Knesset Approves $3,800 Grant to Haredim in National Service Who Were Laid Off Over...

Other citizens who perform National-Civil Service, including more than 5,000 Arabs, will not be eligible for the grant.

Rabbinic Court Orders Public Shaming of Get Refuser Yitzhak Sasson

The rabbinical judges also asked to bring their ruling to the attention of the rabbis of the city of Dimona where Sasson lives.

UTJ MKs Condemn Arad Mayor’s ‘Incitement’ Against Haredim

Mayor Ben Hamo made curbing the Haredi settlement in Arad, particularly the Gur Chassidim, a top priority since he took office in 2015.

High Court Kills IDF Draft Law Starting in February

“Given the lessons of the past ... the expectation that the new draft arrangement would bring about a real change ... is nothing more than wishful thinking at best."

Security Tightened in Antwerp’s Jewish Community following Vienna Attacks

The Jewish community in Belgium is still facing terror level 3, which indicates a "serious" threat where an attack is "possible and likely."

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Recovers from COVID-19

Even while in quarantine, the Rabbi continued his daily routine of Torah learning 20 hours each day.

Cuomo Caves to Jewish Schoolgirls, Loosens Targeted Lockdown Order

The new restrictions completely banned in-person instruction at BYAM, stripping parents of their right to direct the religious education and upbringing of their children.

Watch: Mayor Bill de Blasio Says He Apologized to Haredi Leaders, Seeks ‘Positive Reset’

“That one night in Williamsburg I let my frustration and concern get away with me and I should have been more careful in my language."

Cuomo to Satmar: Have a Big Wedding Next Year, Invite Me, I’ll Come

The governor related that one of his daughters had to give up her college-graduation ceremony because of the pandemic.

Hadassah Hospital Organizes Son’s Wedding At the Window So Critically Ill Father Can Attend...

“The opportunity to enable the father to watch and attend his son’s wedding, especially when he is so very ill, is an unforgettable moment."

Satmar Leader Who Supported Corona Health Guidelines Died of the Pandemic

In April, Rabbi Rispler defended New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who rebuked the Chassidic community following a crowded funeral for a victim of the pandemic.

Satmar Trying to Avoid Showdown with Governor over 10,000-Strong Wedding

The wedding ceremony was planned in two venues, one on Rodney Street and another on nearby Bedford Avenue, the locations of a Satmar synagogue and a yeshiva.

1 Million Israeli Children Return to Kindergartens Today But Lockdown Is far from Being...

“Unfortunately, the government is making the same mistake and expects a different result."

Israeli Health Ministry: More Than Half of Elderly COVID Patients are Ultra-Orthodox

The ultra-Orthodox comprise about 12 percent of Israel’s general population and only a fraction of the population aged 65 and over.

Rabbi Asher Weiss: Our Faces Are Covered with Shame, We Cannot Claim ‘Our Hands...

"I've already said in the past that we must be more severe than the health authorities in Israel and the world, despite all their drawbacks."

Heshy Tischler Arrested for Inciting a Riot, His Followers Rally Outside Attacked Journalist Kornbluh’s...

A twitter account affiliated with Tischler posted a video of the Sunday night rally with the heading: "Protesting against Muser Kornbluh."

NY Board of Rabbis: Violent Chasidic Protests ‘Shameful’

NY City Councilman Kalman Yeger tweeted: "I'm disgusted by the attack in the early morning hours on a member of our community."

Major Israeli Chasidic Posek: The Mitzvah Protects Us in Traditional Simchat Torah Gatherings

To Rabbi Klein's credit, he did not try to contradict the scientific truth that those who observe the commandments of prayer and study in public and in closed spaces risk their lives.

Head of Bnei Brak’s Main Hospital Resigns over Attack on Haredi Misconduct

"The rabbis, the ones who are there, the wise ones, are shouting 'Stop,' but their audience is not listening."

Haredi Reporters Kornbluh, Getz, Assaulted, Called ‘Moysers’ by Chasidim in Protest Led by Heshy...

Tischler is being described as a populist and a brute, but this relatively new voice of Borough Park is recognized by police as a leader in the community.

12% Haredim, 16% Arabs Among Corona Fatalities in Israel

Morbidity trends in children in recent days are on an increase, especially in adolescents ages 12 to 17 in all the sectors.

Brooklyn Haredim Defy Pandemic Rules in Dense, Unmasked Holiday Gatherings

Most of Borough Park is considered a hot zone, based on what the governor described as coronavirus diagnosis data.

Police Arrest 17 in Clashes with Haredim as Govt. Extends Ban on Demonstrations

The government is obligated to extend the special state of emergency every seven days if it wishes it to continue, and it must not extend it for more than 21 days.

Police Accused of Deal with Zealous Haredim: Assemble, Break the Law, Just Don’t Post...

Marciano pledged for his part that the police would turn a blind eye to the events. And the proof is in the missing pudding: to date, no documentation of those events has been published.

Pittsburgh Rebbe, 64, Dies from COVID-19

To the Jews of Ashdod, the Rebbe was known as the person to whom to turn with the question on “what to do next," regardless of affiliation.

Hard to Watch: Violent Israeli Police Attack Adults and Children in Haredi Neighborhoods

The Department of Police Investigations has opened an investigation into the incident. If you're holding your breath for the results, it's probably a mistake. Breathe.

Leader of Lithuanian Haredim Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Infected with Corona

Several members of Rabbi Kanievsky's household tested positive for the coronavirus in recent days and on the eve of Yom Kippur, and apparently infected the elderly rabbi.

Brooklyn’s Crown Heights Neighborhood Added to NYC’s COVID-19 ‘Watch List’

Health Department officials said Wednesday they are worried about an increase in coronavirus cases in the neighborhood.

Health Ministry Chief: Haredi Society Accounts for 34% of Israel’s Covid-19 Cases

Minister Handel proposes that the Corona Czar and the Cabinet present clear and measurable morbidity targets and exit strategies for each decision they pass.


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