A Belgian legislator who last year told the Parliament Israel is using Islamic support to overthrow Assad now has taken the podium to charge, “The Holocaust was set up and financed by the pioneers of Zionism.”

Intelligent people take these kinds of tantrums as harmless ignorance from a hate-mongering populist, but that is what they said in 1933.


So speaking of the Holocaust, Belgium’s Laurent Louis, who has created his own Movement for Liberty and Democracy party after being expelled from the People’s Party, stood up in the Belgian legislator and performed the quenelle, the invention of Dieudonne, the so-called French comedian.

The president of Belgium’s parliament condemned Louis’ theatrical hate. “I would like to reinforce my condemnation of these hateful acts,” Andre Flahaut said.

The Belgian League against Anti-Semitism, a newly-established watchdog, pledged during its inaugural event to focus much of its activities on Louis — an independent member of the lower house of Belgium’s Federal Parliament.

“We do not wish to offer Laurent a podium,” Isaac Franco, the league’s vice president, said earlier this week in Brussels. “But considering the tens of thousands of visitors to his website, we see he represents a threat that needs to be confronted.”

Hate mongers who are elected to public office are a danger to the public.

Louis has said that Israel was guilty of Nazi crimes against Palestinians, and last year he posed for pictures outside parliament while standing on an Israeli flag.

Below is a video, with English sub-titles, of his speech in the Belgian parliament last May when he accused Israel of everything under the sun in order to promote a “Greater Israel.” According to Louis, that does not top at Judea and Samaria. It includes parts of Iraq, Jordan and Jordan.

His speech started out with condemnation of Israel for conducting surveillance flights over Lebanon and then connected that with the IDF’s bombing Syrian trying to destabilize the country and use the Arab Spring rebellion to promote Greater Israel.

The JTA contributed to this report.



  1. Europeans just seem to get stupider rather than smarter there must be regressive genes at play, I mean seriously can you believe the thinking of these people, they make ME look positively well adjusted and a budding Einstein

  2. So sad. You would think people who are presumably educated and intelligent enough to hold the political position he has would at least know the difference between truth and the lies he is spreading. Must have been asleep when they taught history in his schooldays.

  3. Everything to be in the the spotlights is good for this man. He even critisided the judges who put the famlous pedophile Dutroux in jail. Don't make too much publicity for this man. It is what he is looking for – he has not even extreem-right ideas0 He is just stupid !

  4. When a nation turns it's back for the most part against God, this is the type of hate that those nations will produce. These are the end times the Bible has spoken of, it could be no other. This is the first time frame in history where we have so many end times prophecies occurring at the same time. Earthquakes in diverse places, wars and rumors of wars, starvation, illnesses, and people traveling to and fro and knowledge increased. In just the last few decades man has started flying in mass. Our homes have pluming and heating, electric lights, cloths washers, dish washers, TV's and computers, and the BIG one,,, Israel is back as a nation. The rapture of the Church is on the verge of taking place. When that happens there will be no Christians in the world for a brief time and the antichrist will quickly take control of a new one world government. I wrote a book in 2012 that discusses salvation and prophecies written about in the Bible. It’s a short read and it’s totally free. I hope you will have a look: http://www.booksie.com/religion_and_spirituality/book/richard_b_barnes/after-the-rapture-whats-next

  5. Yes, and sharks in Egypt and that bird that flew over Iran with an Israeli ring around its leg. All Israel's fault. By the way, we had a mini tornado over the small English village where we live, last Saturday. Could that have been the Israelis? Perhaps they don't know that we are the only Jews in the village. As to the Belgian psychopath, can't someone sue him for incitement to racial violence?

  6. Another maniac gets up in front of a group of political talking heads and condemns Israel; it's like any day at the UN; these crazy are getting out of control; remember that little mustached crazy in 1933? that guy from Austria? well, nobody took him all that seriously at first; these nuts are all over the world, pontificating on the Jewish conspiracy from podiums in the college lecture halls, the churches, the mosques, even some of the synagogues, and no one is shutting them down or exposing them for the hate mongers they are; hopefully this particular psycho does not represent Belgium in general, but he does represent millions of people the world over, and certain governments, as well, that have adopted a Judenrein policy for their states. These crazies are vocal and loud, they have many followers. We cannot afford to be silent and wait for them to shut up and go away. We have to mobilize actively against these people.

  7. Once again, these morons will spew out whatever nonsense people are willing to listen to. They need some leverage because it makes them feel stronger and more powerful. They're a bunch of ignorant SOB who have nothing to do with their lives. Spreading hatred seems to be a fad these days…

  8. A very articulate and at the same time very stupid and ignorant man. How the Belgium Government allows such an imbecile to speak at the Parliament is beyond comprehension. Antisemitism in Europe is only the beginning. Anti chistianism is soon to follow once the muslims population becomes a majority.
    Europe is getting what it deserves. It chased and gassed the jews, a people holding more Nobel prizes than any other ethnic group, more artist, scientist,physicist,writer, composer, etc.., only to be replaced by Islam and Sharia laws. I wonder where are those Christians fleeing their native countries going to go? Maybe Israel!

  9. There's no cure for stupid. This is ALL prophesied in the BIBLE and our GOD MAKER of HEAVEN ad EARTH will soon clean it up. 4 Blood Moons all on Jewish Feast Days coming in the next 12 months starting on PASSOVER. GOD'S planning something HUGE folks.

  10. If he thinks that the speech against the state of Israel is going to help him when the Muslims take over Belgium, he is like the rest of the west that supports the Muslims in there country. The Muslim leadership boast that they will govern Belgium within 25 years. Watch the blood bath then.!!!! They will kill the Christians first.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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