Mother & 3 Children Missed by Skidding Car in Williamsburg

A mother and her three children missed being hit by just a few seconds.

IDF Intelligence: Coronavirus Morbidity in Haredi Communities Much Higher than the Rest of the...

Restrictions on movement have been enforced as of Wednesday morning in Elad and in several neighborhoods in T'veria.

In Elad: No Mask, No Synagogue Privileges

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein met with the chief rabbi in recent days to discuss the rise in the number of residents with COVID-19.

Shechita Crisis in Europe: Entire Teams Infected with COVID-19

This has affected production throughout Europe and is slowing meat processing and packing down to a halt.

Angry UTJ Boss at Netanyahu: I’m Not your Marionette

Gafni demanded that Netanyahu resolve the Haredi yeshivas' funding issue as soon as possible, but he did not receive satisfying answers.

Senior Haredi Dayan Clarifies: Eliezer Berland Did Touch Women – Everywhere

The wording of Dayan Rosenberg's letter is most extraordinary in the Haredi community, where spiritual leaders refrain from publicly addressing sex offenses or similar issues and in rare cases do so only vaguely, using hints and code words.

Cuomo Orders de Blasio to Fix NYPD by Next April

In April, de Blasio destroyed his relationship with the Chassidic community of Williamsburg—which voted for him as a block, with his infamous, anti-Semitic tweet.

Haredi Man Who Led a Double Life Arrested for Punching Woman

In October 2019, Adler was outed by the NY Post as a Haredi man, married to a pregnant wife with three children from Clifton, New Jersey.

Rabbi Stabbed in London’s Stamford Hill, Assailant Arrested

"A rabbi in London was stabbed in the head ... Where's the outrage or major protests from those on the left at this crime against a Jew?"

Jewish Summer Camps Matter, Ask These Williamsburg Kids

Now, normally, children are not allowed to be outside in close proximity of one another and without face masks, but this was a protest rally, which has its own protections under the law.

DM Gantz Asking High Court for More Time Before Applying Extensive IDF Draft

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Netanyahu and then Defense Minister Naftali Bennett asked the High Court for an extension until June 16.

New York Orthodox Jewish Mother Amber Adler Teaches Her Children Tikkun Olam Via Civic...

"I am so happy that my son is spreading our family message of unity and compassion for all people."

8 Haredim Arrested in Buenos Aires Wedding

The groom and bride, their parents and the rabbi who conducted the chupah – all Haredi Jews – were arrested.

Senior Chassidic Dayan Joins Boycott of Eliezer Berland

Last week, three of the world's most prestigious Haredi courts issued a harsh and unprecedented ruling against Berland.

Court Calls Accused Pedophile Leifer an Impostor, Extradition to Australia Next

"The injustice to her victims, young girls in Melbourne, that lasted for more than six years, was outrageous."

Sanzer Rebbe Hospitalized, Recovering After Mild Heart Attack

The public is being asked to please continue prayers for the complete recovery of Rabbi Zvi Elimelech ben Chaya Nechama.

Tzefat Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Calls for Israelis to Reach Out, Support & ‘Strengthen...

"Now is the time. Don't miss it. Now is the time to encourage and strengthen them!"

NYPD Busts 100-Strong Minyan in Williamsburg

The raid followed a 311 complaint from a neighbor.

New York Governor Cuomo: Within LIMITS, Jews Can Return to Shul

Felder: “We worked diligently to allow minyanim in our shuls. I want to thank Governor Cuomo for announcing ... that religious services are permitted.”

NYPD Raids, Shuts Down Chassidic Yeshiva with 60 Children for Violating Coronavirus Guidelines

Chassidic parents in Brooklyn have been complaining that yeshivas continue to operate in secret, and that parents are under "strong social pressure" to send their children there.

Jerusalem Arab Parking Inspectors Go Free After Brutalizing Haredi Man

"Much to our astonishment, despite the brutal attack that caused real harm, Israel police chose to release the attackers after a brief interrogation."

LIVE: Lag B’Omer Bonfire and Celebration in Meron

Fifty participants celebrate with the Rebbe of Boyan as he lights the bonfire on Mount Meron; musicians and singers provide music for dancing.

MDA Mobile Unit Takes 3,166 Swab Samples in Geula, Jerusalem

The MDA sampling teams sitting inside the container are protected by a high pressure air system that pushes out the air and maintains a fully sterile environment inside.

Senate Confirms Chassidic Jew for First-Ever Senior Position in US Administration

Mitchell Silk is responsible for leading the U.S. Treasury Department’s role on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

Haredi Leaders Forbid Minyan Prayers Even as Government Issues Limited Approval

The grownups are once again in charge in the Haredi community, after weeks of unmitigated carnage borne by confusion.

Police Throw Shock Grenades at Haredi Rioters; 2 Children Injured; Netanyahu to Permit Minyan...

The Haredi extremists intend to intensify their attacks on the Jerusalem District Police in their pursuit of spiritual challenges.

Chassidim Donate 1,000 WiFi Tablets to NYC Hospital Patients

Families without WiFi at home were given MiFi mobile hotspots.

UTJ Attacks Netanyahu’s Closures, Say They Discriminate Against Haredim

"I say this again with great pain, what we have seen in recent weeks is overt anti-Semitism by some decision makers."

6 Die in Israel, More than 3,000 Coronavirus Patients in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, 799...

Earlier on Thursday, a five-week-old baby was brought to the Sheba hospital in Tel Hashomer after being infected with the coronavirus.

Head of Agudath Israel, the Novominsker Rebbe, Succumbs to the Coronavirus at 89

After 9/11, Newsweek quoted him as saying: "Today, the world is not the same as it was yesterday. If we are the same as we were yesterday, then it is pure folly."


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