Avreimel Fried Spends Quality Time with Haredi Troops Ahead of Yom Kippur

Hundreds of Haredi soldiers heard words of encouragement and sang along with the great Avreimel Fried.

Uman Is Dancing Erev Rosh Hashanah

For all we know, these folks may still be dancing.

Confused Motorist Rams through 5 Protesters Blocking Ayalon Highway Injuring 1

The rioters went down to Ayalon Road, where there was continuous vehicle traffic at the time.

The Pool of Siloam

Zeev Orenstein talks about the Pool of Siloam.

Im Tirtzu Interview: Douglas Altabef and Dr. Gadi Taub

Im Tirtzu Board Chairman Doug Altabef interviews Dr. Gadi Taub on the current demonstrations and what they really represent.

Watch: Shaming the Anarchist

Rosilio operates thousands of anarchists to whom she WhatsApps real-time reports on the locations of coalition ministers and MKs.

Watch: Anarchists Mock Father Who Begs Them to Let his Baby Sleep

What could the man do? Scuffle? Didn’t I tell you he was a Brit?

Thousands Recite First Selichot at the Western Wall

Selichot are communal prayers for Divine forgiveness that are recited during the Hebrew month of Elul, the High Holiday season and on Jewish fast days.

Watch: Bus Driver Brutally Pushes Haredi Passenger to the Curb

It makes you wonder how many pogroms could have been prevented if people in 1930s Europe had smartphones.

Don’t Feed the Animals

MK Tzvi Sukkot decided to go to Tel Aviv on Thursday to open a dialogue with the anarchists.

United Hatzalah’s Eli Beer and The Sizzling Schnitzel

Remember: Never leave a child alone in a car, not even for a second.

Watch: Haredi Soldier’s Recruitment Pitch

The unit was set ups to allow Haredi Jewish men to serve as combat soldiers in the proper atmosphere required by their religious upbringing.

Anarchist Women Crash International Tefillin Day in Tel Aviv

Did any of the male readers ever get the urge to crash a women’s event? I didn’t think so.

Journey Back in Time to the City of David

This spectacular tour takes you through the archeological discoveries from King David’s palace to the underground tunnels deep beneath the city, and more.

Rabbi Manis Friedman on Tisha B’Av

What is Tisha b'Av? What are we mourning? 

Crying for the Temple

What are we really crying about?

WATCH: Hilltop Youth Thank Recalcitrant Reservists for Their Cast-Off IDF Boots

The hilltop youth thanked the anarchist reservists for the equipment, saying they will put the work shoes to good use, herding sheep in the hills and farms in Judea and Samaria.

Land of the Never-Ending Protests: Wolt Couriers Paralyze Dizengoff Circle

The new contract allegedly states that the courier will not be notified of the specific parameters affecting his pay.

Israel: Who Are the Indigenous People?

The Land of Israel has changed hands many times over the centuries. But it has always been the homeland of one particular people, as Noa Tishby explains.

Kiddush Hashem: Jewish Man Saves Social Influencer from Fake Suicide in France

The video-maker wanted to see how people reacted and responded to his fake attempt at suicide in public.

How Is 17 Tammuz Relevant Today

Is the 17th of Tammuz just the Israelites’ bad luck day, or is there a common theme that runs throughout the events of this day?

When the Children of Nazis Visit Judea

Ari Abramowitz tells us about a group of Germans, the children and grandchildren of Nazis, that visit the Arugot farm in Judea every year to help build it up.

A Soldier’s Prayer

Before heading out to battle today in Jenin, the IDF soldiers prayed for victory and safety.

Watch: Leftwing MKs Rage Against Yair Lapid, Because That’s Just What They Do

The more Rothman read from the statement critical of the Supreme Court, the more the Leftwing MK screamed and yelled.

Quietly Stroll the Old City of Jerusalem with a ‘Relaxing Walker’

This virtual stroll brings the beauty of ancient Jerusalem right to your home screen.

This, Folks, Is What Selective Enforcement in the Liberated Territories Looks Like

The illegal Arab structure didn’t bother the Civil Administration at all, until Jews moved in.

Watch: The Most-Loved Israeli Politician in New York

Simcha Rothman is very popular among the Zionist Jews in New York


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