One Man’s Idea for an Israeli Rescue Flotilla

Moti Kahana has worked in the past to bring Jews home from many dangerous locations around the globe. Now he wants to pressure the Israeli government into allowing it's own citizens back into the country!

FORGET RUSSIA – ‘The Idealists’ Utopian Dream vs. Reality’ – The Tamar Yonah Show...

'Forget Russia' is a story of good intended idealists in their quest to make a utopia. It tells the story of a family spanning 4 generations of Jewish women.

The Vilna Gaon and the Final Redemption – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we speak about different aspects of the redemptive process proscribed by the Vilna Gaon and implemented to this very day through his students in Israel.

Israeli Right Wing Parties & Did Iran Attack an Israeli Ship? – The Tamar...

Tamar speaks with two different representatives from two different Right Wing leaning parties, as Israeli citizens will soon be voting yet AGAIN in its 4th knesset elections inside of two years. In fact, already there are politicians saying that this won't be the end, and that Israeli citizens should not be surprised if they will have to go for FIFTH election in the coming few months.

Happy Purim from Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

Endangered and locally extinct animals mentioned in the Bible are bred here for possible reintroduction into the Negev desert.

The Source of Simcha – Purim Joy from Judea!!

First, Yishai's daughter Leah Bat Tzion joins in for a young person's perspective on the message of Purim in Israel. Then, Rav Mike Feuer on the search for the source of Jewish joy and the ethical questions of Covid restrictions. Then, Rabbi Yishai debates Vision Magazine's Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen on the next stage of Jewish liberation.

Purim, and the influence of Rabbi Kahane z”l – Returning Home [audio]

Natalie opens the show talking about Purim, how it is such a "high" in Israel, and the mitzvah of giving mishloach manot;

Behind the Mask – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Parallels between the Purim story and today's headlines abound. But who are our current heroes?

Purim Under Restrictions & The Short Comings of the Government – From Jerusalem With...

Orly talks about the risk we are taking in the world while handling the Corona-virus. She amplifies the short coming of Benjamin Netanyahu and the major cover up of the ecological disaster in the Mediterranean Sea.

Are Biden and the Pope setting Iran up for the Final Purim Story?

Rav Nachman Kahana explains what he thinks is happening today and how it is leading us to the final redemption!

A Lottery, A Cow, and a Passover Lamb – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

What in the world is the connection between Purim, the Red Heifer, and Passover. Rav Yitzchak and William discuss this upside down world, and a lesson from Rebbe Nachman of Breslov who connects these three concepts which seem to be unrelated.

It’s Purim! Do you know where your joy is? – News from the Torah...

Join us for a laugh-filled special episode with comediane @OfficiallyJulie as we discuss ways to bring an extra measure of happiness into this year's Purim celebration

Will Our Governments Ever Return Our Rights & Freedoms Back To Us? – The...

Can we believe our governments when it comes to the new experimental mRNA vaccines? Though there are millions of Israelis already who have taken the covid-19 vaccine, there are still millions of other Israelis who have not chosen to get vaccinated.

Covid Trends, Gamestop, Iran, China and a New Alliance in the Middle East –...

India, Egypt, and other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries seem to have a growing lack of faith in US President Joe Biden.

An Assessment Of Our Uncertain Political Future and The Election Debacle – The Walter...

Hear: How Walter views our political parties’ feeble election preparations and their low opinion of the electorate’s intelligence.

Does God Want Us to Pray or to Act? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we discuss the work of Rabbi Teichtel HY"D, Eim HaBanim Semacha, his great grandson who is a Chabad rabbi in Berlin and what this all means for us.

A Teary Merrick Garland Tells Senate How his Family Fled Russian anti-Semitism

Garland will be the third Jewish Attorney General in American history.

Ancient Western Wall Stones Protected by Preservative Injections Ahead of Passover Prayers

“The Western Wall is a unique ecological environment that supports its own life forms.”

Goldstein on Gelt: Is Owning the S&P 500 Enough Diversification?

Does today’s market contain new patterns or does it reflect historical trends?

Autopsy on Whale’s Carcass Raises Suspicion of Death by Oil Pollution

Materials derived from oil pollution were found in the autopsy and were transferred for testing.

Snow in Israel – Anything is Possible Here – Returning Home [audio]

Natalie begins by remarking on the wondrous snowfall that has landed in Israel. Natalie's first guest is Eric Sirkin, Palo Alto to Jerusalem 2010, who talks about lone soldiers in Israel and the Lone Soldier Center

Revere, Rejoice, Remember – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Instead of letting "bygones be bygones," the Torah commands us to remember our eternal arch-enemy, Amalek, and kill him before we, ourselves, are killed! How relevant is this mitzvah today? A pre-Purim head-scratcher!

The New American Administration – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

There are signs that the Biden Administration may undo much of Trump's Middle East attainments

Secrets of the Tabernacle, Ester Horgan’s Megilla, & the Gift of Judean Snow

First, Rabbi Yishai is joined by Rav Mike Feuer to talk about the hidden meaning of the Tabernacle's vestments in the Torah portion of Terumah: from mystical cherubs to the enigmatic shape of the Menorah. Then, Malkah Fleisher joins Yishai to frolic in Judean snow and to speak with Rabbi Tuly Weisz about the new Megilat Ester dedicated to Ester Horgan, murdered three months ago. Finally, Amit Barak on the new Biblical board game "Way of the Patriarchs"!


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