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    Take Your Time, Bibi

    The traditional means, such as a hardy bucket and a good, thick mop, are just fine.

    Brother Cameron, John Kerry Is Not an Antisemite, He’s an Idiot

    You don't see Obama sending his brother to be his messenger to Kenyan people.

    Samuel L. Jackson: We Don’t All Look Alike

    Jackson milked the faux pas to the last drop.

    Al Jazeera: Why Can’t the Syrian Army Be as Moral as the IDF?

    It's amazing that Al Jazeera is already saying openly, even heatedly, what Haaretz hasn't yet gotten around to saying.

    God Bless You Baroness Ashton for Leaving my Zeidi Alone

    If you ask me, if fewer politicians tell me how much they regret my zeidi's murder it's a step in the right direction.

    ‘Right to Life’ Strategy Pushing Adoptions, But Will They Pay Cash?

    It comes down to how much are we prepared to pay, as a nation, to save the life of one fetus.

    Come Home, Ms. Shapiro, It’s All Good

    Holy sister, you definitely qualify for Israeli citizenship – but are you interested?

    Swiss Company Compresses Cremated Ashes into Diamonds

    You say it sounds gory? Of course it does, and it yodels, too.

    Kerry: Democracy Is What We say It is

    Remember how we used to call him Boston Brahmin—what's happened to that?

    There’s No Such Thing as Judeo-Christian Values

    The label “Judeo-Christian” tends to assume, at the expense of Judaism, that Christians and Jews believe essentially the same things.

    How to Become a Newspaper or Online Editor

    Never offend anyone, just keep your conversations to under 30 seconds.

    Election Day Joke (with Explanation)

    Thank you, Jameel from the Muqata for the image, which I opted to usurp.

    They Own It

    Let's face it, if we wanted to be on Temple Mount, we'd have been there.

    Rav Ovadia Yosef Allowed Pregnant Woman to Marry

    "Rabbi Yosef dealt with halachic reality with great courage, in a matter that many feared to allow or even discuss."

    It’s OK for Sarah Silverman to Wear a Cross

    Does anyone among our readers feel outrage at the image of this Jewish girl from upstate New York with a cross around her neck?

    Odd News: Glenn Beck’s Nazi Collection Goes on Display in Utah

    I've no idea whether to feel offended by the fact that Beck saw fit to spend money on a sample of Hitler's blood.

    At Last Indonesia Has Its Very Own Nazi-Theme Café

    "I have a right to design my restaurant with anything that attracts people to come."

    Keeping Voter ID Honest May Boost Democracy and Sanity

    Making ID verification open and handy is not a left vs. right issue.

    Why Is the Left So Concerned with Haredi Dropouts?

    There's something hollow, even vacuous, certainly vulgar, about people who manage their personal relationship with God through newspaper articles and television tidbits.

    Revelation: King George VI Blocked Escape of German Jews

    "Steps are being taken to prevent these people leaving their country of origin."

    Video: ‘Former Hasidic Jews Reveal Hidden World’ on NBC

    The fun part is that they're still stuck with their heavy, Jewish accent.

    Liberman: ‘We Should Consider Reoccupying Gaza’ – Again?

    In Liberman's book, our memory is about 8 months long, give or take.

    Watch Bassem Youssef Hosting Jon Stewart in Cairo

    Platitudes—lots and lots of fresh, heaping platitudes…


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