200 Haredi Women to Take Part in Development of IDF Drone

The Hermes 900, made by Elbit, can be used for intelligence-gathering and airstrikes

UTJ Chairman Goldknopf: Expanding Jewish Settlements the Only Response to Arab Terrorism

While Shas leader Aryeh Deri is eager to do Bibi’s biddings, UTJ is no one’s errand boys.

MK Rothman: No Need for Special Law to Protect Separating Men & Women –...

"This is stipulated in the law explicitly, and not in Iran. Feel free to check at your leisure."

Haredi & National Religious Incensed at Netanyahu’s Contemptuous Treatment

Smotrich knows this may be his only opportunity to make a real change in Israel’s system.

10,000 Would-Be Shtreimels Roam Ohio’s Countryside

Each shtreimel may be made of up to 30 sables, minks, martens, or foxes.

Hebrew U Research Shows Philip Morris Targets Most Israeli Ads at Haredi Consumers

Despite a partial ban on smoking ads in Israel, tobacco companies continue to spend big to attract new target audiences.

One Out of Two Satmar Rebbes Urges Voting for Hochul

Hochul’s Republican opponent, Lee Zeldin, has received the endorsements of Rabbi Shea Hecht from Lubavitch.

Meet Religious Zionist Simcha Rothman, Ben Gvir’s Moderate Ally

“We want to restore the system through evolution, not revolution.”

Williamsburg Hasidic School Fined $8 Million for ‘Several Overlapping Frauds’

The FBI's investigation into the fictitious meal program uncovered evidence of other fraudulent conduct by the yeshiva and its employees.

Berland Cult Followers Attack Rabbi Who Prosecutes Religious Sex Offenders

They missed Rabbi Eliyahu, but physically injured Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Arie King who stood next to him.

Latest Poll Shows Missing Right-Wing Bloc’s 61st Seat Mostly Disenchanted Haredim

Only 43% of Haredi respondents plan to vote for United Torah Judaism, a drop from the previous 47%.

Ben Gvir Removed from Kfar Chabad Celebrations So Netanyahu Won’t Be Seen with Him

We bless him and his partner Bezalel Smotrich to win enough mandates so Bibi would be forced to treat them with respect.

NYSED Says Williamsburg Yeshiva Curriculum Breaks Law

The state education commissioner ordered the yeshiva and the city in 12 pages of instructions to jointly draft and submit a plan and timeline to reach “equivalency” within 60 days.

Haredi Party Chairman Goldknopf: I’ll Be Netanyahu’s Finance Minister

“If we are partners in the right-wing bloc, we want to be real partners."

United Hatzalah Treats 576 Injuries in Uman over Rosh Hashanah

The injured Hasidim mainly sustained contusions, abrasions, broken bones, shortness of breath, and other moderate and minor injuries.

Nearly 30K Jews Celebrated Rosh Hashana in Uman, Despite War

Hatzalah Ukraine said the holiday passed with routine medical incidents, and nothing else.

Ukrainian Report: Russia Launched 10 Iranian-Made Suicide Drones at Uman over Rosh Hashanah

Claim: "Planned acts of terrorism against Israeli citizens are one of the conditions for Iran's transfer of drones to Russia.”

Thousands of Israelis Ignore Security Warnings, Flock to Uman for Holidays

The travelers are taking chartered flights to cities near the Ukraine border since direct flights are no longer available, and then busing into the country.

Canada Bans All Commercial Imports of Lulavim

"Lulavs are for personal use only and must accompany the traveler at the time of entry into Canada. Commercial imports are not permitted,” the government website states.

Netzach Launches New Hasidic Heder in Beit Shemesh Despite Political Resistance

The Netzach Education Network already has two elementary schools in Beit Shemesh

Haredi Combatants Become Pariahs over 14 Seconds of Arab-Edited Video

"These are dangerous weaknesses and laxities that result from a desire to look good even at the cost of abandoning fighters."

Haredi Student Arrested for Operating Bomb Lab in Dorm Room

Two things: 1. Turns out the Shin Bet has a foothold in the Haredi yeshivas, and, 2. It remains to be seen how many of A’s recruits were real or imagined.

Beit Shemesh Religious Female Mayor Rejects Labor Minister Michaeli’s Transport Feminism

Like most salon revolutionaries, Michaeli probably wasn’t subject, at least not regularly, to the social evil against which she is rebelling.

Agudah Threatening to Erase Gafni’s Lithuanian Faction

Gafni has been steadfast in saying the split is ideological.


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