A Stevie Wonder Chanukah

A Stevie Wonder Chanukkah mash-up with Shir Soul Music.

Watch the LOTAR Counterterrorism Unit’s Cool Training Scenarios

The LOTAR counterterrorist school shows off their skills in different training scenarios.

Israel’s Legal Founding

Alan Dershowitz and PragerU discuss Israel's legitimate right to exist under international law.

Mike Pompeo on the Golan Heights

Pompeo spoke about his early days as an army cadet when he learned about the famous battles on the Golan Heights between Israel and Syria.

Mike Pompeo Arriving in Israel On Board Air Force Two (Or Is It Air...

Israeli media folks were immediately engaged in a hot debate over the Secretary of State was flying on board Air Force One or Air Force Two.

Attacked by PA Website, Emirati Airline Deletes Ad Depicting Jerusalem’s Second Temple

"Muslims and Arabs reject the Jewish claim, and assert that Al-Aqsa Mosque is a holy place for Muslims only," according to Al-Quds.

Tuesday Night Live in Hebron

Ten years ago, Ari and Jeremy spoke about Hebron on Tuesday Night Live. A perfect video for Parshat Chayei Sarah.

WATCH: Debunking Ilhan Omar’s Lies on Israel

Ilhan Omar lied and claimed Israel ethnically cleansed an Arab village. She lied....

Understanding the Amida: Rebuilding Jerusalem

A new video series that explains the Amida prayer in detail. This video discusses "Boneh Yerushalayim"

WATCH: Arabs and Jews Join Together and Say ‘Vote for Trump’

Muhammad Masaed, a former Arab terrorist, and Yossi Dagan, the Jewish Mayor of Samaria, join together and call for Americans to vote for President Trump in the upcoming elections - as Trump has been good for the Arabs and good for the Jews.

Ben Shapiro: Why No One should Vote for Joe Biden

Ben Shapiro delves into Biden's (extremely long) political career and explain why he should never become president of the United States.

You Shall Love (Official Music Video)

In moments of yearning, praise, gratitude and worship, new expressions from my heart came into the world.

Ami Horowitz’s ‘Gotcha’ Interviews Expose Dangers of IfNotNow

Human-rights investigative journalist Edwin Black calls it one of the most “insidious Jewish organizations” out there, attacking Jewish communal structures from within.

Watch the Final Presidential Debate

Both candidates made assertions that were inaccurate, taken out of context, or outright untrue. Just like in any normal presidential debate.

Tom Nisani’s Message to the Emirates from the Temple Mount

Speaking in Arabic, Nisani called on the Emiratis to help expel the Waqf from the Temple Mount.

Proof Positive Anti-Semitism Is Dangerous

Michael Doran is an American analyst of the international politics of the Middle East and a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute. But his...

Help From the Boss

President Trump says, "You still need help from the Boss!"

The Judean Roundtable

The Judean Roundtable, A production of grassroots Zionists in honor of Ari Fuld z"l.

Community in Shock over Images from Police Raid on Illegal Wedding in Givat Ze’ev

The groom's attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir issued a statement saying "the police is not behaving even as they did at Hamas weddings in eastern Jerusalem."

Arab Arrested for Exercising on Mt. Olive Jewish Graves

"The suspect was arrested after several quick police inquiries which led to his identification."

New Video Rebuts Smear that US-Israel Police Exchanges Lead to Death of American Blacks

The Investigative Project on Terrorism’s two-part film disproves the “anti-Semitic, intersectional” narrative about the Israel Police force, promoted by groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace.

Watch: The Torah Stroller for Simchat Torah

With distancing restrictions in place, two Jews came up with a solution for dancing with the Sefer Torah on Simchat Torah.

New Live Camera Captures Pelicans in Israel’s Lake Hula En Route to Africa

At the beginning of the migration season, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority installed live cameras in the Hula Nature Reserve north of Lake Kinneret.

A Sukkah Dwells in the Shadow of World’s Tallest Skyscraper in Dubai

The sukkah was presented by Rabbi Levi Duchman, the rabbi of the local Jewish community in Dubai.

WATCH: Hiding In Plain Sight: Hezbollah’s Beirut Missile Manufacturing Site

Turns out you need more than one hour to evacuate a Precision Guided Missile (PGM) manufacturing site, so Hezbollah hoped the reporters just wouldn't notice. Well... we did.

In First, Israeli and Emirati Singers Release Duet

“Hello, friend,” featuring Israel’s Elkana Martziano and the UAE’s Walid Aljassim conveys a message of peace between the two countries.


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