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April 25, 2015 / 6 Iyar, 5775
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Where Did the Mainstream Media Disappear To (Except the NY Times)?

It's as if every foreign reporter in Israel was also kidnapped last Friday.

Photo Credit: Asher Shwartz

I am mystified. Nearly every Jewish and Israeli news outlet has been constantly reporting on the ongoing kidnapping of Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shayar and Naftali Frenkel, yet the mainstream media outside of Israel and the Jewish world has almost completely ignored it.

Let’s say for arguments sake, that they don’t consider the kidnapping of three Jewish boys (including an American citizen) to be newsworthy enough, what about the complete closure on Hebron? Hundreds of Arabs Arrested? Thousands of IDF soldiers going house-to-house? Palestinian Authority parliamentarians arrested in the middle of the night. IAF strikes on Gaza? An Arab killed in clashes in Ramallah? Nothing? Nada?

Really? Can you recall ever seeing anything like this happening? A news blackout on Israel!

On any other day this would be on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, you name it. The best I’ve seen is the same rehashed AP piece, or a short notice that Netanyahu blamed Hamas.

The only notable exception to the above is, to their credit, the New York Times, which has been covering the story for days.

Israel has one of the highest concentration of foreign reporters in the world, yet this event is simply not being reported in nearly all the foreign mainstream media outlets.

It’s as if every foreign reporter in Israel was also suddenly kidnapped last week.

I only see one explanation. I think the mainstream media has a major dilemma.

Jewish children were kidnapped by Hamas, a member of the Palestinian Unity Government.

This shows how depraved these “Palestinians” are. It shows how right Israel has been all along. It shows how wrong Obama and Kerry are.

I don’t think the mainstream media is able to spin this story any other way, so their only solution is to completely ignore it.

I can’t think of any other logical explanation.

The NY Times was one of the only newspapers to come out against the Hamas-Fatah unity agreement. From their perspective, they understood that Hamas in the government would be an unignorable roadblock to “peace” with the “moderate” Fatah.

What is going on now is good from their perspective; Israel is removing Hamas from Judea and Samaria, leaving Abbas in charge and looking not like a bad guy (which we know he actually also is).

The IDF is creating a tipping point on the ground, where the Israeli government won’t be able to claim “security” as a roadblock, since they’ll have cleaned up the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists (though not the Fatah terrorist), while entrenching and protecting Abbas even further, not to mention, doing his work for him.

The NY Times apparently sees this as the next step to preparing the ground for “peace”, meaning Israeli pullouts from our historic homeland. And that’s why they’re not afraid to report on it.

About the Author: JoeSettler blogs at The Muqata.blogspot.com and occasionally on his own blog at JoeSettler.blogspot.com.

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50 Responses to “Where Did the Mainstream Media Disappear To (Except the NY Times)?”

  1. I’ve been wondering the same thing myself.

  2. I’ve been wondering the same thing myself.

  3. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Actually I just looked it up..NBC, Huffington Post, CNN and Fox have all reported it here in USA..CNN did it three days ago..im not sure on the others

  4. i dont mean to offend but why are people in the Northern Hemisphere so violent – we are used to continually hearing theese things from the Arabs and Israel -no offence but you guys need to take a giant chill pill and chillax

  5. i dont mean to offend but why are people in the Northern Hemisphere so violent – we are used to continually hearing theese things from the Arabs and Israel -no offence but you guys need to take a giant chill pill and chillax

  6. To be fair, one of the news stations – I don’t remember which one – did mention the kidnapping yesterday, but that was only once for all of 2 minutes which is not nearly enough!!!!!

  7. it makes the arabs look bad so they will not cover it

  8. fox covered it some what

  9. that is a good question

  10. what do you mean by Northern Hemisphere?

  11. Why? It’s not on TV or in the papers

  12. Yes it was, , I looked it up..It was reported on NBC CNN, Fox news, but it was three days ago for CNN. And the Huffington post just wrote a long article with love and support for these children and their families..Iraq is now the USA most important news, I think..We may lose some wonderful Marines to these monsters. That is if they can really fight..Our Marines are one highly trained , best of the best..think we all, know that!!! Pray that God will be
    bring them all back home safe..

  13. Kath Stieber says:

    :'( Let them be deceived… Almighty God has Israel’s Back, front and sides… ALWAYS AND FOREVER MORE!!!

  14. Why why why Fox do it

  15. Cody Flecker says:

    No body cares anymore about Israel, certainly not the Israelis. It is time to abandon Israel as this country doesn't care about its citizens, nor protect them in any way.

  16. Lize Bartsch says:

    I think they are no longer reporters, they are NWO and UN spies!!!

  17. David Cohen says:

    Charles David Martella, Israel only fights to defend it’s citizens or retaliates after attacks. The Palestinians launch missiles at Israel, send suicide bombers and commit other acts of violence against civilians and occasionally Army personnel.

  18. Alan Kardon says:

    I am sure that once Israel retaliates the press will blast Israel.

  19. Alan Kardon says:

    I feel the same about you. Your dead brain is lonely. Why don't you join it.

  20. Adrian Shine says:

    You are a reality check. Thanks for reminding me about stupidity.are you a bigot as well?

  21. ALL Media Is Owned By 6 Company’s Which are Owned By The Elite’s ! Does Anyone Remember Back in the 60’s and 70’s Our Government Was Braking Up Monopoly’s ,NOW They Enforce Them !

  22. Cecil Habib says:

    Israel should monitor these reporters who enjoy the freedom and hospitality of Israel to make sure they do not a) report falsely, b) criticize Israel unfairly, c) Continually report the Arabs side etc etc. This could be a matter of national security and their licences should not be renewed.

  23. Loren Renee says:

    So you’re saying, 3 minors, our sons and brothers, were kidnapped on their way home from school and we should ‘chill out’ and why should the deafening silence from an otherwise vocal media even be questioned? You’re not constantly hearing things from ‘Arabs and Israelis’. You’re constantly hearing the Arab narrative of Israelis. But seriously- if the topic of our lost kids bores you why do you subscribe to this site ??

  24. Loren Renee says:

    So you’re saying, 3 minors, our sons and brothers, were kidnapped on their way home from school and we should ‘chill out’ and why should the deafening silence from an otherwise vocal media even be questioned? You’re not constantly hearing things from ‘Arabs and Israelis’. You’re constantly hearing the Arab narrative of Israelis. But seriously- if the topic of our lost kids bores you why do you subscribe to this site ??

  25. look i live in Australia and i have never left theese shores – we are getting lots of muslims here and i do not like them and do not trust them – but what im getting at is im 47 and its all along way away but ever since i was a kid ive heard nothing but tensions and crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis coming from the is it holy lands or middle east ever since i have watched tv as a kid – and thankyou for replying you are the only one – and i can obviously understand why you guys are upset about your children – i was just talking in general

  26. whos who in this war are Palestinians Arabs an Muslums and Israel is Jews or what i can never work it out – please explain simply

  27. whoever took the children that is very wrong an give them back at once and everyone STOP FIGHTING

  28. Not sure if that is all true.In the Netherlands, ALL newspapers from left to right, from anti-israel to pro-israel have reported the kidnapping. Not as page filled articles, but they all reported it and gave follow ups on what is happening. This newspaper for example has written about it all days since it happened. http://www.refdag.nl/nieuws/buitenland/israelische_tieners_mogelijk_ontvoerd_op_westoever_1_834627

  29. i hope the children are returned safely

  30. They reported it but only lightly and have not repeated the story or, more importantly, mentioned the arresting of over a hundred Palestinians and a member of the Palestinian government. Arresting a member of government should have been newsworthy, but they can't talk about it without giving a background story of why he and the other 100+ were targeted.

  31. If these boys were to be mentioned frequently in the US news media, they should have been born Muslim or Mexican..or Black. Then the coverage would be nonstop.

  32. Leah Urso says:

    This is huge news here in Israel. It is all everyone is thinking about and huge crowds are coming together to pray for the boys. The one report I saw on Fox barely mentioned the boys or their families.

  33. Sam Cohen says:

    were you born stupid or are on stupid pills?

  34. Anthony Kent says:

    This story is well covered on the BBC website and elsewhere. Thou doth protest too much. Objectively, what is happening in Iraq is a much, much bigger story to the gentile world.

  35. Judith Dowla says:

    they are too busy covering all that remains and right now Iran, Iraq, Sunni, Shiite and how America is going to help Iraq and Iran. And other ups and downs in other parts of the world.

  36. Judith Dowla says:

    Donna, check into Honest Reporting as well for a synopsis. A different slant as well as honest reporting on the walls.

  37. Judith Dowla says:

    Anne, it is all about Iraq for America. Please keep a watchful eye on the US Embassy in Iraq

  38. Larry Singleton says:


    "politically incorrect comment"

  39. Alan Kardon says:

    Judith Dowla I'm sure in the course of an hour they can spend a few minutes telling about the terrorists kidnapping. Since we are supporting the Hamas terrorist led PA group thanks to our President. If Barack Hussein made a comment about this cowardly act I missed it?

  40. Alan Kardon says:

    Sorry but in the US the story is non existent. They show it on BBC so your Muslims can cheer.

  41. Judith Dowla says:

    Alan Kardon , aish.com have made a comedy on Obama on their section called Jewlarious. Might want to check it out. We might as well get a kick out of it. After we Jews are professionals in the art of comedy and specifically political satire right? The right kind of dig that drives a sledge hammer home.

  42. Judith Dowla says:

    Adrian Shine , the news and frustration and lack of support for Israel by the Big Boy can drive a person over the edge almost.

  43. Sientje Seinen says:

    Why isnt the pope speaking out and pleading with the kidnappers?

  44. Anthony Kent says:

    Alan Kardon The muslims are cheering #bringourboyshome on twitter. I don't defend the BBC, but it is a lot better now that there are 'Islamic militants' in Iraq, Syria, Kenya. etc. As I said, to the gentile world, 3 boys kidnapped is not the biggest story.

  45. Alan Kardon says:

    Anthony Kent It is a non story. That is what worries me.

  46. Cody Flecker says:

    Adrian Shine What would you do if the Aboriginal People of Australia started to lob rockets into Sydney proper. Liberals like yourself would most probably applaud their actions or at best do nothing. That is what Israel is basically doing as rockets fall into Israel. Jewish lives are cheap, they always were, and perhaps always will.

  47. Cody Flecker says:

    Alan Kardon For a New York Jew, I see that your response is limited to your own ignorance.

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