Matan Kahana’s Kashrut Reform Bill Revealed, Here Are Some Key Items

Here are a few choice items I translated hurriedly. Clearly, a deeper discussion should follow.

Ukraine, Israel, Agree on Corona Certificates to Facilitate Free Travel Come Rosh Hashanah

"The draft agreement was submitted by the Israeli side for approval in May and is in fact fully processed," the ambassador said.

Haredim Will Bear the Brunt of Government’s War on Disposable Plastic Utensils

Of course, if the finance and environmental protection folks really want to clean up Israel, and at the same time repress Haredi families even more, they should go after disposable diapers.

Matan Kahana Drives a D9 over Chief Rabbinate’s Kosher Certification Monopoly

Shas chairman Aryeh Deri said Kahana's plan is "crushing the Jewish identity of the state."

Report: Delta Variant to Take Over Ukraine by Rosh Hashanah

Last September there were reports of at least six Breslov Chassidim who made it past the border lockdown and reached Uman only to contract the virus.

Watch: Thai Social Media Travel Influencer Stops in Chasidic Crown Heights

The travel influencer shared with her followers the taste of Shabbat food and walked with them to see a Jewish supermarket.

Resistance Inside the Coalition to Liberman’s Anti-Haredi Decree

Lieberman replied in a jovial tone: "The Haredim together with Bibi will be taken on the same wheelbarrow to a good landfill."

Liberman Cuts Daycare Subsidies to 21,000 Children of Kollel Students

Liberman couldn't have targeted his Haredi enemies more directly if he levied a tax on shtreimels.

Beit Shemesh Mayor Fires Likud, UTJ Council Members for Sabotaging her Education Program

"I cannot allow further damage to the city by those who have authority but have no responsibility."

Biden Kneels before Haredi Mother of 12 on Rivlin’s Staff

So, to sum up: twelve children and making two heads of state bow before her.

Honenu: Police Ignored Complaint Against Arab Bus Driver Who Attacked Haredi Passenger

The man, who was standing on the top step at the entry, fell backward and at the last minute managed to grab the railing and prevent his fall to the sidewalk.

Relax, Eric Adams Will Probably Beat Maya Wiley Maybe

We could go like this until July and still not have a final answer – especially as more than 200,000 absentee ballots are still waiting to be counted.

Report: Rabbi Kanievsky Favors Haredi Partnership in Bennett’s Coalition

"The Rav has no problem with the left-right issue. On the contrary, the Rav says not to provoke the Arabs and not to live in the settlements."

Teveria Court Gives 10 Months to Arab Attackers of Breslov Yeshiva Students

"I hope that this punishment will make others think twice before they rush to attack Jews like that."

Minister Michaeli Wants Public Transportation on Shbbat – Most Religious Jews Don’t

Public transportation on Shabbat is a simple dispute that was turned into a symbol.

Ukraine Ambassador: U Um Uman Is Ready for Breslovers

The three participants also agreed to address illegal construction in the city of Uman ahead of the Jewish holiday.

Satmar Rebbe Rattled by Fear during Israel Visit, Couldn’t See the Tetragrammaton

"We followed a car that showed us the way," the Rebbe recalled, "and we passed localities where Arabs live, or as it is called, the 'territories.'"

Yamina Minister to Haredi Leaders: When Did You Last Pray Lying Down in the...

The most combative among the incoming team was undoubtedly the next Minister of Religious Services (Bennett's old job) Matan Kahana from Yamina.

Thousands Flock to Queens Cemetery on Lubavitcher Rebbe’s 27th Yahrzeit

Across the globe, people from all walks of life came together on Sunday to mark the 27th anniversary of the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Shas Leader Deri: Bibi Made a Huge Mistake and I Should Have Stopped Him

Deri promised: "We will overthrow this government very quickly."

President Rivlin Asked Prince Charles to Let Jewish Baby Girl Go

"I know that representations have been made to HM Government on this matter, but I feel that the unique circumstances warrant a personal intervention on my part to you."

Despite Homage to Dinkins Who Let Rioters into their Neighborhood, Crown Heights Jews Still...

An NY1 survey this week, two weeks ahead of the June 22 Democratic primaries, shows Adams with 22% of the votes, leading over Andrew Yang's 16%.

Police Arrest 4, Including Litzman’s Aide, in Sprawling Corruption Case

After a covert and strenuous investigation, the public phase began Sunday with the arrest a number of suspects on suspicion of committing bribery, fraud and breach of trust offenses.

Report: Carrion Meat Was Sold with Badatz Certification

For weeks there have been rumors around the Chief Rabbinate of a giant kosher slaughtering plant that imported to Israel carrion meat as kosher.

Pew: 17% of Young US Jews Identify as Orthodox, 27% of Jewish Adults Say...

Proving that intermarriage really is a slippery slope: among married Jews who say they have one Jewish parent, 82% have a non-Jewish spouse.

TAU Study Shows Facebook, WhatsApp, Altered Haredi Attitudes on Sexual Abuse

"The study's findings indicate a trend of significant change in the Haredi society's attitude toward sexual abuse."

Report: Speaker Levin Predicts Bennett Will Get Mandate to Hammer Out Next Government

The relatives of victims of terrorism stated that they would fight a government that would receive outside support from Ra'am or the Joint Arab List.

The Names of the 45 Meron Disaster Victims

"The process of identifying and releasing the bodies is in its final stages."

2 Hours before Meron Tragedy, Holy Places Administrator Warned About Police Incompetence

Mt. Meron is extra-territorial, it is an autonomy over which the state has no control.


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