Watch: David Stern Describes the Terror Attack He Survived in Huwara

I noticed the terrorist was hiding one arm suspiciously, I reached for my pistol, the terrorist turned...

Dershowitz vs. Kontorovitch on Judicial Reform: A Surprising Agreement, Not a Debate

Dershowitz warns that these reforms might make Israel into a more democratic country like Canada, New Zealand, or Australia.

How to Fight and Survive in a Bad Economy

Berel Solomon talks about surviving the downturn.

Gadi Taub Unplugged

David Woo talks with Gadi Taub about the state of Israeli society and judicial reform.

Esther: The Moses of Her Time

There are many interesting parallels and differences between Esther and Moshe.

Ish Yemini

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir listen to Megillah together at a Border Police base.

Sara Under Siege – Prime Minister’s Wife Rescued from Anarchist Mob in Tel Aviv

Thousands of protesters showed up when they learned that Sara Netanyahu was in a local salon.

The Month of Adar and Joy

Rabbi Manis Friedman talks about the month of Adar and Simcha.

Watch – Knesset Judicial Reform Bills Pass First Vote

Watch the Knesset debates and first vote on the Judicial Reform proposal.

Strengthening Israeli Democracy Through Judicial Reform

A short explanation on how the judicial reforms in progress will address the anomalies of the Israeli system and bring Israel closer to the rest of the Western democracies.

Watch: IDF, United Hatzalah, Rescue 7-Year-Old Girl from the Rubble in Kharmanmaras, Turkey

United Hatzalah physicians Keren Moss and Itai Basel treated the girl while she was still trapped under the rubble.

Watch: Heavy Rains Revive Israel’s River Falls – And They’re Gushing!

We just received from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority two amazing videos.

Watch: Bedouins Who Serve in the IDF Want to Belong

The Bedouins’ military service should not be taken for granted.

Watch: Netanyahu Explains Judicial Reform

PM Netanyahu explains judicial reform on Fox News.

Watch: Demolition of Illegal Homes in Jerusalem Continues on Wednesday

“Governing is the order of the day, and homes will be built only according to the law in eastern Jerusalem, too."

Do You Want to Expel the Jews?

Corey Gil-Shuster takes The Ask Project and asks PA Arabs if they want to expel the Jews.

Israel’s Judicial Tyranny

Mark Levin and Professor Eugene Kontorovich discuss Israel's judicial reform.

Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils POINT BLANK Hand-Launched Guided Missile

POINT BLANK allows tactical units to attack targets in real-time with great precision and high lethality, without the need for support.

Smotrich ‘Disappointed’ by Justice Hayut’s ‘Embarrassing’ Arguments

I recommend that you sit through his obligatory niceties at the beginning, and hear his sharp cuts.

Watch: Journey From the City of David to the Temple Mount

Join Oriya and Doron as they share the wonders of ancient Jerusalem in this tour of the City of David and the foundation stones of the Temple Mount.

Ben Gvir and Bedouin Father of 8 Agree Police Must End Violent Chaos in...

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir was on a two-day visit to the south he planned to continue “until two hours before Shabbat.” On...

Wounded Parakeet Brings Comfort to Recuperating IDF Soldier

Shuri nearly lost his life in battle, and close to a decade later, he’s still recuperating from the emotional trauma.

Russia Deploys 300 Chechen Special Force Fighters to War Zone

The video could pass for a Hamas clip, if not for the snow.

An Introduction to Asara b’Tevet

The Megalim Institute of the City of David presents an overview of the Babylonian Conquest and the Destruction of the First Temple.

Watch: Keeping the Kinneret Always Topped Off

No more worrying about the (Sea of Galilee) Kinneret's water level dropping below the red line in drought years or from overpumping.

Netanyahu Gives Jordan Peterson a History Lesson He Won’t Soon Forget

Dr Jordan B Peterson and Israel Prime Minister-Elect Benjamin Netanyahu discuss the history of Israel, its status as an embattled nation, the importance of the struggle for statehood, why and how the PM came back from political demise, and his vision for the future.

Elton Johnukah – Six13

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, hello #Chanukah!

The Hidden Story of Chanukah

Rabbi Lord Sacks discuss the hidden story of Chanukah.


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