Bob Alper’s 3 Gentile Jokes

He holds a doctorate from Princeton Theological Seminary – did your Rosh Yeshiva have one of those?

Prince Charles Visits Jerusalem Grave of Grandmother Who Saved Jews

Her remains were buried in the Church of St Mary Magdalene above the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem.

Who’s Afraid of a Driverless Car? Autonomous Vehicle Comes to Bar Ilan University

While serving the campus population, university researchers will explore passengers’ reactions to this innovative mode of transportation.

Sovereignty – Because This Is Our Land

Please also visit the Friends of Sovereignty campaign, and tell your friends.

Dalia for Congress

A female, Muslim, refugee from the Middle East, running for US Congress -- sounds familiar.

WATCH: Israel Air Force Opens New F-35i Stealth Fighter Jet Squadron

The aircraft travels at 1,200 miles per hour, and can take out threats without ever being seen.

WATCH: Israel’s Rafael Unveils Upgraded Lightweight SPIKE SR Weapon System

Designed as a portable, fully disposable munition, the SPIKE SR carries a powerful High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) warhead, joined with a frontal precursor for clearing of Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) tiles.

WATCH: Israel Successfully Upgrades Iron Dome Defense System

Israel has successfully upgraded its Iron Dome defense system a decade after the system was first successfully tested, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) stated...

WATCH: Israel Unveils Futuristic Laser Interception System

The benefits of a laser interception system are the continuous and low-cost use, and improving the effectiveness of the protection systems as a result of using two different and complementary technologies – kinetic air defense such as the Iron Dome system and the laser.

Ami on the Loose: Antisemitism Grows in Brooklyn

What's motivating the recent anti-Semitic attacks in New York? Ami Horowitz found out. Watch and share.

Celebrations in Iraq

In the middle of the night, Iraqis began celebrating in the streets when the news started to come out.

WATCH: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Wishes British Jews ‘Chanukah Sameach’

"Britain would not be Britain without its Jewish community. And we will stand with you and celebrate with you - at Chanukah and all year round."

WATCH: Israeli Prime Minister, US Ambassador Light First Chanukah Candle at Western Wall in...

"The International Criminal Court that should know otherwise, has set forth decrees just as anti-Semitic as the decrees of the Seleucid Greeks... we will not bow our heads."

Israeli Bulldozers Demolish Terrorist’s Home in Issawiya

The Shehab news agency on Tuesday tweeted a video of Israeli bulldozers demolishing the home of Hatem Abu Riala in the neighborhood of Issawiya in eastern Jerusalem.

WATCH: Ranting Residents Blame Jews for Antisemitic Terror in Jersey City

"Four of your people that were dead, right? That's great. If they was dead, they got shot dead. That's great. . . Get the Jews out of Jersey City."

Watch: Shalva Band Performs for President Trump at Israeli American Council National Summit

President Trump was touched by the Shalva Band's performance and outpouring of hugs and love.

Israel’s Shalva Band to Perform for President Donald Trump in Florida

The Shalva Band performed the song 'A Million Dreams' as an interval act at the Second Semi-Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Jews Have Rights in Judea

The new promises of new construction for the Jews of Hebron offered by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.

Stop the Presses: Corbyn Apologized! (Kind of)

Not wishing to be excessively nasty, but I could name several Nuremberg defendants who had an easier time apologizing for their anti-Semitism than Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

WATCH: Israeli Left-Wingers and Anti-Zionist Neturei Karta Exchange Shouts in Ramallah

A PA official attempted to mediate between the two sides and silence them, as a general sense of embarrassment was felt in the room.

Watch: Jeremy Corbyn Refuses Four Times to Apologize for Labour Anti-Semitism

Piers Morgan said on Good Morning Britain the next day that Corbyn "must be anti-Semitic."

Israel Slandered for Deporting Omar Shakir

It's what democracies do to protect themselves against their enemies.

Watch: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Attack on Facebook

He said Facebook would have let Hitler buy ads for his "final solution to the Jewish problem."

Satmar in Meron

The Satmar Rebbe, enjoying his visit to Israel, dances with his Chassidim in Meron.

Super Trump

The Jerusalem Boys Choir sings "SuperTrump".

WATCH: Israel’s Border Guard Police Tactical Brigade Act to Prevent Infiltration Along Southern Coast

The tactical team is equipped with advanced technology and well prepared for any scenario.


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