Tens of thousands are expected at pop star Madona’s Ramat-Gan concert tonight, but few are aware that the man who was safety consultant for an Independence Day event a month ago that ended with a collapsed stage and a dead female soldier, is in charge of security tonight.

Maariv reports that Itzik Tzuker, safety consultant for the production company at the Mount Herzl disaster in which IDF officer Lieutenant Hila Bezaleli was killed and other soldiers were injured, was seen walking around the Ramat-Gan national stadium today, instructing the workers who were erecting the stage for tonight’s concert.


A high level police source told Maariv that it was made clear to the producers of Madona’s event that police would not approve the concert as long as Tzuker was the one signing the safety documents. This despite the fact that he has not been convicted of any charge related to the Mt. Herzl crash.

Police required Madona’s production to provide the signature of a different security expert before tonight’s show was approved.


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