Bnei Brak Offering Free Cholent to Lure Unvaccinated Yeshiva Students – Free Coke, Too

Reports of a yeshiva student who received five doses of cholent by mistake.

Myriads Attend Funeral of Brisk Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Soloveitchik in Jerusalem

Rabbi Soloveitchik was considered by the Briskers to be one of the last authentic remnants of a pre-World War 2 Lithuanian yeshivas.

With 4,671 Dead, Israelis Disobey the Lockdown, Critical Cases Remain High

Israel's Corona Cabinet is combining two concepts from football terminology: playing for time and a hail Mary.

Violence in Jerusalem

Dozens of residents threw stones and objects at vehicles passing by, and also blocked traffic on the nearby highway using trash bins.

Haredi MK Asher to Police: ‘Don’t Turn All of Bnei Brak into a Battlefield’

“It is outrageous for 400 border police to enter the city to look for four teenagers."

Suspected Sex Offender Malka Leifer Extradited after Hiding from Prosecution for 13 Years

Supreme Court Justice Anat Baron recommended dismissing Leifer's appeal and "uphold the judgment of the District Court which declared the appellant extraditable to Australia."

Violent Clashes, Burning Bus, Vandalized Rail, Cop Shooting in the Air, as Police Lose...

Police were harshly criticized for failing to distinguish between real rioters and innocent bystanders who all received the most violent and disproportionate treatment.

Vizhnitz Chassidim Walk Back the Rebbe’s Call for Opening Yeshivas Sunday

But while the Vizhnitz educational institutions remained closed Sunday morning, several Chassidic yeshivas opened in Modi'in Illit and Ashdod.

Police Battle Haredim in Bnei Brak, 6 Arrested

Following the mob attack on the car, armed and protected police raided yeshivas in the city and arrested six suspects.

Haredi Radio Host Who Buried his Father: Those Who Defy Corona Regulations Are Conscious...

"If we are not vaccinated, this will last another two years. A mandatory vaccination law is required."

Politico Reports: Biden Taps Orthodox Jewish Woman for White House Cybersecurity Post

A Congressional staffer said Neuberger's experience is needed "now more than ever at the highest levels of government."

NY AG Recuses Self from Gary Schlesinger’s Vaccine Investigation

The investigation into the ParCare Community Health Network's alleged fraud will continue, but the AG herself will have “zero involvement” in it.

Polls Show Likud Still in the Lead as Newly Minted Parties Rearrange the Map

In the end, Israel's parties may have new names, but the problem remains: a split down the middle between Netanyahu and those who want to see him gone.

Satmar Rebbe Zalman Leib of Williamsburg Tests Positive for COVID-19

The Rebbe was experiencing "mild symptoms" when he was diagnosed.

Study: Fewer Haredim, More College Graduates Factor in Lower Corona Spread

The higher the share of elderly persons in the municipality, the lower its infection rate in the second wave.

Boro Park, Williamsburg Clinics in Criminal Probe for Unauthorized COVID-19 Vaccinations

"We take this very seriously and DOH will be assisting State Police in a criminal investigation into this matter."

Bnei Brak Extremists Burn Down Corona Testing Station

"These extremists are preventing other people who wish to get tested from doing so."

Be First on Your Block to Watch Aviv Geffen & Avraham Fried Singing Together

To say that they belong in two extremely divergent universes would be an understatement, and yet Aviv Geffen and Avraham Fried released in a new duet of brotherly love.

Senior Israeli Rabbis Urge Ultra-Orthodox Public to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

The hope is that the decree, issued by rabbis Chaim Kanievsky, Gershon Edelstein, Shalom Cohen and Elimelech Firer, will be helpful in curbing morbidity in the “haredi” community.

Report: Draft Law Proposal Lets Haredim Off the Hook, Helps Them Become Future Taxpayers

The Haredi partners in this coalition are now trying to lead a move to impose a new draft law that fits their needs, which would ultimately be struck down by a raging Supreme Court.

Thousands of Haredim Rally Against Light Rail Line in their Neighborhoods, 25 Arrested

The Haredi community is claiming that the light rail would lead to sexual promiscuity in the Haredi neighborhoods.

Knesset Approves $3,800 Grant to Haredim in National Service Who Were Laid Off Over...

Other citizens who perform National-Civil Service, including more than 5,000 Arabs, will not be eligible for the grant.

Rabbinic Court Orders Public Shaming of Get Refuser Yitzhak Sasson

The rabbinical judges also asked to bring their ruling to the attention of the rabbis of the city of Dimona where Sasson lives.

UTJ MKs Condemn Arad Mayor’s ‘Incitement’ Against Haredim

Mayor Ben Hamo made curbing the Haredi settlement in Arad, particularly the Gur Chassidim, a top priority since he took office in 2015.

High Court Kills IDF Draft Law Starting in February

“Given the lessons of the past ... the expectation that the new draft arrangement would bring about a real change ... is nothing more than wishful thinking at best."

Security Tightened in Antwerp’s Jewish Community following Vienna Attacks

The Jewish community in Belgium is still facing terror level 3, which indicates a "serious" threat where an attack is "possible and likely."

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Recovers from COVID-19

Even while in quarantine, the Rabbi continued his daily routine of Torah learning 20 hours each day.

Cuomo Caves to Jewish Schoolgirls, Loosens Targeted Lockdown Order

The new restrictions completely banned in-person instruction at BYAM, stripping parents of their right to direct the religious education and upbringing of their children.


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