A picture of an app developed by an Israeli start-up is being used in a new Apple iPad Mini ad campaign, Israel’s Globes business newspaper reported Sunday.

The app was developed by the start-up Kinetic Art, founded by former Israeli journalist Oran Huberman.


Kinetic Art’s Look & Cook platform is for writing and editing cookbooks on tablets, and the iPad version gives users access to 44 recipes by chef Meir Adoni, and it features voice commands so the user can scroll backwards or forwards while cooking, without touching the iPad Mini.

Huberman says that Apple sent a complimentary e-mail and wanted to use the app in its ad campaign.

“It’s a great honor that a company like Apple chooses you, not to mention appearing in such a large ad campaign,” Huberman told Globes. “We hope that this will help us open doors and get a big foothold in the rapidly growing cookbook market for tablets.”