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Daniel will be killed and the king will become a devout believer in Baal!”



The Revelation

The following morning, the king and all his ministers and chieftains, including Daniel, arrived at the door of the temple.

“Daniel,” said the king, “look at the door very closely. Can you see if the seal has been tampered with?”

Daniel looked closely at the seal and replied, “No, your majesty.”

The king then broke open the seal and opened the door. Looking inside, they saw that all the food was gone. Not even a morsel was left over.

The king then shouted: “Baal, you are indeed a true god. You have eaten all the food placed before you. There is no trickery here!”

Daniel began to laugh as he stopped the king and the people from walking inside the room.


Daniel Exposes Them

“Stop where you are!” shouted Daniel. “Your majesty, look down on the floor, and tell me what you see?”

The king and all the people looked down and there they saw many footprints of men, women and children outlined in the ashes that were strewn on the floor.

Daniel turned to the king and said, “If the king will question the priests, I am sure he will discover where these footprints came from.”

The king commanded the soldiers to seize the priests and after threatening them with death, they confessed to the secret passage and that it was they who consumed the food. The king then commanded that they be put to death and ordered the destruction of Baal and its temple.

The king now treated Daniel with greater respect, and heaped more honors upon him.