President Barack Obama is expected to announce his nominees for secretaries of state and defense in the next two weeks, with former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel on the short list of potential choices to head the Pentagon, senior administration officials told Reuters on Tuesday.

The Republican Jewish Coalition reminded readers that, in the past, Jewish leaders have made their concerns about Hagel clear. The last time President Obama had to pick a new Defense Secretary, in 2010, a report by the Washington Jewish Week included red-flag quotes from numerous community sources – including pro-Obama Democrats:


Washington PAC Director and former AIPAC Executive Director Morris Amitay said, back then: “Hagel would be in a position to reinforce the worst aspects of the administration’s current Middle East policies, which would be very dangerous for Israel.”



  1. Chuck Hagel isn't the worst candidate for State. A decorated Vietnam Vet, and a man of lots of varied experience. Certainly he is heads and heels over the majority of green, inexperienced, bozo's Mr. Islam-loving Obama currently has working. He might be a good choice. Damn site better than goof-ball Rice.

  2. This is all bullocks. Senator Hagel is pragmatic, PAC Director and former AIPAC Executive Director Morris Amitay objected because in July 2006, Hagel again took issue with the Bush administration, on its handling of the Israel-Lebanon issue saying "The sickening slaughter on both sides must end and it must end now. President Bush must call for an immediate cease-fire. This madness must stop." What is wrong with calling for an immediate cease-fire to violence. We need to wake up and realize that violence (war) is never going to solve the world’s problems and especially those in the Middle East. AIPAC believes that anymore who opines on the policies of Israel is anti-Jewish or anti-Semite. The time has come for AIPAC to practice acceptance of other peoples opinion and not ridicule and attach them personally. WAR WILL NEVER SOLVE THE PROBLEM IN THE MIDDLE EAST. ISRAEL WILL NOT BE WIPED OF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. TIME TO NEGOTIATE IN GOOD FAITH.

  3. It is you that is full of bull.

    Saying Israel will not be wiped off the map by it's enemies and Israel should not engage in war are naive idiocy.

    When Israel is attacked it defends itself and attacks in return. That is not a convenient time for Israel to stop. The time to stop was before attacking Israel.

  4. In addition Hegel has been opposed to considering Hezbolah a terrorist orgainization. He is a huge fan of negotiations with terrorists like Hezbolah, Hamas and Iran even though Iran has never honored any agreement it has signed. He is even against sanctions on Iran.

    Obviously he would be the wrong person to lead a war on Iran which officially the Obama Administration says is on the table when Iran goes nuclear.

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