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If you haven’t watched it, yet, here it is, the video of a bunch of Arab thugs attacking two Haredim with snowballs, giggling merrily. On its face it’s kind of harmless, after all, it’s only snow – but I can’t get rid of that hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach that’s crying out: Kishiniev.

The part where they steal one of the guy’s black hat is particularly Kishiniev.


If so many Jerusalem cops weren’t Arab themselves, I’m certain those hooligans would have been arrested and processed for disturbing the peace.



  1. For those not as knowledgeable as Yori, here is a very concise explanation for why the 1903 and 1905 pogroms of Kishiniev were so historically significant. There is a mochlocket about how much and whether at all the Jews in Kishiniev in 1903 and 1905 fought back or watched passively as their kin were slaughtered, but we have the video that decisively shows us what happened in Jerusalem in January, 2013. :

    The historian Rufus Learsi once wrote that the 1903 Kishinev pogrom must be seen as "a dress rehearsal" for the far bloodier wave of antisemitic violence two years later, following the 1905 revolution, which left some 3,000 Jews dead. But that violence was only a rehearsal for the genocidal fury of the 1918 Russian civil war, in which Ukrainian militias under Simon Petlura massacred as many as 200,000 Jews. And that, of course, was just a dress rehearsal for the Holocaust.

    Like Kishinev in its time, the Holocaust was taken by survivors and heirs to be an object lesson in the human capacity for evil and the Jewish duty to stand up and fight. But for all the earnest lessons, whether at Kishinev or at Auschwitz, the atrocities of the 20th century seem to be little more than forerunners one for the next, descending not as warnings but as dress rehearsals for new and greater horrors. In Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and now Liberia and Congo, neighbors continue to slaughter neighbors while the world is busy elsewhere. Only the technologies improve. The mold was set in Kishinev.

  2. The term anti-Semitism was coined specifically to refer solely to anti-Jewish sentiment, so the argument that it can't be anti-Semitism if an Arab does it is wrong. However, there are those who recognize that many people don't understand the etymology of the word, and for them the simple term Jew-hatred is better. Others think Judeophobia is the best term. I think Jew-hatred is the clearest, but people shrink back from such an ugly term, which in itself is pathetic.

  3. To my mind it's not wise to associate what happened in Jerusalem with the scale of the Kishinev pogroms, and certainly not as some sort of foretaste of inevitable things to come. Would it not be more useful to insist – to The Prime Minister of Israel – that those responsible for the Jerusalem incident be found, arrested and if at all possible, deported?

  4. I don't think the association with a series of pogroms is so damaging. It's not on par with equating the incident with pogroms, but rather with evoking the sentiment that one feels when they see such a disgusting display of antisemitic attack juxtaposed with Jewish helplessness. It is, in my mind, the sort of imagery that stirs my emotions in such a way as to cause my stomach to turn. The reasons are many. One of the most prominent thoughts that race through my mind has to do with Jews under attack and holding their hands up in a gesture of surrender, while the unrelenting attacker takes great pride and satisfaction with his patent savagery. That was, and is, the history of our people in Europe. It should never be our present in the land of Jewish survival.

  5. I'm okay with reminding folks of what happened before, I think Yori's point was that Jews and others allegedly hid instead of fighting back when Jews were being beaten and killed. on your other point, I'll report back!

  6. This is film of a physical, verbal and pscychological assault. This is not a harmless snowball fight. They are using slush that contains who knows what. It is at the least an act of bullying and intimidation perpetrated against two citizens going about their lawful business.At one point one of the Haredim who has had his hat stolen is punched and aggressively shoved on the back by one of the gang, who then continues his actions. The commendable dignity of the victims is to be applauded, their self restraint also, but where were the police here. This should have seen the cowardly perpetrators arrested and brought to justice. Maybe the film will help in this. I certainly hope so.

  7. Sinem, I commend your stance but please address your comments and your exortations to those who are doing this. It is one thing to proclaim your belief as peaceful but it is those who do not share your version that need to be addressed not their victims.

  8. I experienced so many emotions when I saw this video. My thoughts are that there were just too manly hoodlums for one person to tackle by themselves. The fact that they, the attackers could and would do this, is unacceptable in a country that allows them freedom to be treated as human beings. Export them to Syria.

  9. After seeing this video and thinking about if for a couple of days John, I think I have a hint of understanding, that I didn't have before, of how the Jewish people became lambs before the slaughter before Nazi Germany's Empire of WWII. You and I both know that these Haredim in the video, were behaving as civilized citizens. Showing amazing strength of character by demonstrating their mind over matter personal & emotional restraint in the face of chaos, so as to honor G-d. But the vermin! Those jackal thugs! Who are not worthy of such grace, showed no consideration and esteemed not the dignity of the Heredim. What they saw in their craven minds, was weakness! So as jackals do, they moved as a pack looking for the opportunity to kill. Just maybe, if Jews as a culture, had perfected some strategies of protective defensive mechanisms or characteristics that are universally perceived by mankind as not having or showing weakness and therefore not found desirable to be messed with. (martial arts mastery, and weapons to be feared, would be good starting points) Just maybe millions of Jewish lives would have, could have been saved!

  10. You are certainly right about the cowardly group mentality Scott. The person who is even half way in touch with common humanity ceases there action when an opponent will not fight back. These people actually plan on no resistance or ensure their numbers are so overwhelming that, in their minds, there is nothing the victim can do. Self defence against aggressive and unprovoked assault is a fundamental right of humanity. Here is the key difference. When humans think and behave like animals the moral choice not to fight is conceived as a sign that the person considers themselves to be 'prey' (This is one of the vast foundational problem with a world basing its structures on Darwinian and related evolutionary models of human origins) Human courage is unlike anything in the animal world. We bear with suffering when we could prevent it for the sake of our beliefs and equally those who choose evil will inflict suffering for the sake of theirs. One is the inspiration of our eternal creator, the other is inspired by the enemy of God and all He created. For the Jewish people, living in lands other than Israel, trying, as they have constantly done, to be good citizens, whether German,Iraqi, Japanese, British, or American etc. and to live lawfully, productively and peacefully, the scenes enacted in Jerusalem are agonizingly familiar. One only has to look at some of the old footage of anti Semitic incidents in Eastern European countries, to see an almost carbon copy recorded in the image of these horrible scemes in Israel. And this is what is so astonishing. The state of Israel was created so that Jewish people would never again have to suffer these criminal acts. I am, from historical records, unsure that any self defensive action by Jewish people living in other countries ever really brought a safe, just outcome, but in Israel?! Surely Jews at least have the right to walk their own streets in their own nation free from these bestial assaults. "how can such a disgusting thing happen in Israel?" 'There is a time for every purpose under heaven' Ecclesiastes 3. When Israel defends herself her arm is always strengthened. Much to the annoyance of those working for the one world order, there is nothing in history that proves otherwise and the god of this world cannot prevail against the God of Israel. The world has been privelaged to witness this in these last days of this age. Whether it will actually open it's eyes and see is another matter. Scenes like these say one thing above all else. The Jewish people must have their own nation. Their cause is one hundred percent justified. They have a right to live as any and every other human being on this earth does. But that right is not respected by the nations and this is made clear by the monstrous spectacle this film records.

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