The Jewish Press joins the worldwide tribute to Senator John McCain upon his passing. He was a man of courage and fortitude who overcame years of horrific treatment at the hands of his North Vietnamese captors who were unable to break his will.

Indeed, his refusal take advantage of their offer of an early release ahead of fellow prisoners as a gesture to his father who, at the time, was a four-star admiral in charge of naval operations in the Pacific, was the stuff of American legend and linked him to American heroes of the past.


His refusal to go along to get along didn’t always endear him to his colleagues and some of his policy choices were not always universally appreciated. Nonetheless, he achieved great political power – almost becoming president in 2008 – and reveled in being labeled a “maverick.”

The Jewish community will always remember him for, among other things, his staunch support of a strong Israel as an important component of America’s national interests.


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