Watch: Efrat Sings Together

Efrat resident Moshe Kesselman organized some of his fellow residents of Efrat to sing Psalm 54 together, while separated by the Coronavirus.

Watch: Israel’s Electric Company Salutes Magen David Adom

The Reading Power Station in Tel Aviv burst with a light show Thursday night in celebration of Magen David Adom.

Watch: Danny Sanderson and the Band in Zoom Performance of ‘Small Country Under Quarantine’

"We got together, everyone in his own home, disinfected the microphones, kept our distance and that's what came out."

Stay Indoors, Stop The Outdoor Minyanim

Rabbi Shimon Freundlich, the Chabad-Lubavitch shaliach to Beijing, China speaks of the dangers of congregating in minyanim due to the rapid spread of the highly contagious Coronavirus. He addresses the issues of assembling outdoor minyanim and said that those are strictly prohibited as well.

Watch: God Has Removed All Our Excuses to Stay in Galut

Watch Rabbi Marc Penner provide the most optimistic and Jewish commentary on the coronavirus infestation. It might just blow your mind.

Watch: Former Terrorist Denounces the Global ‘Occupation’ Industry

Masad contends that the "Occupation" is a business, a way to make money, perpetuated by far-Left organizations and the Palestinian Authority.

What Made the Black Death So Deadly?

The bacterium Yersinia pestis, which results in several forms of plague (septicemic, pneumonic and, the most common, bubonic), is believed to have been the cause.

Never Give Up – Psalm 118

With families stuck together this is the perfect time to pray together. Music and a message from Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel.

Mel Brooks PSA: Stay Away from the Elderly

I could give it to my dad, who would give it to Carl Reiner, who would give it to Dick Van Dyke and a whole generation of comedians would be wiped out."

Watch: Traffic at Ben Gurion International Kept to a Minimum

Brian Schrauger recorded this pastoral scene at Ben Gurion International on a coronavirus Monday

A Coronavirus Wedding in Jerusalem

The guests were spread out on the balconies to comply with the Coronavirus restrictions.

Watch the Tel Aviv Purim Parade with Mayor Meir Dizengoff on his Mare Mehira

The 1933 Adloyada featured a puppet of Adolf Hitler riding a horse with a sign saying "kill Jews" on its neck.

Mayim Bialik’s Abbreviated Megillah

Mayim Bialik, of The Big Bang Theory fame, presents an abbreviated and somewhat hyper version of the Book of Esther story.

AIPAC Conference Attracts Anti-Semitic Disruptors, Including Jewish Ones

On the eve of Purim, the holiday that celebrates our victory over the original anti-Semitic gang, Haman through Vaizata, here is some fresh anti-Semitism, from inside the tribe.

Watch: Terrorists Shoot Fireworks at Jewish Windows on Mount of Olives

"And again, unfortunately, as in previous times, no resident has fired in order to hit the terrorists and no terrorist has been arrested yet."

Watch: Chinese Touched by Mass Jewish Prayer at the Wall for their Health

China's international radio has covered the heartfelt reaction. Enjoy.

MDA Personnel Prepare to Treat Israelis from ‘Corona Ship’ Diamond Princess

"We are working in full coordination and cooperation with the Health and Foreign Ministries, the Airport Authority and the Sheba hospital in Tel Hashomer."

PALLYWOOD: PA TV Reporter Caught Fabricating Altercation with Israeli Soldier on Live TV Broadcast

The officer told the "journalist" to move as he was going to get run over by passing cars. The "journalist" reported that "Palestinians" aren't allowed on the road.

Bezalel Smotrich Challenges Benny Gantz and Angers the Arab MKs

Smotrich told the Arab MKs that in the short time he has been Transportation Minister, he has done more for their constituents than they have done in all their years playing politics.

Watch: Kinneret on the Boardwalk

The rains have raised the Kinneret high enough to splash onto the Tiberias boardwalk - for the first time since 1992.

Shabechi Yerushalyaim with Bibi

Prime Minister Netanyahu also sings....

Shameful: Notorious Tamimi Family Ignores Bewildered IDF Soldier, Gets Arab Cars Past Checkpost

By the time reinforcement had arrived, all the Arabs had driven off to get on with their busy daily schedule.

Balloon Bomb Attacks Continue Despite Reports of Hamas, Islamic Jihad Ceasing Strikes

On Monday, 35 Balloon bombs were sent over to Israel from Gaza. These attacks continued into Tuesday.

Great Fake News: Congress Singing ‘Yemei Melech’ for Trump

The tune probably marked more than anything else the change in the relationship between the new White House and Jewish value


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