The Palestinian news agency Ma’an reports that residents of the Gaza Strip mostly blame the Hamas government for their ongoing fuel crisis, according to a poll released on Saturday.

According to a study conducted by the Arab World for Research & Development, 48 percent of Gazans hold Hamas responsible for the cutoff in fuel supplies that resulted in widespread blackouts.


Only 21 percent blame Israel, 12 percent the Palestinian Authority, and 10 percent the Egyptian government, according to the poll.

By contrast, in Judea and Samaria 59.1 percent blame Israel for the crisis, and only 14.7 percent hold the Hamas government responsible, alongside 9.3 percent who accuse Egypt and 9.1 percent the PA.

The survey found optimism about a reconciliation between the PA and Hamas was higher in Gaza—61 percent, than in the West Bank—only 53 percent.

AWRAD surveyed 1,380 people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip between March 5 and 12. It has a + 2.5 percent margin of error.