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October 26, 2016 / 24 Tishri, 5777
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Judea and Samaria Jews Must Prepare Now to Avoid Deportation

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Palestinians celebrating their freedom by burning the abandoned synagogue in Netzarim, in the Gaza Strip. The authors urge the Jews of Judea and Samaria to prepare for the next deportation with a smart and non-violent pursuit of independence.

Palestinians celebrating their freedom by burning the abandoned synagogue in Netzarim, in the Gaza Strip. The authors urge the Jews of Judea and Samaria to prepare for the next deportation with a smart and non-violent pursuit of independence.
Photo Credit: Muqata

2. Valid Jewish governance is based on popular, dynamic representation. The Torah describes a system of public representation: “Leaders of thousands, leaders of hundreds, leaders of fifties and leaders of tens.” Our sources show that the system of “Sarim” (Leaders) existed throughout our history, including during the empire of David and Shlomo. These leaders ran the life of the nation from the level of a small community (“The seven good men of the city”), through the tribal level (tribal princes), to the appointment of a national administration (King, Great Sanhedrin). Therefore, the modern Jewish government must include a fair representation of the members of autonomous communities at every level of government.

3. Today’s autonomous communities don’t have to be territorially based. In today’s reality, there’s no reason to predicate autonomous communities based on geographic areas, since we no longer have tribes residing on their allotted land. In fact, representation based strictly on geographic location could cause a migration of population groups into separate ethnic, cultural, religious or ideological ghettos, which will surely not strengthen our nation. Today’s autonomous communities should be voluntary and represent faithfully all the different sectors of Israeli society. The basis for this idea, however, does exist in our Torah: there was one tribe which was not entitled to a land of its own, and yet remained autonomous in every way – the tribe of Levy. Our halachic literature discusses additional forms of communities not based on geographic location. We have no doubt that this is the best model for today’s society.

According to the above three principles, the State of Israel should adopt an enlightened federal constitution providing complete freedom to individuals, families and communities. Indeed, we may view the very establishment of autonomous communities the next phase on the path to redemption: the realization of the Jewish vision of living freely in our land, both as individuals and as a national collective.

The settlers in Judea and Samaria today face an unprecedented challenge. On the one hand, they live under a tangible existential threat; on the other, they are best positioned, ideologically and spiritually, to lead the nation to the next phase of redemption. If they grasp the true meaning of the Jewish and Zionist vision, they can implement a Jewish constitution immediately, without delays or compromises. And so we must begin preparations at once.

Our first step is not a declaration of political independence in the areas of Judea and Samaria; rather it is the preparation of a material and political basis for a future declaration. Should, God forbid, the moment of expulsion arrive, we must be well prepared for swift action.

You might ask, how can we set an independent government before the state declares its retreat from the territory? The answer is that we should distinguish between autonomy and full sovereignty.

As long as the government of Israel is not ceding its sovereignty over some territories in Eretz Israel, we view ourselves as loyal citizens of the state. Yet, we have the right to organize as voluntary communities. This is a crucial principle of the liberal-democratic state: freedom of association. Just as no government may dictate to us how to conduct our community of synagogue members, so it has no right to intervene in the life of other communities we may choose to establish. And just as our synagogue does not constitute a threat to the sovereign rule of the state over the lot where said synagogue stands, so does our autonomous community not invalidate the sovereignty of the State of Israel there.

But a well organized community will send the Israeli government the message that it has neither the legal and moral authority, nor the practical capacity to hand over our settlements to the hands of foreigners.

And should the government, God forbid, ignore this message – we will declare a sovereign state in every area ceded by Israel, with a federal constitution based on Jewish law: UCI – The United Communities of Israel.

This federal union will also accept communities and citizens who do not live under the danger of expulsion, from the “blocks” of settlements in Judea and Samaria, as well as from communities established “inside the green line.”

This in turn may serve as the initial foundation of a new, widespread constitutional reform in Israel, and establish a broad base of popular support for action against the deportations.

This is a great challenge and a great opportunity to come closer to the redemption of Israel in our time.

Ehud Tokatly and Yori Yanover

About the Author: Ehud Tokatly and Yori Yanover have been collaborating on various artistic and journalistic projects since 1971.

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  1. Paul Gherkin says:

    How can anyone advocate for a Jew-free Judea and Samaria? Because the Jordanians did so while they ruled the region? The region has been a home for Jews for 3000 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBa869VBxls

  2. You need to look at the available information. But many people were crucified by Rome. Nothing special about Jesus than all the others.

  3. Will there be another divided kingdom? A civil war? Will the government of Israel fight for the enemies of Jews and Israel?

  4. Cody Flecker says:

    Any Jew or concerned Christian who is thinking of making Aliya should think once again about going to a country that cares so little for its own citizens. When the Government of Israel starts to think positively about its own citizens, then Israel will be saved. Right now, the country is in the crapper and will stay there for a long time unless the Government changes its ways.

  5. Cody Flecker – Israel does not need you! It needs Jews of courage who will uphold Jewish values. If enough Israelis protest, the government will have to listen.

  6. Brad Chapman says:

    what is wrong with you people? how can you treat your own citizens this way? this is so wrong! how can you expect to have your country and you do this? so twisted……. my prayers for Israel!

  7. Anonymous says:

    UCI – The United Communities of Israel…sounds alot like the United States of America. We know America's founding fathers got their ideas of gov't from the Bible and it's past time Israel did also.

  8. God forbid that the Israeli government pulls Jews out of their homes to satisfy the Islamic terrorists and Kerry.

    Netanyahu would hold full responsibility. He encourages Jews to move to settlement, He kept building more homes.
    Israel has been asking Jews to make Alya. Now Israel wants all the French Jews to come to israel. Where are all the so called "settlers" going to live? Where will any perspm making Alya live?
    Is Israel going to become a country of Jewish refugees, with nowhere to go? everything they have saved and worked for, will go to the terrorists?
    Where will the Jews go.

    Netanyahu must give a firm undertakibg that this tragedy will never be repeayed.
    That every Jew is safe wherever he/she lives and works.in Israel.

  9. If Netanyahu wants to make refugees of Jews in their own land,this will bring on a civil war, Jew against Jew.
    God forbid that should ever happen.

    Jews everywhere must pray to Hashem to save Israel form Obama and Kerry.

  10. Steve Klein says:

    Brad, if you are a believer you should know Americans will bring divine judgment on their country and people should the U.S. push forward with this evil. Israel will suffer terribly – it will be a bloody lesson – but Israel will survive. I cannot say the same for America in the long run.

  11. the question is why-it is, was and always will be Israeli territory and belonging to the Jewish state-period. I understand that the Saudis have a nice desert available and close by.

  12. the question is why-it is, was and always will be Israeli territory and belonging to the Jewish state-period. I understand that the Saudis have a nice desert available and close by.

  13. Steve Klein says:

    The authors wrote: "Our entire approach is founded on the traditional Jewish values of peace and justice, and we are far from those who call for a civil war. We’re not pacifists, and the right to self defense is rooted in our tradition, but violence among fellow Israelis is inherently unacceptable."

    I will agree, violence among fellow Jews is not the ideal, how can they say it runs counter to traditional Jewish values, unless condemn both Moses and Elijah who ordered violent measures against fellow idolatrous Jews? There were a few or isolated examples of Jewish resistance to forcible expulsion from Gush Katif, Gaza. It was not deadly violence but it was resistance. Do the authors condemn these courageous Jews who fought for their homes and property? The authors say they are not pacifists but what they look to be promoting here is indeed pacifism.

  14. Moishe Pupik says:

    I doubt that this is about condemnation. It's about winning when you're weak. The fact is, feeble attempts at violence did not save Gush Katif. If we act smart and together, we won't need violence.

    When a small group resorts to violence, they will always lose. Israel's police and army are by far stronger. The task is to avoid confrontation and gain permanent possession of our land.

  15. Shakir, will not convince me. Allah killed 270 million .

  16. Samaria and Judea must become an independent jewish republic to be safe. must take the name Jewish Republic of Judea.

  17. Alan Kardon says:

    Cody Flecker what do you suggest that the Israeli Government do to get themselves out of "The Crapper"?

  18. Lisa Liel says:

    I disagree. If the leaders of the country attempt to repeat the war crime of 2005, they should be met with armed resistence.

  19. This is crazy.I will pray that you come to your senses.I'm 80 years old I'll have to come & fight instead of the cowards!!!

  20. It is a shame that Israel is giving away their efforts to stay a Jewish State, Israel gave the Sinai back twice, that shows a weakness and the Pals are taking advantage, the best is that the Pals should go to their natives places and Judea and Samaria to the Jewish State, why Obama/Kerry doesn't understand this?.

  21. I am praying that all Jewish who are in Judea and Samaria should know that is their birth-right and God gave that to Israel. Palestine should be the ones to be deported if they do not want to accept the Jewish, the rightful owners of Judea and Samaria. God hear our prayers

  22. I am praying that all Jewish who are in Judea and Samaria should know that is their birth-right and God gave that to Israel. Palestine should be the ones to be deported if they do not want to accept the Jewish, the rightful owners of Judea and Samaria. God hear our prayers

  23. stand firm and know that the Lord G-d of Israel is on your side, then whom should Israel fear?

  24. Simcha Arona says:

    My husband Simcha Meir and I are ready to come if Chas V'Shalom this were to happen.

    "And Judah will dwell forever and Jerusalem from generation to generation." (Yoel 4:20)

    WHEREAS, the State of Israel denies its G-d given destiny, thereby denying the world the right to repair and redemption; and,

    WHEREAS, the State of Israel has relinquished the holiest sites of the Jewish people in Eretz Israel—Yericho, Shechem, Hevron, and Har Habayit—to the enemies of Judaism; and,

    WHEREAS, the State of Israel is relinquishing the heartland of our sacred heritage in Eretz Israel—Judea, Samaria, and "East" Jerusalem—to the enemies of the Jewish people; and,

    WHEREAS, the State of Israel has expressed its willingness to forcibly transfer Jewish citizens from their homes or to hand them over to a foreign, hostile entity; and,

    WHEREAS, the State of Israel debases its people, its heritage, and its G-d, by bowing to pressure exerted by foreign powers; and,

    WHEREAS, the State of Israel denies true justice for its citizens by allowing terrorist murderers of Jews to go free; and,

    WHEREAS, the established institutions, i.e., educational, judicial, executive, and legislative, provide no relief or recourse to the concerned citizen; and,

    WHEREAS, the State of Israel allows enemies of the State to hold positions of power within the government and freedom of speech to incite to the destruction of the State, while outlawing and persecuting any voice of dissent within the Jewish electorate; and,

    WHEREAS, the State of Israel is relinquishing critical water resources to those sworn to its destruction; and,

    WHEREAS, the State of Israel is risking the lives of all of its citizens on the gamble of "peace" with a people who is not even at peace with themselves; and,

    WHEREAS, the only alternatives within the established infrastructure—revolt or total surrender—are unacceptable to us;

    We, the Jews of Eretz Israel, do hereby declare that we will create for ourselves, with the help of G-d, the True Jewish State—the State of Judea (Medinat Yehuda)—in the Arab-occupied land of our forefathers which will exist, please G-d, to correct all the wrongs of the present State of Israel. This holy endeavor will, with the help of G-d, be accomplished as a result of the following goals which we have set for ourselves:

    WE WILL refuse to recognize any agreement which relinquishes Jewish sovereignty over any part of Eretz Yisrael; any such agreement being illegal and non-binding in our eyes.

    WE WILL, those of us who live in the Golan, Yesha and the Jordan Valley, continue settling and inheriting these parts of Eretz Yisrael.

    WE WILL resist in any and all ways any attempt to evict Jews from their homes in any part of Eretz Yisrael; any such action being immoral and illegal in our eyes.

    WE WILL proclaim and establish a true Jewish state, the state of Judea, on any and all parts of Eretz Yisrael that are relinquished by the state of Israel.

    WE WILL, in order to enable the Jewish people to fulfill their destiny in Eretz Yisrael, establish Torah law to be the law of the state of Judea.

    WE WILL defend the state of Judea through any and all available means. We implore all Jews who agree with these principles to come to our assistance by settling in these parts of Eretz Yisrael and to otherwise do everything in their power to protect and strengthen "the cities of our G-d."

    "Be strong and let us be strong for the sake of our People and for the sake of the cities of our G-d, and Hashem will do what is good in His eyes." (Shmuel II 10:12)

    See more at Palestine or Judea??? http://palmtreeofdeborah.blogspot.co.il/2013/08/medinat-yehuda-palestine-or-judea.html

  26. No "concerned christians" should be thinking about "making aliyah" since this is a right reserved for Jews. It's supposed to be the JEWISH state.

  27. If you are Jews, why aren't you already here???

  28. Don't ask him. He doesn't have a clue. It has to be this way. It's part of the Divine plan. If things were great here, the redemption would already have come and free will would be a thing of the past. Where would be the merit in choosing Israel under these circumstances?

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