My Orthodox Life

Hi. I'm Tirtza. I'm an Orthodox Jew. Get to know us.. Not through #Netflix.

A Seuda Fit for the King of Birds

This birdcam is located at an Israel Nature and Parks Authority feeding station in Hai-Bar Carmel.

Rabbi Sacks on Anti-Zionism as the New Antisemitism

This video explores the connection between Jews as a people, Judaism as a religion, and Israel as a state. It also shows how this connection is intrinsic to the link between antisemitism and anti-Zionism; something too often overlooked or misunderstood.

A Journey Back to The Destructions of Jerusalem – Tisha B’Av Special

Join us for our walk through the both destructions of Jerusalem in the City of David as we journey back in time to the fateful encounters with both the Babylonians and the Romans.

Jewish Space Laser Corps

With the Jewish Space Laser now exposed, there's a kickstarter campaign for merchandizing it.

Look at All the Tiny Little Turtles!

Once the turtles reach adulthood, their formidable size limits their vulnerability to large marine animals such as sharks.

Watch: Thai Social Media Travel Influencer Stops in Chasidic Crown Heights

The travel influencer shared with her followers the taste of Shabbat food and walked with them to see a Jewish supermarket.

Dennis Prager Interview with Bassem Eid

Watch this fascinating conversation between two men who value truth over everything.

The House of Destruction

In 2019, archeologists excavating in the "Givati Parking Lot" excavation in the City of David - the place where Jerusalem began - announced the discovery of a large structure, dating back some 2,600 years, to the end of the First Temple period of Jerusalem...

LIVE: Swearing-In Ceremony for the New Israeli President Isaac Herzog

Outgoing President Reuven Rivlin and incoming President Isaac Herzog participate in swearing-in ceremony at the Knesset.

Unearthing Roman Dice in the City of David

Want to play an ancient 2,000 year board game?

Antisemites Demand Jews Go Home to Israel

Even the anti-Semites know that Jews belong in Israel!

Watch: Arabs Attack MK Smotrich in Shimon HaTzadik Neighborhood

About 60 Arab squatters in Sheikh Jarrah are slated for eviction, after having exhausted the appeal process in Israeli courts.

The Nachliel Project Encourages Haredi US Jews to Make Aliyah

"Learn about how Americans who made aliyah are making a living in Israel."

Thousands Flock to Queens Cemetery on Lubavitcher Rebbe’s 27th Yahrzeit

Across the globe, people from all walks of life came together on Sunday to mark the 27th anniversary of the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Israeli Children Invite Congressman Jamaal Bowman to Come Visit

Our reader C.J. Glass sent this video to Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) and has yet to receive "anything in return other than an automated message."

Ben Shapiro on the Truth About the Israeli Arab Conflict

From biblical times to today, Ben takes us through time to explore the long history of Israel and explains the many conflicts along the way.

Hamas by Ari Lesser

Ari Lesser's famous "Hamas" rap.

Bernie Sanders Rejoices in Netanyahu’s Downfall

“I will not be mourning the departure of the Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu."

Congratulations, Graduates! Taking On Woke Inc.

Congratulations, graduates! Your days of leftist indoctrination are behind you. Just kidding! The glass tower of the corporate world is fast becoming as woke as the ivory tower of the college world. In PragerU’s 2021 commencement address, Ben Shapiro offers some sage advice for how to stick to your values... no matter where you go.

Do You Think Israel Should Cease to Exist?

If you seek to destroy the one and only Jewish state, you don’t have to hate every Jew to be an anti-Semite.

The Greatest Jewish Speech Ever

Herbert Pagani pleading for our land, in 1976.

Watch: Israel Police Finally Go After Illegal Arab Weapons

Israel Police and the Border Guard on Monday morning began a sweep of illegal weapons in Lod and eastern Jerusalem.

Dear “Human Rights” Watch…

Hila Oz takes down the human rights warriors.

Ben Shapiro on the Latest Anti-Semitic Attacks in the US

As brutal anti-Semitism grows in the US, the Left and the media are looking the other way.

30 Seconds

A conversation between the IDF and a Gazan.

Jews for Lod

Ezri TuBe talks to Jews from all over the country who are in Lod for Shabbat to help strengthen, support and protect the local residents from the Arab pogroms.

Some Happiness in Lod

Hundreds of Jews happily dancing in the streets of Lod.


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