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Crossing the Lines to Samaria

From Tel Aviv to a guest house in the Shomron.

Andrew Klavan’s One-State Solution

Andrew Klavan proposes the one-state solution.

General Winter (not Ofer) on the Attack Across Israel with Snow, Rain and Thunderstorms

The snow up on Mt. Hermon has been piling up to reach 22 inches on the lower level.

Watch Israeli SWAT Takes Over a Bus

The YAMAM unit practicing taking over a captured bus.

Starlings Dance in Southern Israel

The massive flock of beautiful starlings arrived this week for their annual winter vacation in southern Israel.

Israel Air Force Pilots Fly High at Graduation Day Ceremonies

Professional Israeli fighter pilots put on a show this week for the graduating fighter pilots at Hatzerim Air Base in southern Israel.

Winter Returns: National Parks Closed by Floods

Incidentally, the Yarkon National Park Tel Afek has been reopened since we started uploading these videos, which suggests another feature of Israeli winters: they're very short.

Rabbi, Tonight is Nittel Nacht, How are You Learning Torah?

Rabbi Chaim Mintz answers a question about learning Torah on Nittel Nacht.

Mahmoud Abbas Contradicts his Own Refugee Narrative

Abbas forgot which lie he should tell, and accidentally spoke some truth.

Netanyahu ‘Refuels’ on Coffee with IDF Soldiers at Lebanese Border

"Who made this coffee?" Netanyahu asked after drinking a cup with the troops.

Security Camera Coverage of the Attack at Ofra Junction

Seven Israelis were hit in a shooting attack at the Ofra junction in the Binyamin region around 9:25 PM Sunday.

Deputy Minister Michael Oren Visits Efrat’s Eitam Hill and Gush Etzion

Deputy Minister Oren was impressed with the Jewish pioneers that are building up a barren hillside in memory of Ari Fuld.

Netanyahu’s New Chanukah Video

Netanyahu's Chanukah video is about how much he has improved life in Israel, defended Israel, developed Israel... while making fun of the police investigations.

Oketz: A Glimpse Inside the IDF’s Canine Unit

A look inside training with the IDF's Combat K-9 Unit.

Bohemian Chanukah

Six13's newest Chanukah song.

The BANNED Airbnb Song

Facebook banned their Airbnb video... here it is... please share...

Watch BDS Activists Not Deal Well with the Facts

The anti-Israel activists in London find themselves unable to answer some simple questions.

Hospitalized MK Attached to IV Goes to Knesset for Vote

MK Sharren Haskel went to the Knesset to vote with the IV in her arm.

The Future of Amerika

The latest from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


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