Watch the Ofek-16 Satellite Launch into Space

At 4:00 AM an Israeli made Shavit rocket launched the Ofek-16 spy satellite into space.

Launch: MDA Ambulance-Bus Operation Lifts, Delivers 10 Coronavirus Patients

Friday's evacuation to the hospital saved ten ambulances which would have been needed to perform these tasks.

Too Much? Watch Evangelical Leader Comparing Netanyahu & Trump to Biblical Heroes

“Over the last four years we have seen some of the most historical events happen in our lifetime."

Being Alt. PM Can Be an Exercise in Humiliation

On Sunday morning he was brushed aside by his coalition partner, PM Netanyahu who apparently lost vision on the right side of his face.

Halitza in Tehran

Rare footage of a Halitza ceremony in Tehran's Jewish community.

Mother & 3 Children Missed by Skidding Car in Williamsburg

A mother and her three children missed being hit by just a few seconds.

WATCH: Undercover Reporter Poses Questions to ‘Palestinians’ on Sovereignty, Citizenship

Q: "If elections were held today between Bibi and Abu Mazen, who would win?" A: "Bibi"

Herd of Eretz Israel Gazelles at Midreshet Ben-Gurion

These gazelles can reach running speeds of up to 50 mph.

And Now for Something Completely Different: Meet the Hilltop Girls

It's up to them to sacrifice in order to demonstrate a Jewish presence in the territories where Israel would one day apply its sovereignty.

Watch: Israel Foils Hamas Attempt to Smuggle Weapons via Northern Sinai, Mediterranean Sea

This is not the first attempt by Hamas to smuggle weapons from Sinai into Gaza via the Mediterranean Sea.

The Day the Cops Didn’t Show

Where and when in New York City was it shot, and what happened just before?

Ami Horowitz: All Stats Matter

Ami Horowitz went to a New York protest to give them the good news! There is no evidence that police target black people! SPOILER ALERT....It didn't go well.

American Jewry – How Do I Know I Love You

It’s time that we who are privileged to live in Eretz Yisrael make it clear to you and to ourselves what it means to be responsible for your well being outside the land.

WATCH: Israel’s LORA Ballistic Missile Hits a Small Mid-Sea Target

LORA is a sea-to-ground and ground-to-ground system which includes a long-range ballistic missile, a unique launcher, a command and control system, and ground or marine support system.

Wild Asses Saved by Israel Nature and Parks Authority

The wild asses arrived a week ago in the area of the Tze'elim estuary, and were loitering on Highway 90, posing danger to themselves and to the motorists driving by.

Shavuot: The Scandalous Backstory of Ruth & Boaz

Learn the Book of Ruth like you never have before and discover why it's read on Shavuot.


Watch this powerful musical clip and you will never again feel indifferent to the story of Jerusalem.

Watch: Oldest Israeli Volunteer EMT Celebrates His 80th Birthday

Eli Mizrachi will turn 80 this week and is the oldest, active volunteer EMT, first responder in United Hatzalah, and perhaps in Israel.

Infestation of Sick and Dead Krill on Eilat’s Northern Beach

Krill are considered an important trophic level connection – near the bottom of the food chain. They feed on phytoplankton and zooplankton, yet also are the main source of food for many larger animals.

The Beauty of Binyamin

Gedaliah Blum visits the beautiful region of Binyamin and talks about its past, present and future.

Lubavitch Fundraiser Celebrates Pesach Sheni after Recovering from Coronavirus

His wife showed up at his bedside after his recovery, her face covered with a mask, he asked her when was Pesach, and she said, Two weeks ago.

Watch: Happy Dolphins Frolicking off Israel’s Shore

The band of aquatic mammals was happily playing in the waves.

Convoy Headed to Jerusalem to Protest High Court’s Judicial Dictatorship

The demonstrators insisted that this was merely the latest action in a long history of undemocratic and biased political activism by the court.


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