Breslov Hasidim Won’t Leave Belarus-Ukraine Border Ahead of Rosh Hashana

“Ukraine has shut its borders to foreigners, and no exclusions will be made for the Hasidic pilgrims.”

‘Wherever We Are in This World, We All Sing ‘Avinu Malkenu,’ We Are Still...

"Shuls and synagogues in South Africa have been closed for nearly five months; we are all in this together and we are all there for each other."

Ukraine: Minister Deri Appealed to Let in the Chassidim

Turns out what's good for the goose is plenty good for the gander.

Inspectors Clash with Haredi Mayor over Removing Animals from Local Zoo

The mayor stood at the gates of the zoo and announced that until he finished the legal consultation, he would not allow the evacuation of the animals.

Starting Monday: Nightly Curfew, Schools Shut Down in 40 Red Cities

The PM's press release referenced Proverbs 27:24. Is the PM growing philosophical in the face of a rising plague? We don't know.

Ohr Torah Stone Presents A Condensed Machzor for COVID-19 Communal Safety, Spirituality

"We pray that this machzor . . . helps those who will need to pray outdoors in the heat, and allows people to develop their relationship with God while wearing a mask and socially distancing."

Enraged Knife Man Tries to Reach Jewish Children on Brooklyn School Bus

A quick-eyed Jewish preschool teacher became the hero of the day this past Friday afternoon when she spotted a man with a knife exiting...

Watch: Ukrainians Attack Arriving Breslov Chassidim in Uman

Last week marked the 79th anniversary of the murder of more than 23 thousand Jews in Ukraine.

Ukraine Expels Israelis from Uman

At the moment, they are stuck at the airport holding their deportation orders in their hands.

Gov. Cuomo: If De Blasio Won’t Stop Crowded Borough Park Weddings, I Will

“We don’t have any evidence that it’s worse in the Chassidic community, we haven’t gotten those complaints. If we do, we will follow up,” the governor said.

Ukraine Bans All Foreign Nationals from Entering its Territory in September

The rabbis in the meeting said they understand the situation and will try to convey the president's message to their communities.

Bus Driver Who Fled a Stop Where Wheelchair Bound Haredi Child Was Waiting Sued...

"The boy was shocked by the incident and even got into an emotional storm and asked to return home as the incident made him feel bad and scared of traveling on public transport."

Federal Judge Slams Betsy DeVos’ Coronavirus Aid that Includes Yeshivas

The money, about $13.5 billion, was included for K-12 schools in Congress’s $2 trillion-aid package, the CARES Act, which was enacted last March to mitigate economic damage from the pandemic.

De Blasio Blames Coronavirus ‘Uptick’ in Borough Park on Big Wedding

City official said that Borough Park will be under a "blitz" of the Test and Trace Corps scrutiny, with a campaign of inquisitive robocalls and increased testing.

COVID-19: Ukraine Cancels Pilgrimage to Rebbe Nachman in Uman This Year

"The epidemiological situation in the country and in the world does not permit one to organize and hold mass events, especially with the participation of foreigners.”

Yeshiva Student Infects 60 as Israel Nears 700 Dead from Coronavirus

As of Sunday, there have been 21,836,828 patients worldwide diagnosed with the coronavirus, with 773,197 dead.

Shomrei Emunim Rebbe, 73, Dies of Coronavirus

The Shomrei Emunim chassidim are characterized by fervent and visibly emotional prayer, and by a rigid lifestyle

Netanyahu-Ganz Government Teetering on the Edge of the Abyss

"We will not cooperate with any initiative to bring early elections and we will do everything to prevent elections," Gafni, Litzman and Deri vowed.

Haredi Parties: If We Go to Elections We Won’t Support Netanyahu

This could effectively terminate a five-year period of alliance between the Haredi parties and Netanyahu.

Corona Czar Gamzu Against Letting In 16,000 US Yeshiva Students

"We need to do something wise here to prevent another fire," Gamzu said.

Mall Rebellion: Store Owners Defy Guidelines, Stay Open on Shabbat

The Haredi parties' complain that while the Health Ministry's regulations are leaving large sectors of the public open, synagogues are forced to operate in a limited way.

Top American Rabbinical Leader Unequivocally Endorses President Trump for Second Term

“Wealthy, powerful people have a way of speaking and acting that is not refined. That’s not a reason not to vote for him.”

Coalition Crisis Over Outlawing Conversion Therapy: Haredim Threaten to Walk

UTJ and Shas are right to feel betrayed, seeing as they had gone out of their way to obey the coalition discipline as loyal members of government, only to see their coalition partners step all over them.

Documented: Soldier Raised his Weapon at Haredi Demonstrators in Beitar Illit

In another recorded incident, Kan 11 reporter Akiva Weiss was attacked by police officers.

Israelis Barred from Breslov Pilgrimage to Uman This Upcoming Rosh Hashana-Yom Kippur

“This has nothing to do with politics or anti-Semitism,” and we reject any claims which try to present it as such.”

Hundreds of Haredim Protested Unfair Closures, Police Brutality in Jerusalem

The demonstrators protested at the spot where, on Saturday night, a policeman punched a Haredi man who asked him why he was not wearing a facemask.

Report: 20% of Bnei Brak Hospital Midwives Infected with Coronavirus

Altogether, 12 infected Mayanei Hayeshua staff members, including 8 midwives, a doctor and auxiliary workers, tested positive, the biggest staff members' infection to date in an Israeli hospital.


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