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Mass shooting taking place on 1300 block of S. Waterman in San Bernadino, California. Dec. 2, 2015.

An active shooting incident is taking place in San Bernardino, California. More than 20 people have been injured by a shooter in a three building social services center, the Inland Regional Center, on South Waterman.

UPDATE: There may be as many as three active shooters, reportedly heavily armed and wearing body armour. The incident is taking place, according to local television KTLA 5, at a training center for the developmentally disabled.


UPDATE: At least 12 fatalities confirmed. Shooters still at-large.

UPDATE: A suspicious device was found at the scene and a bomb squad has entered the building to investigate.

UPDATE: The name of a possible suspect mentioned on the police scanner (before that was made unavailable to the public) is Syed Farook.

The story will continue to be updated as information becomes available.

UPDATE: 14 dead and at least 14 wounded. Up to three gunmen entered the building. The suspects escaped, possibly in a dark-colored SUV. They are believed to be armed with AK47s.



  1. A few weeks ago they buried the story about the muslim kid who went on a stabbing rampage at his college. They said he had an ISIS flag in his back pack and praised allah. Within hours the story was gone and i never saw it again. Under the Islamic rug of lies..

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