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A Brave Muslim Woman

Sara Zoabi, a pro-Israel advocate, was abused again this past Election Day, while on her way to vote. It wasn't the first time.

The State of Israel イスラエル国 Anime Intro

So, without further ado, the State of Israel Anime Intro.

The Ultimate Givers of Yitzhar

Over the past five years, ten Yitzhar residents donated their kidneys, and they did it to save perfect strangers.

A Dream Project Commemorates Two Loving Souls Cut Down in their Prime

More than two decades before Ari was killed, his close friend, Yehoshua Friedberg, an Israeli soldier, was kidnapped and killed by Palestinian terrorists on Purim 1993.

Gaza Cat Smuggled to Israel for Emergency Surgery after Car Accident

The clandestine rescue effort was initiated by animal lovers on both sides of the border fence.

Muslim Woman Poking Fun at Notion of Israeli Apartheid

“We live in paradise. Compared to other countries, to Arab countries – we live in paradise.”

Gaza Border Israeli Children Sing in Protest of Terror Threat

The clip is part of the Israeli Victory Project Campaign, which argues that Israel should move away from policies of appeasement toward Palestinian terror, and act to decisively defeat the terror organizations.

Watch: Security Forces Stop Arab Takeover of Jewish Land in Gush Etzion

To date, only about 30% of Judea and Samaria lands have been registered and regulated. This reality is fertile ground for fakery, illegal construction and land grabbing.

Why Israeli Jews Mistrust Arabs: The Hebron Massacre

That pogrom took place 90 years ago, but many Israelis are convinced to this day that nothing has really changed.

Bill Maher Shreds BDS

Bill Maher gives a rundown on BDS.

Jeremy Gimpel’s Newest Music Video & Personal interview

Jeremy Gimpel shares what drove him to make an inspiring album of music and prayer.

Hitchhiking, Labels and Religious Fundamentalism

Yonason Goldson talks religious fundamentalism and labels at a TEDx conference.

Watch: Capturing Dvir Sorek’s Killers

Dvir's father thanked the security forces, though expressed his regret that they hadn't killed the terrorists in the process of capturing them.

The Real Apartheid in Hebron

As you can see in the video, Amro is allowed to defame Israel in the middle of a Jewish street in Hebron.

El Bnei on Har HaBayit

A group of Jews went up to Har HaBayit today, during the 9 Days, and spontaneously broke out in song.

Temple Institute Video Urges Jews to Wake Up and Smell the Incense

The video is the seventh in a series which began with "The Children are Ready," which received more than a million views.

Watch: Hatchling Turtle Trapped in Car Tracks on Way to Sea

Israel bans driving cars on the beach. The vehicles leave behind sockets and grooves in the sand which are obstacles to little turtles.

Watch: JLo at the Wall

Jennifer Lopez prayed at the Kotel on Friday.

Why Is the UN Biased Against Israel?

That this UN resolution is anti-Semitic goes without saying, but it is also an assault against oppressed women in Arab countries.

WATCH: Jewish-Japanese Boy’s Captivating Life Story Peaks with Win at Wrestling Champion

Noah Leibowitz, a 12 year-year-old Jewish boy who lives in Japan, won the All Japan Wrestling Championship (60 KG, Age 12) on Sunday.

Why You Should Join the IDF

Jeremy Gimpel tells us why you should join the IDF.

Liberman Posts Hate Video Calling on Haredim to Enlist – Featuring IDF Veteran

There's nothing quite like featuring the photo of exactly the wrong Rabbi in your hate campaign.

Save Lives in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Border

When these brave civilians run towards the danger, the least we can do is ensure that they are equipped with the best life-saving gear in the world.

‘Terror Didn’t Break Me’ – The Inspirational Story of Asael Shabo

"We respect each other more, we get into fights less. We Understand that we have to use the time to love each other and give each other. To appreciate what remained."

200 Immigrants Arrive in Israel, Kicking Off ‘Aliyah Season’

Isaac Herzog, Chairman of The Jewish Agency, welcomed the new immigrants “in the name of the Jewish people the world over.”

Ragavim Video Warns of Rocket Fire from ‘Palestine’ on Northern Israel

The is the first in a series of videos that simulate how rocket attacks from different places in the "State of Palestine" will affect communities throughout Israel.

To Start Your Day: Modeh Ani

How did the prophets of Israel start their mornings and begin their days?

HBO Releases Trailer of ‘Our Boys’ on the Kidnappings that Preceded the 2014 Gaza...

Filmed in Israel, "Our Boys" is based on the true events which led to the outbreak of war in Gaza.


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