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Here’s another stunning thing Israelis have invented to make life on our planet better for those of us who could use help.

If you’re choked with tears at this stunning example of human ingenuity, leave a comment.


If you’re a blind person currently involved in an effort to disgrace Israel by boycotting its goods and its scientific community – you can still get the OrCam, I suppose, but you should point your OrCom armed finger at this text to find out that you’re being seriously expletivy.

Likewise for blind Hamas dignitaries, Fatah officials, Iranian civil servants.

While a billion and a half Arabs out there are yet to come up with a single idea of how to improve life, Israelis continue to give and give and give the world amazing stuff.

No, wait, there is one place where Arab scientists are exploding with new ideas and innovations! Of course, Israel



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