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December 8, 2016 / 8 Kislev, 5777
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Costumed Wine

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This Purim let your wine bottles join in the fun – let them dress up too!  Use them to compliment your Mishloach Manos or have them make a grand appearance at the seudah. Simple and inexpensive this is a great family project.




4”x13” white fabric
3/8” black ribbon/tape
White string
7 ½”x 1” piece of fur



1) Fold the fabric in half, bringing together the two short ends.

2) For the neck hole, cut out a 1” triangle in the center of the fold.

3) Poke tiny holes, 1” off the sides and at bottom of the tzitzis.  Attach strings then finish off with the black tape/ribbon.

4) For the shtreimel, measure the top of your wine bottle, and glue the 2 ends of the fur together, overlapping slightly.




5 1/2 “x4” white fabric
2-3/8”x8” pieces of white ribbon for the side strings
1-3/8”x5 ½” piece of white ribbon for around the neck
5”x 1” piece of white cardboard
4”x5” white tissue paper



1) Cut out fabric in apron shape and attach strings.

2) For the hat, attach tissue paper to the cardboard on the longer ends. Measure the top of your wine bottle, and glue the 2 ends together-overlapping slightly. Push the top of the tissue paper inwards to fashion a baker’s hat.




5 ½”x11” printed fabric
11” fringe
Mini sombrero



1) Fold the fabric in half bringing together the two short ends.

2) For the neck hole, cut out a 1” triangle in the center of the fold.

3) Attach trim to the bottom.




7″x12″ elegant fabric
18″x1/4″ ribbon
Select trims
Mini crown



1) Fold fabric down ½” on all 4 sides.

2) Sew or glue down (using liquid stitches) 2 short sides and one long side.

3) From the 4th side, make a casing for the ribbon by sewing or gluing down the fabric.

4) Attach a safety pin to one end of the ribbon and pull the ribbon through the casing. Remove the safety pin.

5) Embellish cape with trims.

Esther Ottensoser

About the Author: Esther Ottensoser is a food stylist whose work is featured in various publications. Whether it be party planning, marketing a product, party favors, demos or crafts, Esther takes the simple basic everyday products and transforms them into that extraordinary presentation. Esther lives in Lakewood, NJ and can be contacted via e-mail at estheroinfo@gmail.com.

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