. In Israel, the news is a visceral punch in the gut

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky and the OTHER Israel

All this, not for a rock star, politician, or even a charismatic influencer. Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky was a vessel of Jewish knowledge, an example of Jewish scholarliness, of putting learning, wisdom, and faith above all worldly comforts.

Russia – Ukraine War: Abusing Holocaust Memory and Other non-PC Thoughts

In Israel, this war provides a convenient excuse for our media to not cover many uncomfortable and critical issues including dangerous lack of sovereignty and frightening levels of corruption...

Jewish American Privilege

There are many voices, particularly those backed by progressive Jewish, American-based organizations declaring that Israel needs to stand on the side of morality and help ALL Ukrainian refugees, without inquiring if they are Jewish or have any connection to Israel.  I say, "No. Just no."

Inspiration from Zion: Walk in the Land of Israel

Taharlev, an astoundingly prolific writer, articulated the primal truths of what it means to be part of the greatest love story ever documented – the love story between this Land and her People, between the People and our Land.

Inspiration from Zion: The Irony of International Holocaust Remembrance Day

An International Day for Holocaust Remembrance in today’s world is bizarre and almost laughable. Today Jews are denied the right to live safely in our own land while the world denies that a problem even exists.

Naftali Bennett and Me – Relationship Status: “Complicated”

Am I happy that my friend became Prime Minister? Absolutely--At the same time, I am absolutely horrified by the way it happened and the problems it is and will create in our society for the years to come

Remembering Munich

While UK’s Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn honors terrorists that committed this atrocity, repeated attempts to give the slaughtered Israeli athletes the recognition they are due, have fallen on deaf ears.

Disgusted by Ben & Jerry’s Political Ice ‘Scream’? Try Forest’s Flavors of Yum!

 You don’t need Ben & Jerry’s in order to have good ice cream. If you have a mixer in your house, you can make your own ice cream, any time you want.

Inspiration of Zion: Cracking the Israel Culture Code

HOME is the place where your FAMILY is. That’s why, in Israel, family extends beyond the walls of our private homes to include strangers – they are just family members we haven’t met yet.

Inspiration from Zion: How do you Feel about the Color Red?

Children’s thoughts about colors should not be dictated by a terrorist organization. Children should be free to play outside, free to walk from their home to visit a friend, without having to worry about where the closest bomb shelter is.
Rabbi Shlomo Goren blowing the Shofar near the Western Wall in June 1967.

Inspiration from Zion: “The Temple Mount is in Our Hands!”

Today Israel is a land of freedom for all – unless you are Jewish. On the Temple Mount, the holiest place in the world for the Jewish people, Jews are not allowed to pray.

Inspiration from Zion: Purim: Not to Speak is to Speak

Purim tells us about the power of one person to change the fate of our people. Esther is not described as particularly brilliant or talented. She is just a woman, with a big heart who, with courage and feminine intuition, changed the world.

Running While Jewish

An Esther neighborhood. Horgen Hill. A place where more Jewish children can live, grow and thrive in the land of our ancestors. That is how it is done.

Inspiration from Zion: Honor thy Father and thy Mother that thy days may be...

Yesterday was Father’s Day. The fact that someone thought it was necessary to set aside a specific day for dads shows me that we don’t honor fathers enough in our everyday lives.

Inspiration from Zion: Thousands of Generations I Dreamt of you, Jerusalem

“Thousands of generations I dreamt of you, to be granted to see the light of your face, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Shine your face to your sons! From your ruins, I will build you!”

Inspiration from Zion: What World are you Creating with Your Words?

Words shape reality. Using our tongue for bad can create a nightmare. Use words for good.

Inspiration from Zion: An Open Letter to Ward Simpson, CEO of God TV

Attempting to convert Jews is an attack on our identity, an attack on our souls and can be interpreted only as a curse.

Inspiration from Zion: 3 Reasons Both the Left and the Right are Terrified of...

A quick look at Bennett’s resume makes it crystal clear that there is no place for the word “weakness” in any sentence describing the man.


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