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August 29, 2016 / 25 Av, 5776
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Our Muslim Allies

Let’s think what OUR interest is, and act according to it.

From the left: Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, Rabbi Ben Abrahamson and Adnan Oktar in Istanbul.

From the left: Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, Rabbi Ben Abrahamson and Adnan Oktar in Istanbul.

Rabbi Yeshayahu HaKohen Hollander is Foreign Minister of the Nascent Sanhedrin;  redactor of the “Easy-to-Read Talmud” Internet edition of Talmud Bavli with Rashi embedded; taught in Yeshivat Hesder; learned at Yeshiva Poneviz and Kollel Valozin, and merited to study under Rabbi Yitzhak Kolitz z”l, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem; holds an M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics – Hebrew University; licensed Patent Attorney; was general manager of Heled Educational Experiences; taught at the Recanati School for Economics at Tel Aviv University, active in Noahide activities since 2006; attended Noahide conferences in 2008 and 2011 in the U.S., active in Interfaith activities since 2008.

The Jewish Press has recently been publishing op-eds by a Muslim woman, Sinem Tezyapar, expressing thoughts which are diametrically opposite to Radical Islam, and which differ from much of current mainstream Islam. In response to her courage, she has been attacked from all sides: by Muslims and by non-Muslims.

Of course it is natural that she would be attacked by radical Islamists. Radical Islam, which insists that Islam is the one universal religion, and that all people except Jews must become Muslim, either willingly, or by submitting to the Sword of Allah—but Jews should be killed, as should all people who disagree and refuse to submit to them.

Sorry to say, it is also natural that she is being attacked by non-Muslims. Anyone who sees the hate and reads or hears the threats of Muslims to Jews – and to the West – immediately feels a strong aversion to Muslims.

Let’s put emotion aside for a few paragraphs. Let’s think what OUR interest is, and act according to it.

Certainly OUR interest is that we have peace and harmony with our neighbors – of whatever religion. Certainly, it is in our interest that all people in our society are not driven to desperation because of economic failure. Certainly it is in our interest that they do not feel threatened and that we do not feel threatened.

So it is incumbent upon us – us well as on our neighbors – to agree to make an effort to find a mutually acceptable modus vivendi. There are things Westerners say and do which are an anathema to Muslims, and things Muslims say and do which are an anathema to Westerners.

Western trends diminish the value of family and community in favor of the individual, while traditional Muslim culture puts family and community ahead of the individual. This threat to the Muslim family and community is one of the most serious problems to Muslims, both the generation which immigrated to the West and to the younger generation. The West is threatened by calls for Sharia law to be recognized and enforced in Western countries, by calls for Jihad, and by acts of violence.

It is up to the West to do its part, it is up to Muslims to do their part. It is obvious that both sides have difficulty. It is also obvious to the observer that millions of Muslim immigrants to Europe are searching for a way to live in the West without endangering the dearest parts of their identity: their family relationships and their religion. Family and religion give religious people the strength to overcome difficulties. Emigration is always a difficulty, acclimatization is always difficult, certainly for people of Muslim background coming to live in the West. These people have a need for an Islam which does not create tensions, which does not see the non-Muslim world as requiring a Jihad.

The writings of Miss Tezepayar offer exactly that kind of Islam. Therefore, the writings of Miss Tezepayar are helpful to us.

Whether Miss Tezepayar really believes what she writes or not, is not relevant to us. Can we really know what is in the heart of another person? Very often, we have problems knowing our own feelings!!

It is this consideration which was decisive, five years ago, when we received our first invitation to visit Mr. Oktar. We read all that we could about him. We knew all that had been written by 2009 against Mr. Oktar. We asked questions. Many of our members were not satisfied that the answers were sufficient. But the what decided the matter was: would a relationship with Mr. Oktar and his group be for the good or not? We decided that the chances were that it would be, and accepted the invitation in 2009.

Since then, we have met Mr. Oktar on numerous occasions. Through Mr. Oktar we have met important Muslims, with whom we have been in contact over the years. There are many Muslims in Europe, Africa and Asia who agree with the Islam of Mr. Oktar and Miss Tezeyapar. We have told many about our relationship with Mr. Oktar, and explained the benefits of encouraging Mr. Oktar and his group, to many people who were interested, including the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, other rabbis, members of the Knesset, and Ministers in the Israeli government.

I wish to add, that I personally do believe that Mr. Oktar, Miss Tezayapar, and the members of their group are sincere, both in their version of Islam, and in their attitude towards Israel and the Jews.

Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander

Petah Tikva, Israel

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34 Responses to “Our Muslim Allies”

  1. Might be too late for this try, unfortunately.

  2. Scott Swanson says:

    As an American I am appalled with the naivete of these supposed leaned men. Just a cursory look at his website, he seems to be making himself out to be the Messiah. He talk about benevolent protection (CONTROL) over Israel. He claims that he can unite the Muslim Community, a thing he could never do. He speaks beautiful words, however, I detect deception. Even if that were his real intentions, which I doubt, he would be branded a hypocrite by the the Muslim Leadership of Saudi Arabia and most of the Muslim world. That fact that he hasn't been branded yet speaks volumes.

  3. Claim that Muslims want to kill Jews, this false notion.We warn the Jews because they disobeyed God and killed them reformers.Cut upon us their stories because they are liars and lied to their father Jacob (Israel) and stole gold and silver, and apparel Egyptologist during their exodus from Egypt with Moses and lied to God that he ordered them to theft.

  4. Roy Neal Grissom says:

    Noachism is the one true universal religion for all non-Jews (Jews must follow the Torah). I hope this "nascent Sanhedrin" isn't implying that in the Messianic age no one will have to forsake false religions.

  5. Roy Neal Grissom says:

    Noachism is the one true universal religion for all non-Jews (Jews must follow the Torah). I hope this "nascent Sanhedrin" isn't implying that in the Messianic age no one will have to forsake false religions.

  6. Yori Yanover says:

    Scott Swanson · Hey, Obama claims that splitting Israel in half will bring us everlasting peace. Do we cut off relations with him? No, we don't. Because friends count, the more the merrier. We have enough Muslim enemies. Let's just accept that they're imperfect and move on.

  7. Yori Yanover says:

    ائق هيكل ·Feeling better?

  8. Yori Yanover You cut relations off by supporting opposing political groups here in the states. There is no problem with that, because he doesn't represent the people who are truly knowledgeable about the situation is Israel.

  9. Nanette CohenRayman says:

    false notion: read your own Koran…false notion: tell that to Ilan Halimi, The Fogel Family, Daneille Sheffi and all the Jews maimed or killed by rock throwers. Thell that to the three Jews in Waltham, Ma. who had their throats slit buy the Boston Bomber..oh, and tell all the Jews who were forced to wear yelllow in 807 AD by moslems….Tell your taquiyya to the moon, bub. Tell all the imams who proclaim every day to kill Jews because we are "pigs and monkeys." Go away. And who are MOSLEMS to warn Jews, we were around before you..

  10. Nanette CohenRayman says:

    What is with all these rabbis and newspaper editors falling over themselves for a "woman" with enough silicone in her lips to lift a Mac truck? How about listening to women with real beauty (if that is what makes you listen) and real brains? what a concept…it is disgusting that some of you men, Yori, are being led by your peckers…but even a pecker needs a real woman. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT

  11. Nanette CohenRayman says:

    Obama is not Israel's friend. You really need a brain job.

  12. Lisa Michelle says:

    I wanted to post this myself, Nanette, but I need to regroup first. I've been so livid about it.


  14. A pecker will be just as happy with a sheep, a goat or a hand. That's why men who think with their peckers are incapable of thought.

  15. Cory Burgess says:

    This group of "peaceniks" needs the support of the people they are reaching out to.

  16. Sandra Johnson says:

    Yori Yanover There are none so blind as those who refuse to see !

  17. Sandra Johnson says:

    The poor Fogel children and so many others murdered ! Tell them what they did to deserve such a thing !

  18. Sandra Johnson says:

    If you believe Muslims talking of peace with Jews and Christians you are drinking strong koolaide. They vow all non-Muslims have no rights even to live. Stop enabling them to do even worse!

  19. Sandra Johnson says:

    Nonsense Muslims are from the father of all lies !

  20. Lisa Michelle says:

    I seriously doubt that your readers would also endorse a friendship with Oktar and Sinem if they knew that he and his blonde female colleagues seek world dominion and a new and improved Ottoman Empire, a minor detail that you have left out. Or, as one blogger puts it,

    "I seriously doubt that Christians would take kindly to their ‘dear leader’s' referring to Jesus as a Muslim and his coming back to break the cross, nor the Jews wanting an interfaith community center on the Temple Mount."

    I think that it's time that you properly filled them in:


  21. Lisa Michelle says:

    Actually, they are, Roy, because that's the ultimate goal of Adnan Oktar and his followers, and they have essentially given him their endorsement. Click on the following link and be sure to check out the other embedded links at this address, most especially the INN interview with one of Oktar's gals. It's a real eye-opener:


  22. Maribell Caban says:

    So disgusted by these muslims….disgusting…claims peace and inflicts NOTHING BUT VIOLENCE! That's all I've witnessed and take THAT to the bank! I'm so glad we Jews are FINALLY ALLOWED TO PRAY ON OUR HOLY MOUNT! Time to SQUASH THAT NASTY PIMPLE!

  23. Yori Yanover says:

    They're almost as bad as the Christians!

  24. Sister Lisa, present is more important than future. What will happen in future is not important than what is happening in our present like violence, bloodshed, crime, disintegration of societies and moral values etc. Only unity among religious Jews, Christians and Muslims believers can bring peace in this word.

  25. Winston Zhang says:

    Adnan Oktar: "Islam propels Jews and Christians further towards their own faith. Jews cannot be truly Jews and Christians cannot be truly Christians unless a Jew or a Christian follows the prophet Muhammad."

  26. Hinda Blas says:

    While I would agree that these two do speak with the best intentions, history tells me otherwise. The lies of the enemy just gets more popular as the years go on. Mamzer Abbas, for example claims to be a Moderate Muslim yet it got a degree from the USSR in what? Denying the Holocaust. It is wined and dined by governments throughout the world and as in the story of the Trojan Horse will say something in English that we all love to hear but in Arabic will state what the main facts are – to kill, hate and destroy is at the heart of the invented people's actions. Not peace, not living as one but destruction. The world did not stop Hitler and the world is not stopping the partners of the Nazis. Israel apologizes to Turkey for defending herself and supposedly is now going to pay Turkey for the 9 Shaheeds? I do not understand this logic. It shows weakness of which Israel was never that – until Sharon/Olmert came to power.

    In an interview, by the way on INN with Josh Hastings, Ms. Tezeypar could not answer a question about Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. She did the Pallywood Shuffle. She kept on dancing until she was asked to stop by the host.

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me….

  27. Yafa Wolsk says:

    Of course it is important what she believes in her heart! I went to her website and she speaks very well. But why did she post all those photos of herself? It appears a bit strange for someone who is trying so hard to establish credibility to post risque photos. Is this about arguments or seduction? If it is about arguments, why post the photos?

  28. Nanette CohenRayman says:

    muhammed: don't taquiyya Lisa or any of us….you moslems just bombed Boston..if YOU are so into peace, you moslems, where is your voice condemning the bombing? Jews that are real Jews are not so stupid to buy your lies. Did you ever read your own Koran? And do not be so bold as to think we are stupid. CONDEMN jihad. CONDEMN the bombing in Boston..condemn the rapes, acid attacks, beheadings, the burnt villages, the stonings, the clitorectomies….and I don't want to live under any TURKISH union. How about condemning the Armenian genocide? How about condemning the Grand Mufti who was in cahoots with Hitler? Your words are kitman kumbaya garbage.

  29. Cory Burgess says:

    Way to take a stand. I've been hearing about these false Muslims. I'm an American Jew. I'm also a Chemist…I am intrigued by this new method of hydraulics you have stumbled upon. The fluid used in hydraulic lifts is a mixture of certain hydrocarbons (octane, benzene, cyclo-octane…why am I going into specifics…you obviously know this already!). As we both know, silicone has one extra filled s and p orbital shells, but both Si and C have 4 valence electrons. Of course, because life is based upon these four valence electrons and the geometry they allow, life could possibly form based upon silicone and not carbon! So tell me…where have you found the remains of this new form of life? Why are you keeping it from the scientific community? And most importantly, what flash of brilliance led you to use the hydro-SILICON remains of these creatures in a hydraulic system!? I gotta tell you I am in awe. You will certainly revolutionize the hydraulic industry! Now if you've read up to this point before deleting me, check out the response to the thread that your prion infested mind jumped upon and proceeded to ramble this incoherent word-salad you are so prone to use 🙂 http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/opinions/a-muslim-perspective-bostons-tragedy-must-not-generate-more-hate/2013/04/20/

  30. Cory Burgess says:

    I applaud my fellow Jews calling out this Taquiyya and her racist "Master". I've been following this phony for the last couple of months (it's some sort of fascination us "true" Jews must share) and I can tell you; I couldn't be more sick of this meaningless BU**. Love, peace, rational interpretation of religion….a f**ing Trojan Horse if you ask me. All meant to soften us up to pave the way for these double D's to take over the streets of Haifa and New York. I know I would submit (among other things) to these "dangerous" women. And Lisa, I am in awe of how you managed to combine two sayings into one! "there's no retroactive cure for foot-and-tongue disease" How about a pro-active cure for the delicate tong-in-cheek way you put your foot in your mouth? It really fills me with warmth inside knowing I can call you one of my own. We are the "chosen people" are we not? How about condemning real racism being carried out in our name? Instead of building bridges lets build the "separation" wall a little higher, use some more white phosphorus to "illuminate" the battle field, force separate busing, and make sure we can still detain Palestinian children for 6 months without trial. Just because I'd love to keep this fascinating thread going I'm going to give you a little cannon fodder (write it down because I know you're going to delete this post). Pencil ready? I'm an American Jew. I'm mixed race. My mother is Ashkenazi. My father was Christian, but I'm going to make you guess what race he was…make's the intelligent insults I am going to receive much more of a surprise 🙂

  31. Lisa Michelle says:

    @Cory, you've definitely aroused my curiosity? 🙂

  32. Yori Yanover says:

    Nanette CohenRayman — This is a rude and slanderous comment. I expect an apology from you for this outrageous and false accusation or you will be banned from this website.

  33. Obama hasn't been a friend and who knows for sure what his motivations are. All people had to do was check out his friends and his record, but they didn't. The Democrats have been really veering away from supporting Israel, but he represents the USA and thank goodness the Senators like Israel, and we need the support of USA for many reasons. And no, we shouldn't split Israel. We were duped in the first place when the League of Nations supported a National Jewish Home with knowledge of the land it should include, and then the British who held the mandate gave away 80% of it to make Jordan. So now we're trying to hold onto 20% and it sure doesn't make sense to give away anymore of our 8,000 Sq miles, especially since Jordan attacked along with everyone else. The penalty is in losing land, and it just so happens to be the very land that was ours and was given away. Netanyahu has a job 99.9% of people couldn't handle at all without having a nervous breakdown. He and the Knesset members know what to to do, when and why.

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