Jeremy Gimpel vs. Rabbi Manis Friedman

Jeremy Gimpel and Rabbi Manis Friedman discuss truth, Galus, Geulah and who the ultimate Jews should be in this world - Torat Eretz Yisrael vs. Torah Chutz L'Aretz.

Netanyahu at the Conference of Presidents

Netanyahu spoke at the Conference of Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations on Feb. 18, 2024.

Watch: Pro-Israel US Ad Campaign Ahead of the Super Bowl

The ads have already received approximately 10 million exposures in its initial days.

Home from Malawi

An acapella group from Malawi in Africa sang a song for the Israeli hostages.

Full Movie: Journey of Hope – Retracing the Kindertransport after 85 Years

"If you don’t know the past you can’t make the future any better."

Douglas Murray Interviews Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sits down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with Douglas Murray on TalkTV to reveal that Israel will go it alone, if needs be, in order to secure its future.

Northern Drill

Reservists in the paratroopers 226th brigade train up north for war with Hezbollah.

‘Give Me Strength’ – A Song for Wartime Israel by Yaakov Shwekey

"'Give me strength' is not a song, but a prayer for the speedy safe return of Uri Ben Einav Efrat Danino, together with all our brothers and sisters who are captives in Gaza."


Don't mess with the Jews.

Marking 100 Days Since Oct. 7: Prayer for the Israel Defense Forces

Israeli War Cabinet Minster Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, Cantor Netanel Hershtik and the Maccabeats join in the musical prayer for the IDF.

Jonathan Pollard on the Houthis

Jonathan Pollard and Rabbi David Bar-Hayim discuss the Houthis and what Israel should do, and why the Americans and coalition aren't doing much yet.

The Gospel According to Berkeley

An Eretz Nehederet skit on on the Woke.

WATCH: Oketz K-9 Explores Underground Tunnels, ‘Issa’ Hamas Base

The multi-level structure served as an underground post with floors used for storage, hideouts, command and control, and movement of operatives.

Watch: IDF Bombs 56 Buildings in Shuja’iyya

So may all Your enemies perish, O God (Judges 5:31).

Yoseph Haddad Shows Why ‘There is No One Like the People of Israel’

Yes, we have come to the point that even a video filmed on a cell phone in a bomb shelter during a barrage of rocket fire from Gaza can be a day brightener.

Joe Biden Lies About Jewish Settlers

I'm not sure whether this video will reach him, but it's crucial to understand that this message is equally directed at us!

Aisha the K9 Warrior Video Upsets Muslims on Account of Muhammad’s Wife by Same...

Aisha bint Abi Bakr, a.k.a. "Mother of the Believers," was the prophet Muhammad's third and youngest wife. According to most sources, Aisha was 6...

Enjoy: IDF Soldier Says Shema Israel over Jenin Mosque PA System

He shared with the faithful a joyous recitation of the Shema Israel.

Festival of Olives

Every talks about the light, but what about the olives?

The UNRWA Terror Education System

UNRWA has created a terrorism education system. Watch...

Douglas Murray Calls Norman Finkelstein a Holocaust Denier

Douglas labels Norman a ‘psychopath' and 'sociopath’ for his take on the conflict and for calling Gaza a 'concentration camp' amongst other claims made by the controversial Jewish author. Douglas also attacks Norman for being a 'holocaust denier' and believes he should be ashamed of the words he used in his interview.

Mitzvah Tank!

There is literally a Chabad Mitzvah Tank in Gaza.

Watch: Ehud Barak Destroys IDF Claims of Hamas Headquarters under Shifa Hospital

We could say that you’re beneath contempt, but we don’t wish to insult all the people who are beneath contempt.

Watch an IDF Soldier Avenge October 7: ‘Today We Retaliate’

"Hamas terrorists invaded Israeli territory and murdered many that were close to my heart. Today we retaliate, blowing up their homes."

Gaza Envelope Children’s Updated ‘Friendship’ Song Deleted by State TV

On Sunday, they posted an updated version of Gouri’s masterpiece, sung by children ages 6 to 12, all of whom have been evacuated from the Gaza envelope settlements.

My Secret Identity

Israelis are all superheroes.

Zvi Yehezkeli’s Message to Gaza

Israeli reporter Zvi Yehezkeli has a message to the citizens of Gaza and Hamas.


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