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January 26, 2015 / 6 Shevat, 5775
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Palestinian Authority Summons Aussie Ambassador

The Palestinian Authority has summoned Thomas Wilson, Australia’s ambassador to the P.A., for a dressing down over Canberra’s decision to remove the word “occupied” from eastern Jerusalem.

According to Rotter, the Palestinian “foreign ministry” told the ambassador that the international community recognises the “fact” that the Palestinian capital is occupied.

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35 Responses to “Palestinian Authority Summons Aussie Ambassador”

  1. Hope he tells them that their hateful ways are condemned by all reasonable people everywhere! A country built on nothing but lies and hate will not stand!

  2. Alan Kardon says:

    I give 3 cheers to Australia for not bowing to terrorists.

  3. Uh oh…… Hopefully its no a melt down by the PA…. Or a complete melt down.

  4. Finally someone with courage got it right.

  5. Goodness! He had better appear before them as quickly as possible!!! ;-)

  6. go tell them to sit on it

  7. Australia is doing what other civilized nations should have done.

  8. Mandy Jacobs says:

    Australia has got to be the only country in the world that’s got a pair of ball they are telling the truth the only people who is ocupieing a country is the Palistians considering there ancestors were from all Arab countries like Yasah Arafat
    Was born in Ciaro Eygpt others say there Palistian there Syrian invaders called it Palistian there no where
    In the Quran does it mention a place called Palistian . Tell me
    In any Bible that Jesus was born in a place Called Palistian !!!!!!!!!!

  9. He’ll be shaking in his shoes! They might refuse aid and save the Aussie tax payers a fortune!

  10. Hard to believe that Australia and Canada have ANY historical link to the UK! It wasn't listed as occupied when Jordan was there.

  11. You don’t like it? Cram it and rotate. Australia speaks truth!!

  12. The Ambassador should have told them to STF up.

  13. Millie Kashuk says:

    Yea for Australia……….& Canada……..It is about time that
    Countries realize that the terrorists are killers………..

  14. Bravo to Australia and Canada for have fortitude to stand up to terrorist.. Sleeping with the enemy….we will wake up to an explosion in our back pocket. Their holy book allows them to lie to unbelievers. It's a way of life for them.

  15. erakat go jump in the kineret.and drown yourself because Jerusalem stays with us go kiss my ass thief like the rest of you.

  16. Obama and all previous american leaders Australia has more balls than any of you put together.

  17. which authority no such thing as palestine, gaza judea samaria are israel

  18. Ask all you want the real truth seems to really hurt!

  19. Ask all you want the real truth seems to really hurt!

  20. At last someone telling the truth, there never was a place called palestine. Rome changed Israel to palestini and the nomadic arab went there and called themselves palestinan amazing.

  21. At last someone telling the truth, there never was a place called palestine. Rome changed Israel to palestini and the nomadic arab went there and called themselves palestinan amazing.

  22. Hooray for the Aussies and the Canadians! We need more friends like them!

  23. Good to hear Australia has the courage to let the world know their stance.

  24. I wish New Zealand had the courage to agree with Australia. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel and NOT occupied by anyone but the Palestinians.

  25. Paul Gelsman says:

    Tough ****. We stand for Israel.

  26. Thomas, don’t go! Don’t waste your time on the PA!

  27. Becky Clark says:

    He should stay away from PA ignore them!!

  28. Who is this international community? our ANZAC soldiers Australia and new Zealand army corps helped liberate the holy land in 1917

  29. David Bryan says:

    You know…America used to have balls like that. Good job you crazy kangaroos!

  30. Maynard Miller says:

    The Palestinian authority had best realize that they aren't dealing with the US Paper Tiger when they are dealing with Austrailia. They are dealing with real; people with balls.

  31. Run Guo says:

    International community also recognised the FACT that PA is or is part of a terrorists group.

    Love Australia and PM Tony Abbott

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