Tzohar Rabbis Advocate Halachic Sale of New Utensils for Pesach Under Shadow of COVID-19

The sale remains in place until conditions allow for people to go to the mikvah.

Israel’s Social Welfare Department Drafts Colel Chabad for Emergency Effort

The Israeli government tasked Colel Chabad with providing Passover food security for 30,000 households affected by the Coronavirus economic crisis.

Bibi’s Haredi Adviser Infected; PM Self-Isolating; Prof. Levitt Explains his ‘I’ll Be Surprised If...

With all his fame and success, Prof. Levitt did not learn one simple lesson: never share your astute views of reality with the masses. They won't get it.

Kfar Chabad Moves to Complete Lockdown After Coronavirus Spreads in Village

Israel Police will enforce the lockdown and track violations of these restrictions.

Israel Mulling Bnei Brak Quarantine after Police Report Difficulty Enforcing Lockdown

Infections in Bnei Brak are increasing eightfold every three days, compared to the twofold national average.

Liberman’s Finance Chairman Plans to Dry Up Haredi Budgets

Meanwhile, finance committee from the Likud, Shas and UTJ boycotted Wednesday's committee meeting, and may also boycott the meeting Forer has called for Thursday morning.

Satmar Rebbe Diagnosed with COVID-19 Coronavirus

The Rebbe called on his Chassidim to set times for Torah study and to increase their study of Torah in response to the news.

Officials Alarmed at Spike of Coronavirus in Brooklyn’s Hasidic Communities

On Wednesday, Haredi reporter Jacob Kornbluh tweeted the video of an outdoor Orthodox wedding with "many participants in a cramped backyard."

Jewish American Leaders Rise to Coronavirus Challenge

"This is a weighty and unprecedented short-term decision to protect life and allow us to continue our regular routines in the long run.”

Reports: Antwerp Police Raided Synagogues that Ran Shabbat Services Against Government Orders

Antwerp police warned officials at the raided synagogues that next time each participant would be fined 350 euros ($390).

Smotrich and Shaked Visit Bnei Brak for Cholent and Voters

Yamina made inroads deep into the heart of Aguda/Shas territory.

Tel Aviv Culture War: No Tefillin Stands within 100 Yards of a School

Turns out it's not the religious folks who are suffering from a fear of Isaac…

Great Fake News: Congress Singing ‘Yemei Melech’ for Trump

The tune probably marked more than anything else the change in the relationship between the new White House and Jewish value

Smotrich: ‘Tefillin, Judaism Outreach Stands Allowed at Train Stations As Long As I am...

A railroad official argued the Jewish outreach stands found at numerous transportation stations are "illegal" and must be removed.

Psychiatrist Says Chanukah Machete Stabber Grafton Thomas Unfit for Trial on Hate Crimes

Thomas could be charged with murder, which is punishable by death under US law.

Rabbi Stav Threatens Libel Suit Against Chief Rabbi over ‘Conveyor Belt Conversions’ Allegation

"You are hereby requested to vigorously reverse your remarks about my client, and apologize to him in a manner that would be coordinated with him."

Neturei Karta on Hand with Anti-Zionist Signs at Mass Jewish Rally in Downtown Manhattan

Their Facebook page even offers sage advice: "How to address Anti-Semitism."

Zot Chanukah on Mount Meron: Farewell Dance to Festival of Lights

Zot Chanukah is a reference in Torah literature to the eighth day of Chanukah, since on that day the Torah reading includes the verse Zot Chanukat Ha'Mizbe'ach (this is the inauguration of the altar).

WATCH: Siyum HaShas for English Speakers in Israel

There are 2,711 pages in the entire set of tractates of Talmud. It between seven to seven and a half years to complete the cycle of studying them all.

Crop-Disease Detection in Drones wins Orthodox Men’s ‘Great Minds Hackathon’

More than 100 Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox students from Israel and dozens of other countries took part in the fourth annual Jerusalem College of Technology hackathon, working for 48 hours on innovative projects and designs.

Zionist Australians Slam Promotion of Litzman who Supported Alleged Melbourne Pedophile

“On behalf of the Australian Jewish Community, I implore you to reconsider this appointment until the investigation into Yaakov Litzman has concluded.”

Haredi Council Member Denies Voting ‘Yea Twice’ for Ramat Gan Shabbat Transport Service

His partner on the council, attorney Zohar Yasharim (Shas), voted against the Sababus budget – for the obvious reason of the desecration of Shabbat.

Update: Thomas Grafton Held on $5M Bail in Machete Attack at Rabbi’s Home in...

“At the end of the day it is not just about words, it is against action. Let’s call it what it is. It is domestic terrorism.”

Guardian Angels Patrol Brooklyn Jewish Neighborhoods to Protect Jews, Provide ‘Visual Deterrence’

“We’re a visual deterrence in our red berets and our red satin jackets,” Sliwa said. “Nobody’s going to commit an attack when we’re around.”

7 Haredim Arrested in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Beit Shemesh Shabbat Protests

Police officers directed their stinking "blue water" cascade at the spot where the Toldot Aharon Rebbe was standing, which drove the Chassidim mad.

DOE Report: Only 2 out of 28 NYC Haredi Yeshivas Meet Core Curriculum Standards

It should also be noted that DOE officials attended 140 elementary and middle school classes where a third were taught exclusively in Yiddish, and the rest were taught in a mix of English and Yiddish.

IDF Officer Admits He Was Pressured to Forge Haredi Recruiting Figures

"I spoke to one person who is higher up in Haredi recruiting. He offered me cash money if I recruited friends or people from the Haredi community."

Liberman Warning Gantz / Haredim Coalition a Done Deal

MK Ofer Shelah, a Blue&White spokesman, on Monday morning all but confirmed Liberman's angry warning.

Haredim Protest As IDF Indicts Rabbi Who’s Been AWOL for 5 Years

The Tombeck entanglement is causing great anxiety in the Jerusalem Haredi faction, because there are hundreds of young men in a similar situation.


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