In Closed Meeting Bennett Invites Haredi MKs to Join his Government

Several United Torah Judaism MKs have been critical recently of their party's chairman, MK Moshe Gafni, for his vehement antagonism regarding Bennett.

Supreme Court to Hear Petition Against Deri’s Plea Deal

Deri was indicted on two charges of under-reporting his income.

Jerusalem Police Beat the Daylights Out of Jerusalem Haredi & Lie Shamelessly

Apart from the fact that there were cops and civilians involved, everything else in the police statement is an embarrassing lie.

After 7 Years on the Run, 135 Days in Prison, Haredi Get Refuser Finally...

For 135 days R remained in jail and refused to release Orly, conditioning her freedom on impossible financial demands.

Israel Police to recruit 13 Haredi Female Officers to Investigate Complaints of Sexual Harassment

The initiative comes on the heels of two tragic incidents in Beit Shemesh in which teenagers murdered their parents.

Hassidic Man Beaten in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The attack took place a few hours after dozens attended a demonstration against antisemitism in New York City.

Ponevezh Rosh Yeshiva: Must Keep Abuse Cases Away from the Media

Naturally, Rabbi Edelstein's call requires a rabbinic and social system within the Haredi society that is willing and able to treat reports of abuse seriously.

1,000 Haredi Religious Jews in Stamford Hill Protest UK Govt Education Mandate

"hey aim to force us to teach lifestyles that are Biblically forbidden and demand that faith schools open up their doors to the teaching of depravity and moral corruption."

Samaria Regional Council Advises Parents on Explaining Chaim Walder’s Suicide to Children

"Remember – an inclusive and safe response will help children process content in a beneficial way."

Arab Who Stabbed 2 Haredim Gets 11 Months; Judge: They Didn’t Look Scared

In the future, if you want compensation, let your Arab assailant hurt you more seriously, and, for heaven's sake, do not hit back…

Ombudsman, Reform Movement, Demand Impeaching Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef

It comes down to whether or not individuals in appointed high office are at liberty to go out of their way to criticize the government from which they draw their power.

Gov. Hochul Vetoes Anti-Chassidic Bill

"Thank you, Gov. Kathy Hochul, for vetoing S1811/A5761 that would limit development in Blooming Grove."

Minister Matan Kahana Declares War on Two Centuries of Chassidic Tradition

Rather than attack Minister Kahana, let's examine Boyan's legal right to the ceremony.

IDF to Offer Haredim Professional Tracks to Coincide with Yeshiva Studies

The IDF HR is hoping that taking any of their proposed tracks would appeal to the recruits who wish to attain good jobs after the army.

Survey: 64% of Israelis Who Left Haredi Society Remained Religious

Some 3,000 men and women leave Haredi society every year, and some 35,000 thousand young men and women ages 20-39 have left Haredi society in recent years.

Bennett Cabinet Wants Haredim to Join Labor Market at 21 – But Haredi Parties...

Even when the exemption age will be raised to 22 and 23, Haredi young men will be released from compulsory IDF service at age 21.

Explosives Lab Captured in Jerusalem Haredi Neighborhood

In their interrogation, the two brothers revealed that they intended to sell the explosive device to criminals for thousands of shekels.

Haredi Parties Launch Joint Campaign Against the ‘Reform Coalition’

Chief Rabbi David Lau met with Rabbis Haim Drukman and Yaakov Ariel and tried to persuade them to oppose Kahana's move.

Minister of Defense & Chief of Staff Light Chanukah Candles with Haredi Soldiers

The Netzach Yehuda Battalion’s Chanukah candle lighting ceremony Wednesday was held near Beit-El.

Yeshiva Student Was Attacked by Arab Mob, Police Closed the Case

In the middle of his studies, Y. heard shouts and saw that many students were fleeing in the direction of the families' homes behind the tents, chased by a group of about 20 Arabs.

US Forces Cancellation of Haredi Neighborhood in Atarot, Jerusalem

The Israeli government has informed the US that Israel won't be moving ahead with the construction of a much-needed neighborhood for Haredim (Ultra-Orthodox) in the Atarot section of northern Jerusalem.

Israel’s Economic Council Predicts Double the Haredim, Traffic Jams Galore in 2050

Still, the Jerusalem District, which includes Beit Shemesh, is expected to remain the beating heart of the Haredi public, with their number growing from 360,000 to 915,000.

Mt. Meron Disaster Committee Recommends Ministerial Control, Crowd Limits, Ban on Illegitimate Organizations

Steps must be taken to ensure that there is no excessive density in the mountain area and at key points of interest there."

Minister Kahana Launches Campaign to Elect Zionist Chief Rabbis

Kahana wants to prevent the election of yet another Haredi rabbi to lead the Chief Rabbinate which is adhered to by very few if any Haredim.

Deep Survey Finds Few Haredim Would Leave their Kolel Over Liberman’s ‘Incentives’

An almost absolute majority of the Haredi sector (88%) think that Liberman's motives stem from a hatred of the Haredim.

West Ham Fans Arrested for Hate Crime Against Haredi Passenger

“West Ham United is appalled by the contents of the video circulating on social media and condemns the behavior of the individuals involved."

Leftist Coalition MK Goes After Supermarket Chain that Favors Haredi Shoppers

And that's why we must have one million American olim in Israel – to teach local politicians that if the market ain't broke you don't fix it.

Islamist Party to Divert $32 Million of Its Budget to Poor Haredim in ‘Alliance...

Abbas met Monday night with several Haredi MKs and shared with them that "Gafni's speech touched my heart."

The Rachmastrivker Rebbe’s Kiddush Levana

Just as the moon illuminates the night's darkness, so do the people of Israel illuminate the brutish and dark humanity with the light of God.


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