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September 18, 2014 / 23 Elul, 5774
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Apology for Monday’s Op-Ed


Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The Jewish Press apologizes to its readers for the unfortunate op-ed article, along with its incendiary and insulting headline, regarding the Atzeres Tefilla in New York on Sunday against the drafting of yeshiva students in Israel that appeared on the Jewish Press website early Monday.

The Jewish Press website is based in Israel in order to cover breaking news from the Middle East on a 24/6 basis. The article in question was posted without authorization and approval of The Jewish Press newspaper, and the individual who wrote and posted the article on the website has been fired.

Needless to say, the sentiments expressed in the article and headline do not represent those of The Jewish Press, its officers, editors, and staff. The article was deleted from the website as soon as it was brought to the attention of the publishers and editors of the newspaper.

Jerry Greenwald, Naomi Mauer

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145 Responses to “Apology for Monday’s Op-Ed”

  1. Why would you take down that article and fire the author when all he did was represent the views of your non charedi readership who serve – and whose children serve – their country. Proudly. We will not give in to violence and intimidation nor be mislead by lies and propaganda.
    I know so many people who until now have had positive views on many aspects of the charedi world. They are so angry right now. Just today I heard a story about an 11 year old boy in a traditional home who after seeing the demonstration in Jerusalem last week told his grandmother that he does not want to have a bar mitzvah!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    There's no need to fire someone for posting his opinion. Better to put a moderation system in place whereby you view each article before posting, regardless of the time lag. Yonatan Gordon

  3. Jonathan Weber says:

    How very very unfortunate. The Haredi world needs to realize it can't speak Lashon Hara, it has to set examples for behavior (not like in Beit Shemesh or with Rabbi Pinto, or the previous Chief Rabbi). They also have to realize the secular population in Israel can no longer afford to support so many who don't work, and who criticize the IDF for saving their lives. If the Maccabees took the Haredi attitude toward fighting, Judaism would have died with their rebellion. Almost all of our great sages worked for a living AND studied Torah. I deeply worry that the chasm that is developing between the Haredim and the Dati will destroy Israel as it did the 1st and 2nd Temples.

  4. What Op-ed? Anyone have a copy?

  5. Josh Backon says:

    Too bad they didn’t fire half the staff when we (15 of us) in 1979 and 1982 wrote and published the parody NOT THE JEWISH PRESS. Ever since two friends of mine wrote (1979 and 1982) the *NOT* THE JEWISH PRESS, I can’t read the real thing with a straight face. BTW a few of the adverts came from yours truly :-) (Our Lady of Perpetual Nachas of Atlantic City; Magda’s Mikva Lady School). Where else can you read classics like: a course in TVILA B’TZIBUR held at the Boat Basin ?; A 30
    minute course by Rabbi Soloveitchik on “The thought of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin(g). In-depth analysis of Rabbi Riskin(g)’s magnum opus BAAL HATSHUVA. Kantian ethics and the categorical interrogative. Premarital textual intercourse in the covenantal community ?; an advert for Rubik’s Tfillin; a new volume from Artscroll called ASHER YATZAR with a Shabbos tear-away edition only costing $4.95 ?; an advert “FDR NEEDS YOUR HELP”
    with the address being Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 455 Moshe Feinstein Drive, NY NY ? ; an advert for Yeshivat CHOR HAKOTEL, the hole in the wall yeshiva ?; the column MEET OUR *K’TANIM*; the classified section ads like “Chumash teacher neede, P/T Beis Yaacov Yeshiva, must skip dirty parts”, “Father seeks yng man, preferable in medical profession for adorable 48
    yr old daughter. Slight acne and arthritis condition. Call”; the recipe section: Lokshen Kugel in 31 flavors; the Social Register: “Congratulations to Heather O”Connell and Tony Binnelli on their engagement. (NOT THE JEWISH PRESS is not responsible for the kashrut of its advertisers).

  6. I find it much more "unfortunate", "insulting", and offensive that The Jewish Press has fired someone for writing an excellent, truthful, gutsy, on-the-mark op-ed piece. Shame on you.

  7. what was the op-ed?

  8. I find it much more “unfortunate”, “insulting”, and offensive that The Jewish Press has fired someone for writing an excellent, truthful, gutsy, on-the-mark op-ed piece. Shame on you.

  9. I guess free speech has no place with the Jewish Press – disgusting!

  10. Why FIRED? that seems harsh – why is it that some sides of a story can only dish out criticism and opinions and can’t handle the other side expressing themselves. Disappointing.

  11. Josh Backon says:

    More NOT THE JEWISH PRESS: Then there’s their advert for the prefabricated SHTEEBLE:
    “Ever been caught downtown at Mincha time withhout a place to daaven ? Then the prefabricated Shteeble is for you ! Although about the size of a pack of cigarettes, it inflates into a full-size
    shul. Model #407 includes: (picture shown)
    * 3 cracked windows
    * 6 siddurim with no covers
    * 2 1953 Shatnez Laboratory calendars
    * a full scale door that won’t slam shut
    * 9 battery operated figures
    Available at all SHTEEBLE SHACK Stores

    Then there’s their FRUMWAY advert:
    “Would you like to make a million dollars a year ?
    (picture of pyramid with top guy as MACHER, guy below him as sub-macher, below him the toomlers, below them the shleppers, below them the nuch-shleppers.

    The advert for the Broadway show:
    The Empire Chicken Strikes Back
    Starring Irving Q. Vader


    B’klyn man, mid. agd, obnx, fat slb. n. money, n. job, sks wmn with same
    sense of humor.

    Male, YU grad, married twice, looking for marriage minded traditional woman to dress him in the morning and chew his food for him. No freaks or weirdos need apply.

    Chaparone service for Ortho singles. Avoid Yichud but enjoy privacy. Jewish Guild for the Blind, Box 23, NJP


    SUMMER CAMP: Poconos, sleepaway, co-ed, needs counselors M/F, arts/crafts, waterfront, also short order cooks and genetic counselors. Camp Farina,
    Box 987, c/o NJP.

  12. Ch Hoffman says:

    they oppose the draft because they don't want their 19 year old men to see the degree to which they've been kept in the dark

  13. You fired Yori for that op-ed? That’s terrible! While the op-ed may have had a controversial headline, I think many of your readers, myself included, agreed with the contents. In fact, I found a cached copy on Google and most of the comments were supportive of the article. That rally was a terrible chilul Hashem and based in lies. Yori always puts out interesting content and it would be a shame to see him fired. Please reconsider, and perhaps even re-post the op-ed, just with a less controversial headline!

  14. It’s an outrage, I tell you. Yesterday’s very public outcry should never have happened. Daven in your shul, say Tehillim with a group…but to gather and to bring attention to the internal strife we are facing, as a Jewish nation. Have we not earned anything at all from the past 70 years? The outside world cares nothing about the size of your kippah, or lack thereof. .where you buy your chalav akum/yisrael/stam or how you set your Shabbos table.. etc. We are viewed as a teeming mass of Judaism, curious but unapproachable at best and hazardous and to be feared… at worst. We do not need to bring further angst upon ourselves. Do mitzvot, help your impoverished neighbor, drive a senior citizen to the store, give back..and make the world a better place. Mi kiAmcha Yisrael? What’s going on here?

  15. I enjoyed the article and I do not think the author should have been fired at all. Sad.

  16. Interesting article. Tried to share it on my FB page, but now it is gone. His articles are the most interesting of anything you publish.

  17. I agree. I don’t see why all should not serve. Shared bourdon means everyone.

  18. Samuel Ramos says:

    I agree with Moshe Z. Matitya's comment! What happened to freedom of expression?

  19. He summarized the protest in one headline, that is talent.

  20. Sharon Lax says:

    When one writes the truth, one should not be fired. Rather applauded. Shame on the JP for yielding to pressure

  21. Dan Silagi says:

    Yanover is absolutely correct. You can take your "apology" and shove it.

  22. We should not incite one another against one another.

  23. In order for the Jewish Press to remain competitive against Hamodia and Yated it had to take the side of the demonstrators. Soon photos of women will have to go as well. Yanover’s oped was harsh and should have been vetted by the editors first. But I hope the Jewish Press stays true to itself

  24. David Blatt says:

    Very disappointed in you for doing this. This was the one time I agreed with Yanover.

  25. I greatly enjoy Yanover's writing and am sorry to see him go. If you have a problem with the hareidim, it's nothing like the problem that they have with themselves. The insane statement of one group that they would leave the country is ridiculous. Aside from those who have foreign passports, what goyishe country would take them? And if a country did take them, wouldn't they have to work? You won't get a better writer when you try to replace Yanover. Maybe the JP will rethink things and take him back.

  26. Joseph Friedman I am offended by your equating of Yanover's statement with neo-Nazis.

  27. Chaim Kurz says:

    I would love to see that article

  28. What a fantastic piece! The headline was in very poor taste, and the content was something I’d expect to see on TOI (where bold editors understand the notion of self-criticism) rather than the JP, where the worst news you will ever see is what our enemies are going to do to us *next week*.

  29. Abe Kohen says:

    The JP writes one true article and for that they apologize?

  30. Brian Wiener says:

    And the APOLOGISE for this???? They shoul give the guy s medal and a raise for saying it like it really is…without the pious bs.

  31. Sergey Kadinsky says:

    In order for the Jewish Press to remain competitive against Hamodia and Yated it had to take the side of the anti-draft demonstrators. Soon photos of women will have to go as well. Yanover's op-ed was harsh and should have been vetted by the editors first. But I hope the Jewish Press stays true to itself

  32. David Pitch says:

    Can you say cancel my subscription?

  33. Tzvi Grossman says:

    Now that Yanover is gone there really is no reason to read this rag.

  34. Moshe Ruzin says:

    It’s Yori Yanover who you owe an apology to.
    Shame on you.

  35. Steven M. Einhorn says:

    Yanover expressed an opinion I agreed with, not only me, but many, many Jews around the world that would bear arms to protect the Land. I think you have a very capable system in place for vetting articles before they're published and your excuses only brand you as incompetents or worse giving into pressure. As to the Haredim. All extremism is Bad ! We label the jihadists extremists because they blow themselves up. Well, at least they have the courage of their convictions, twisted as it is. The Haredim want to be left alone to "Learn" Maybe they should learn about, Duty, Honor, Country.

  36. Joseph Friedman says:

    Yehoshua Friedman You shouldn't be. You should be more offended with the original statement. In any event, I didn't equate his statement with neo-Nazis; I responded to someone's point that "freedom of expression" is the know-all/end-all that should allow anything that can be typed.

  37. Good for you Jewish Press for doing the right thing. And to some of the comments…. there is a difference between free speech and pure hate and incitement. Get real.

  38. I used to look forward to reading the JP, no more . Instead I am now canceling my subscription. Shame on you.

  39. Effective immediately, I am during the Jewish Press. Please remove all my articles from your site. First because from the shores of the galut, you have no right to judge us. Second, because I do not believe in having my articles posted in a non democratic forum. Third, because an op- end is about opinions. If you disagree, counter it, don't silence it.

  40. Faleen Fedol says:

    An absolute pity you felt it necessary to stifle the truth….you should be ashamed of yourselves and i hope the individual who wrote and posted it, who you felt the need to fire, finds employment at a more truthful, less stressful, higher paying company than yours.

  41. Sorry….autocorrect strikes…. Effective immediately, I am FIRING the Jewish Press. Remove my articles.

  42. Larry Singleton says:

    What you should apologize for is 1. Being a rank Ad Whore. The page is almost disfunctional under the weight of all the ads. 2. For censoring the article; good or bad people had a right to read it at least. The fact that I can't find it really pisses me off because I like reading "the other side". Unfortunately this is just typical; most of these sights are totally out of touch with readers. Especially when it comes to being assaulted by a bunch of stinking ads.

  43. How can I access the original op ed? NOW I want to read it!

  44. Thank you, Abe Cohen, for posting the article. It was well-written, informative, entertaining and right on. It was an op-ed, with an inflammatory title, but a balanced and thoughtful piece all the way through. Ultimately, the author’s love for Klal Yisrael shines through, and I found it very inspiring. I truly hope Mr. Yanover finds another job quickly. We need more voices like his.

  45. Noah Farbstein says:

    Terrible mistake by the Jewish Press. I used to read it several times a day. No more. It will be deleted from my list of internet sites.

  46. Dave Bender says:

    I remember seeing something "unlikely" on their site the other day, considering their audience, and thought – ok, that's unusual for their op ed POV.

  47. Dave Bender says:

    Just posted to his Twitterfeed: @yyanover There are a a lot of stomping mad ppl in Israel over this Yori, and backing you – pls repost the article elsewhere.

  48. Anonymous says:

    You should have fired Mr. Yanover a while back,when you published his column repeating the accusations made in the New York Post about a Hasidic Jew who had just been brutally murdered. Repeating unproven accusations against anyone who has just been murdered is terrible. It shows complete insentivity to s grieving family and friends, blackens the name of a man who may be innocent of wrongdoing, and convey the impression that his murder was justified. Equally irreponsible is repeating accusations from a scandal sheet as if they were proven facts, without doing any independent investigative reporting to verify them. Yanover sets himself up as a judge of other people about whom he knows little or nothing. As Joseph Welsh said about Senator Joseph McCarthy when the Senator made a misleading and damaging attack on a young lawyer who had done nothing wrong, "Have you sir, no sense of decency? As long last, sir, no sense of decency?"

  49. Paula I share your outrage, please post the banned article on the guest blog section on my site.

  50. Better idea make Yanover the editor of the Jewish press and fire any moser who marched in the anti Israel rally.

    Every advertiser should drop the Jewish press

  51. Gershon Shapiro 50000 haredim informing to the gentiles is incitement.

  52. The Jewish Press should apologize to the people of Israel for their arogent editorial policy and their chutzpa.

  53. Mosheh Vineberg says:

    couldn't agree more Yehoshua.

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The Jewish Press apologizes to its readers for the unfortunate op-ed article published on Monday.

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