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Abbas, in background on the left, may get a war crimes trial instead of a Nobel Peace Prize for Fatah rockets on Israel.

It is news to no one that throughout the negotiations with Israel, despite Islam’s ban on lying, the Palestinians have consistently lied. Surah Al-Haj (Surah 22, verse 30) and Surah Al-Ghafir (Surah 40, verse 28) of the Qur’an, as well as many hadiths (the oral tradition attributed to Muhammad), strongly condemn lying for any reason. It is specifically considered an affront to Allah and Muhammad, and the liar will burn in hell.

Despite the religious ban on lying, Islam provides a number of loopholes. For example, for an Islamist, one can lie to effect a compromise between disputing parties, to deceive an enemy, to make one’s wife happy.



Thus, it is permissible to lie to the Jewish (and American) enemy, which is what the Palestinian Arab negotiators have done time after time in the negotiations with Israel. These negotiators, even those conveniently hiding under the mantle of “secular,” employ the fundamentalist moral code that dictates their actions. They have manipulated, avoided, evaded, denied, wiggled around facts and told outright lies regarding agreements already reached and their goals for future coexistence.

For these believers in moral religious pragmatism, permission to lie in the negotiations is based on designating the Jew as the enemy of Allah and Islam, worthy only of death. For the Palestinian Arab leadership, abetted by the Palestinian Authority’s educational and religious systems, the Jew is religiously labeled not only the enemy because of the so-called “occupation of Palestine,” but because of the ancient Hadith that they invoke that states that Muslims will not be redeemed on Judgment Day unless the Jews on earth are killed. Therefore, for these radical believers, lying to the Jews if it leads to their final destruction is virtually a religious fiat.

Before he met with the American president last week, Mahmoud Abbas told Fatah’s Revolutionary Council in Ramallah that he “would not recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people, would not waive the so-called ‘right of return’ of the Palestinian refugees, and would not abandon the idea of Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.”

An Abbas confidante and member of Fatah’s Central Committee, appearing on official Palestinian Authority television, revealed the true Palestinian Arab intentions for the Jews during that conference. Abbas Zaki promised that “Allah will gather all the Jews together so that the Palestinians can destroy them.”

All the Palestinian Arabs’ fabricated religious, moral and historical demands on the land of Israel and Jerusalem are based on Islam’s permission to lie to the enemy, considered “legitimate” because their ultimate objective is to destroy Israel and establish “Palestine” on its ruins. No matter the current historical revisionism, honest Palestinian Arab scholars know that there was never a Palestinian state in the land of Israel (or anywhere else); there was never a Palestinian people until Jews started populating the land; and nothing was ever promised to them in the Qur’an. When the United Nations called for a Jewish state and an adjacent Arab state in 1947, the Arabs rejected it.


Because of stunning defeats visited upon the Palestinian Arabs whenever they attempt to destroy Israel with violence and terrorism, they have decided instead to implement Arafat’s “salami plan” and destroy Israel piecemeal through fraud and deception. To that end they have recruited the gullible West to do the work, if not for them, then with them. The Palestinian Arab demand for the so-called “right of return” is one aspect of the plan: its objective is to swamp Israel demographically, thus destroying its Jewish character and making it possible to establish the Muslim “Palestine” on its ruins.


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Dr. Reuven Berko has a Ph.D. in Middle East studies and was the adviser on Arab Affairs to the Jerusalem district police. Berko is a commentator on Israeli Arabic TV programs, writes for the Israeli daily newspaper Israel Hayom and is considered one of Israel's top experts on Arab affairs.


  1. 193 Jewish Nobel prize winners and 10 Muslim Nobel prize winners. The world would be a different much worse place without the Jewish people. These facts should be looked at by modern day Muslims as a challenge to make the world a better place by contributing not by killing.

  2. I only see racism in most Islamic Arab counties. Even worse, you get killed being non Muslim, who at the end got no one else to kill, then they kills other Islamic Muslim sect, ie Sunni ands Shiite……

  3. Israel created resources, and turned a desolate wasted dessert in to a civilised super country. Hardly heard an Jew got locked up in jail, but I saw alot of Arabs locked up in jail for all kinds of crime specially in western countries. check for your self. Mr Al certainly got his fact up side down.

  4. The Almighty GOD who loves Israel said, I will curse whoever curses Israel.

    Looking at all Israel's enemy, specially in the middle east, their economy, technology, military, living standard and life quality, the atmosphere…… war, religious killings, inhumane treatment of people and animals………………………………

    Six days war is one of the most amazing miracle………. again it shows this fact that GOD protects Israel, which is invincible UNTIL she sins against this GOD.

  5. Michael, Michael, Michael….Shame on You!!!

    FIRST..EVERYTHING the so-called palestinian arabs say is a LIE!!!!

    1. The Israeli's NEVER said there is no such thing as the Palestinian People….They WERE the Palestinian People prior to changing their name to Israeli's in 1948!!!
    The arabs now claiming that name got the idea in the 1960's with the advent of "Yassir are a Fat!!!
    2. 800,000 Jews were turned out of all the Arab Countries in 1948 after Israel triumphed!!!…What refugee camps are they living in these days???
    3. The "Security Wall" HAS kept terrorism to almost nothing…at the time when the arabs guarantee to resist terrorism the wall will come down!!!
    4. Settlements are a political ploy although …PLEASE tell me any other country in the world that has GIVEN back land after a war??? Sharon gave back land please tell me what happened then???
    5. Of course Israel has Nukes…That is their "Doomsday Gambit"!!! They are all aimed at Arab Countries…Israel will only use them if they are attacked with Nukes and/or are facing annihilation…tell me Mikey what would you do???

    But you really don't wanna hear any of this…go on and dump on the Israeli's.

  6. I know this since 40 years (Entbbe, Fürstenfeld -Bruck 1972…) b u t a great part of the world (not only stupid leftists) give standig ovations to this ordinary people. Why??

  7. Israel ought to dump the PA, claim sovereignty over the whole of Eretz Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea (including the Temple Mt), immediately annexe Area C, establish local governments for individual Arab cities, towns and villages and bypass Abbas and his pals. Israel should in advance plan well ahead how it will effectively and firmly put down the Arab revolt that Abbas will call for. Israel needs to also take action to actively put its case to the World. Moshe Feiglin's plan implemented over coming years to financially assist Arabs to leave Judea and Samaria ought to be acted upon. Arabs will never be reconciled to Jews living in any part of Eretz Israel. Peace by negotiations is an utter illusion. Israel has to chart its own course without Abbas and the PA. The Israeli Government must listen to its voters.

  8. It's been tried. When local Arab governments were to be formed, relatively peaceful candidates were informed by the PLO terror group that they don't really want to run for mayor… for example.

    As long as Arab States tell us that the PLO is the only legitimate representative of the Molestinian people the UN and individual States will finance this terror organization.

    Frankly, I don't think that any politician in Israel has the backbone to kick out, or imprison the PLO thugs and annex the land.

  9. Hashem promised the land to the Jews/Israel more than 300o years ago. He will see that they inherit the land despite the lies of the Arabs and the obvious ineptitude of the Obama administration. Kerry is a joke!!!

  10. Israel must kick the lot of them out and reclaim Greater Israel,no ifs no buts.These terrorists will lie,deceive,mislead and do whatever they deem necessarry to destroy the Jewish people.The peace plan is a complete joke and should never never even been considered by Israel.

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