Rabbi Dovid Fuchs, a member of the association that supports the Nahal Haredi soldiers, told Reshet Bet on Wednesday that the attackers of a Haredi soldier in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem last night represent a small and noisy minority in the Haredi community.

According to Rabbi Fuchs, Haredi soldiers normally walk in their uniforms with pride and dignity in the streets, and are accepted and embraced in Haredi neighborhood, provided, as he put it, that they behave properly.


Rabbi Fuchs said that some 1200 Haredim are serving in the combat unit Nahal Haredi, and added that the IDF has been most considerate regarding their special needs.

In Tuesday night’s incident, a Haredi soldier was attacked and Haredi rioters threw stones at police who were called to the rescue. No one was injured. Four rioters were arrested and police say more arrests are expected.



  1. Isn't it a little peculiar that the very hat the Russian aristocrats wore and were the core of hate and slaughter of Jews and promoters of pogroms have become the adoration of the Haredi who now fight among themselves as to what is Hillul Hashem. Hakol kolkach hitzoni -it is all so superficial.

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