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    A Successful Operation – Lessons Learned

    Lessons learned from Operation Shield and Arrow.

    Two Sides Won, and the Anarchists Lost

    Yesterday, a small group of anarchists and power-elites held the entire country hostage, shutting down the country as the economy and security of the nation hung in the balance.

    The Community Organizers Miscalculate

    Until now the protesters drowned out any other voices, but the Haredim of Bnei Brak got them to start talking.

    Stories of a Madman

    Rav Nachman of Breslov has some stories that can get us through the anarchy crisis.

    Lies My Community Organizer Told Me: Protesting Yourself Out of a Job (Part 2)

    The wife of On ben-Pelet saved him from Korach's revolt where he had nothing to gain and everything to lose.

    Lies My Community Organizer Told Me: Unicorn Utopias (Part 1)

    What if the hi-tech companies leading the battle against judicial reform had darker motiviations behind their actions?

    ChatGPT and I Discuss Selecting Supreme Court Justices

    It's interesting that American activists oppose the judicial selection process they have in the US... when it comes to Israel.

    Shlissel (Key) Challah: The Loaf of Idolatry?

    Jameel discusses the origins of the minhag of Shlissel Challah.

    Who Watches the Watchmen?

    What politician, judge or investigative committee is going to try and fight this spying knowing that their deepest secrets will be exposed by the police?

    The Real Netanyahu Exposed

    Through Trump's unfiltered mouth we learn the truth about Bibi.

    Remembering Ari Fuld hy”d

    It’s the 7th of Tishrei. It’s been 3 years since Ari Fuld hy”d was murdered.

    Review: A History of the Palestinian People – From Ancient Times to the Modern...

    Assaf A. Voll has written one of the most comprehensive books on the history of the Palestinian People.

    Democratic But Unethical

    Like Ariel Sharon, Naftali Bennett lied and cheated his voters, but technically, what he did didn't break the rules of Israeli democracy.

    American Progressive Jews Confused by the Anti-Semitic Attacks

    Didn't Progressive Jews explain often enough that it's OK to hate Israel, and that doesn't make one an anti-Semite?

    Netanyahu Didn’t Lose the Justice Minister Vote

    Netanyahu's actions yesterday were important messages to a whole slew of people. Were they smart enough to understand them?

    The Real Knesset Game

    Perhaps the race isn't really between the current party leaders at all...

    An Historic Speech by Mansour Abbas, But Do We Believe Him?

    We started to write one post this evening after watching what looked like an historic speech by Mansour Abbas (Ra’am party), but then we saw a very different speech he gave 4 days ago, in Arabic.

    Election Analysis #2: The Good News and the Bad News

    The good news is there won’t be a fifth election. The bad news is there won’t be a solid rightwing coalition either.

    An Initial Analysis of Bibi’s Options

    Netanyahu is right where he wants to be, with a choice of coalition partners to pick from.

    Convert Your Dog to Judaism

    Apparently some dogs are Reform!

    Who’s to Blame: Sovereignty, Annexation or Applying Israeli Law

    Deliberate ambiguity has created resistance among those who should otherwise be supporting the application of Israeli law in Judea and Samaria. Name-calling hasn't helped either.

    Jason Greenblatt Drops a Sovereignty Bombshell

    Jason Greenblatt seems to have clearly implied that the PA could veto Israel's application of sovereignty, right now.

    David Friedman’s Apartheid State and One-Sided Settlement Freeze

    David Friedman is on our side, but he makes claims that are contradicted by the text of the peace plan he is trying to sell us.

    Efrat Residents’ Song of Praise

    In honor of Israel's 72nd Independence Day, Efrat residents Rabbi Shlomo Katz and Moshe Kesselman released a song.

    Gantz is Betting Against the House

    Gantz is trying to hard to push a very left wing government onto Bibi, and it may backfire on him.

    A Bright Day for Israeli Democracy and the Lessons Learned

    Who are the winners and the losers of the election crisis, and what did we learn from it?

    Did You Catch That Brilliant Move by Yuli Edelstein?

    Blue&White will lose if they try to force Amir Peretz to give up his cozy new chair as Knesset Speaker, and Peretz has his own long-term agenda.

    What is Blue&White After?

    For Blue&White, running the country is secondary to getting rid of Netanyahu.

    Friday Afternoon Lecha Dodi @ 5pm

    Tonight at candle lighting time, Jews in Israel and around the world will go out to their gardens, porches, and windows to sing Lecha Dodi and Shalom Aleichem together.

    Blue & White’s Antisemitic Election Campaign

    The Blue & White campaign ad implies there are too many dedicated religious Jews and we're dirtying up Israel.


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