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Special Knesset Subcommittee to Propose Haredi Education Law, Core Curriculum and All

In the Haredi sector there has been fierce opposition expressed to core curriculum studies.

Rabbi Moshe Tendler Dead at 95, Influenced Revolutionary Rulings of Father in Law’s ‘Igros...

Rabbi Tendler was the posek for the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists and served as its president.

Haredi MK to Sue over Fake News that He Sold the Knesset to Ahmad...

"I demand an investigation of the publication of this fake news and intend to sue the publisher for libel."

Malka Leifer to Stand Trial on 70 Child Sex Abuse Counts

Leifer did not ask for bail and will remain in jail.

Man Attacks Haredi MK, Tries to Cut his Beard, Flees on Scooter

UTJ MK Israel Eichler called on all the Haredi leaders to strongly condemn Monday morning's violent attack.

After 13 Years’ Delay Malka Leifer’s Trial Opens in Melbourne

Another Haredi person facing some consequences related to this case is former health minister Yaakov Litzman.

152 Breslovers Test Positive for Corona, 117 Investigated for Fake Negative Tests

A hundred and seventeen Israelis returning from Ukraine were summoned for questioning on suspicion of forgery and fraud.

Haredi Man Killed, 10 Injured in Uman Car Crash

This was an accident involving a shuttle vehicle and a bus that took place 70 kilometers from Uman.

The Gerrer Rebbe, 82, Contracted the Corona

On Monday morning, the Rebbe did not go to Slichot in the Great Beit Midrash on Jeremiah Street in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Vindicates Shmita Land Sale Permits, Contradicting Religious Zionist Rabbis

Both methods were devised as legal fictions to go around the literal wording of the mitzvah of shmita.

Warning to 50,000 Chassidim Going to Uman: Scores of Vizhnitzers Came Home to NY...

They're all expected to come out of the ordeal in good health, God willing.

Rabbi Kanievsky: Unvaccinated Teachers Must Not Come to School

Rabbi Kanievsky stressed that the vaccines are "siata d'shmaya" (help from Heaven).

Report: Liberman’s Anti-Haredi Policy Largely Subverted by Justice Ministry

Anyone participating in Rabbinical or Dayan-halachic judge tests is actually learning a profession—and his children are therefore entitled to a daycare subsidy.

United Hatzalah Chief Slams Haredim Who Claim Training Women EMTs Violates Modesty

If the person requesting help is female, it would be more halachically correct that she be treated by another female than by a male.

Jealous Much? First Day of School in the Haredi Sector

The average Israeli is spending thousands of shekels trying to figure out how to keep their kids busy in August.

Russian-Tatar Albany Democrat Running for Congress Praises Chassidic Yeshivas

"What I saw in South Williamsburg is a community where people do trust one another."

Delta-KLM Grounds 18 Orthodox Jewish Girls Who Removed Masks to Eat Kosher Food

According to the flight attendants, they ate outside the "official mealtime" during the flight.

Matan Kahana’s Kashrut Reform Bill Revealed, Here Are Some Key Items

Here are a few choice items I translated hurriedly. Clearly, a deeper discussion should follow.

Ukraine, Israel, Agree on Corona Certificates to Facilitate Free Travel Come Rosh Hashanah

"The draft agreement was submitted by the Israeli side for approval in May and is in fact fully processed," the ambassador said.

Haredim Will Bear the Brunt of Government’s War on Disposable Plastic Utensils

Of course, if the finance and environmental protection folks really want to clean up Israel, and at the same time repress Haredi families even more, they should go after disposable diapers.

Matan Kahana Drives a D9 over Chief Rabbinate’s Kosher Certification Monopoly

Shas chairman Aryeh Deri said Kahana's plan is "crushing the Jewish identity of the state."

Report: Delta Variant to Take Over Ukraine by Rosh Hashanah

Last September there were reports of at least six Breslov Chassidim who made it past the border lockdown and reached Uman only to contract the virus.

Watch: Thai Social Media Travel Influencer Stops in Chasidic Crown Heights

The travel influencer shared with her followers the taste of Shabbat food and walked with them to see a Jewish supermarket.

Resistance Inside the Coalition to Liberman’s Anti-Haredi Decree

Lieberman replied in a jovial tone: "The Haredim together with Bibi will be taken on the same wheelbarrow to a good landfill."

Liberman Cuts Daycare Subsidies to 21,000 Children of Kollel Students

Liberman couldn't have targeted his Haredi enemies more directly if he levied a tax on shtreimels.

Beit Shemesh Mayor Fires Likud, UTJ Council Members for Sabotaging her Education Program

"I cannot allow further damage to the city by those who have authority but have no responsibility."

Biden Kneels before Haredi Mother of 12 on Rivlin’s Staff

So, to sum up: twelve children and making two heads of state bow before her.

Honenu: Police Ignored Complaint Against Arab Bus Driver Who Attacked Haredi Passenger

The man, who was standing on the top step at the entry, fell backward and at the last minute managed to grab the railing and prevent his fall to the sidewalk.

Relax, Eric Adams Will Probably Beat Maya Wiley Maybe

We could go like this until July and still not have a final answer – especially as more than 200,000 absentee ballots are still waiting to be counted.

Report: Rabbi Kanievsky Favors Haredi Partnership in Bennett’s Coalition

"The Rav has no problem with the left-right issue. On the contrary, the Rav says not to provoke the Arabs and not to live in the settlements."


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