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Speaking Out Against Schumer

I would like to thank Jeff Wiesenfeld for publicly voicing his opposition to Senator Charles Schumer at the recent COJO Flatbush Legislative Breakfast.


Wiesenfeld was critical of Schumer, who is now the Democratic Senate leader and involved in restructuring the Democratic Party, for supporting Sen. Keith Ellison – a person known for his ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan – during Ellison’s attempt to become chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Michael Fuchs
(Via E-Mail)


Abbas’s Upcoming Visit

President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority is scheduled to visit President Trump in the near future.

He should be asked to bring with him a Palestine National Committee-voted Charter containing Yasir Arafat’s alleged annulments and partial annulments of the genocidal Palestinian 1968 Charter, plus an alphabetical list of streets, schools, and other places named for “martyrs” who have murdered innocent Israelis.

William K. Langfan
Palm Beach, Fl


Using Anti-Semitism For Political Advantage

Re “Looking At Anti-Semitism With One Eye Closed” (editorial, March 10):

I commend you for a great piece of writing and meaningful content.

I’m at my wit’s end at this point about the allegations of President Trump’s supposed anti-Semitism. I ask those who carry on with such charges: What in God’s name are you waiting for from this man?

What does he have to do to disprove all the lies, libels, and outrageous charges of either anti-Semitism or passiveness in response to anti-Semitic acts? It’s more than wearing thin – it’s become ignorant and ugly.

Apropos of your excellent editorial, law professor David Bernstein argued in The Washington Post’s Volokh Conspiracy blog last week that in essence the left has created a panicked mindset of an unprecedented epidemic of anti-Semitism that doesn’t really exist.

“Both the progressive Jewish left,” Bernstein wrote, “and groups like the ADL have a strong self-interest in exaggerating the present threat of right-wing anti-Semitism.”

Myron Hecker
(Via E-Mail)


Israel’s Secular Supreme Court

Israel’s Supreme Court allows chillul Shabbos, enables groups like Women of the Wall, supports expulsion of settlers from their homes, makes it difficult for haredi soldiers to maintain their Yiddishkeit in the army, and allows exorbitant interest rates for cell phones which is forbidden for everybody by Torah and is especially oppressive for widows and orphans who can’t fend for themselves.

Their court rulings have targeted Jewish hilltop youth without cause and held them in administrative detention and imprisonment without due process.

We need a court based on Torah.

Shmuel Koenig
(Via E-Mail)

Dealing With Shabbos Cell-Phone Use

If you as a parent are concerned about your teen possibly using his or cell phone on Shabbat, please be aware of the following:

I called Verizon and learned that for $4.99 a month one can suspend service for any time period. The rep told me she does this during school hours for her own teen. She said it can be done via the Verizon app.

I also contacted AT&T, which can do the same for no charge. It can be done via an app, calling 611, or the AT&T website.

Other companies may offer similar options. It pays to look into it.

Izzy Broker
(Via E-Mail)