Does Israel Occupy the ‘West Bank’?

How many times have you heard that Israel "occupies" the West Bank? But have you ever asked yourself whether that’s true? Or even what it means?

Khomeini and the Rabbi: The Amazing True Story

Rabbi Manis Friedman tells the story about when a Rabbi was sent to Iran to meet Khomeini's hostages in Iran.

Civilians in Flooded Gaza Angry at Hapless Hamas Government

The children walked in the water, which in some places was knee-high.

Regavim Demands IDF, Border Police Be Brought in to Handle Rioting Negev Bedouin

"As we predicted, caving in to violence and to the Raam Party’s blackmail will inevitably lead to increased violence.”

Watch: The Latest on the Negev Tree Planting War

It's time to restore the Zionist vision to its proper place in public policy.

Watch: Tank Fire on Syria

No terrorists were injured in the making of the video.

Mediterranean Waterspout Amazes Residents Off Ashdod Coast

The US National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) describes it as a “whirling column of air and water mist.”

Watch: Waiting for the First Flood of 2022

"Happily, the hikers kept to the rules and followed the marked trails only."

Iran’s Great Prophet Annual Military Drill Targets Dimona

Iran released a video showing ballistic missiles and suicide drone being launched against Israel's Dimona nuclear facility as part of their annual military drill.

Solidarity in the Storm: Images from the Homesh Rally

At the head of the procession was Yehuda's widow Ettia Dimentman.

Free Your Mind from Exile – the Original Kumah ‘Matrix’ Animation Film

Is America a gilded cage? Can Jews break out from the trap of comfort and join the great opportunity to build Israel - the much-awaited Jewish State

Storm Carmel Rages in Israel with Gale Force Winds

Gale force winds caused damage throughout the country.

Bird’s Eye Tour of Israeli National Parks & Nature Reserves

As the latest COVID-19 wave ramps up, Israelis are are seeking alternative vacation venues closer to home.

An Introduction to Asara b’Tevet

The Megalim Institute of the City of David presents an overview of the Babylonian Conquest and the Destruction of the First Temple.

Unorthodoxed | The Berel Solomon Story

Orthodoxed is a documentary about a young Jewish man named Berel Solomon. It chronicles his journey from a drug dealer and prince of the nightclub business to becoming a Lubavitcher chassid.

The Hanukkah Song 2.0 – Nissim Black & Kosha Dillz

A remix of Adam Sandler's iconica Hanukkah Song ft. Nissim Black & Kosha Dillz!

Police Arrest Arab Who Conducted a Wedding on Begin Highway

Im Tirtzu tagged Israel Police in the video, which was viewed 110,000 times on the group's Facebook and Twitter pages, and called on the police to act.

Chanukah and 2 Types of Darkness: How to Turn Darkness into Light?

Chanukah always falls on the darkest time of the year, and not by chance. There are two types of darkness in this world. How to recognize darkness and how it affects us? Tuvi Ezra explains why the battle of Maccabees must be won.

5 Days in May

The Arab pogroms in Lod - Shocking interviews with the Jewish residents of Lod, and even more shocking video footage.

Return of the Juda

Did George Lucas base the Star Wars saga of light vs. darkness and freedom vs. empire on the Judean Revolt against Rome? Or the story of Hannukah?

Drone Flies Over Lake Kinneret Erev Shabbat

The lake is located in the Jordan Rift Valley, which was caused by the separation of the African and Arabian plates in a great earthquake.

Get Your BLINKEN Hands Off of the Land of Israel

At SOVEREIGNTY Rally (Nov 10, 2021) against a US Consulate for "Palestinians" in Jerusalem - the Capital of Israel and the Heart of Judea - Yishai Fleisher delivers a message to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and President Joe Biden.

Arab, Israeli, and Proud

Yoseph Haddad has served in the Israeli Defense Forces. He’s also an Arab. Why would an Arab volunteer to join the Israeli military? If Israel really is an apartheid state, why would Haddad be proud to defend it? He explains.

Candace Owens on the Possible Future of America

Candace Owens asks some very serious questions...

Putin Jokes About the Israeli Army

The Russian president tells a joke about the Israeli army.

Meretz Environment Minister Silent as PA Polluters Spread Lies & Dirt about Israel

At the Glasgow Climate Conference the PA PM falsely accused Israel of polluting the environment - watch the truth.

Warning: Do Not Dive in Shark-Infested Hadera Beach

Shark-infested water may be dangerous to amateur and even professional divers.


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