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August 29, 2014 / 3 Elul, 5774
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‘Gay Detector’ Will Prevent Gays from Entering Gulf States

A major tourism project in Dubai -- not for gays.

A major tourism project in Dubai -- not for gays.

Most New Yorkers have heard the expression “gay-dar,” which refers to someone’s ability to determine whether another person is gay and straight. But Kuwaitis are claiming that their government will soon be able to administer a medical test to determine whether those entering the country are gay.

Foreigners coming into the GCC countries are already given a routine health check. That check up will soon include tests to detect Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people, who will then be turned away from the borders.

Yousouf Mindkar, the director of public health at the Kuwaiti health ministry, announced that a new medical device is under development which will be able to detect those with sexual preferences which differ from the majority standard.

It is currently against the law to be gay in 78 countries, and in five countries non-mainstream sexual activity carries a capital punishment sentence: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen and Mauritania.

Israel continues to have one of the most lenient approaches to gay lifestyles of any Middle East country, and is just as permissive as most European states.

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools.

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28 Responses to “‘Gay Detector’ Will Prevent Gays from Entering Gulf States”

  1. Jo Torres says:

    Apparently Gay Dar is passe`

  2. …in a way and from a certain point of view it could be seen as a new way to return to sanity and a normal way of life… like Clitoridectomy…

  3. Gosh, O'h gee…is this a medical breakthrough from our islamic idolators? How long we have all waited for something, anything, that reflected their superior intellect and world view! We all must, simply must, know how this development works.

  4. Linda Hepner says:

    A yellow star badge as a detector? How about if everyone going in wears one, like the King of Denmark?

  5. Malkah Sorel says:

    All countries should have on

  6. True Kafir says:

    All fools should learn to use proper English before they post there bigoted hatred .

  7. Malkah Sorel says:

    then all fools should also learn to use proper French, spanish, portugese, hindi, arabic, swahili, german ……… the list is endless, or is english the linguistic equivalent of the master race?

  8. Malkah Sorel says:

    True Kafir the fact is homosexuality is the most spiritually destructive practice, it is not normal and whether politically accepted or not people do recover from those bad sexualk habits. check out jonah.org

  9. They think Homosexualty is a sickness and Plutonium is a green gas. Stupid people

  10. Who needs to go to Dubai, there are nicer places in the world.

  11. Dita Gould says:

    It's O K to be a terrorist but not gay !

  12. Malkah Sorel says:

    They have at least got something right

  13. David Rutstein says:

    True Kafir you need to write their not there. You idiot.

  14. Why would you even consider traveling there when the overt animosity is so great?

  15. Why would you even consider traveling there when the overt animosity is so great?

  16. Stuart Hamilton says:

    Malkah Sorel, it's only spiritually destructive to moronic theists like yourself who think a magical man in the sky actually gives a ****.

    I'll tell you what's destructive: Religion, and those who cling to it.

  17. Stuart Hamilton says:

    Malkah Sorel, it's only spiritually destructive to moronic theists like yourself who think a magical man in the sky actually gives a ****.

    I'll tell you what's destructive: Religion, and those who cling to it.

  18. Stuart Hamilton says:

    Malkah Sorel, it's only spiritually destructive to moronic theists like yourself who think a magical man in the sky actually gives a ****.

    I'll tell you what's destructive: Religion, and those who cling to it.

  19. peterhulme2011 says:

    although I am an atheist and despise muslims, this is a good thing, the whole LGBT thing is a psychosexual disease with serious neurological consequences. These backward muslim countries might even come up with a cure for the mental ailment.

  20. Ian Renner says:

    Imagine the humiliation for a man who is closeted who is entering the country on business? Or a man who is in complete denial? Some might risk severe embarrassment. What about getting wrong results? Of course being a top does not make you gay! Only the bottoms are considered gay. Are accused men going to protest, "but I am a top!" Imagine the bad publicity for Kuwait. What do they think they are going to achieve? Imagine all of the frustrated tops desperately wanting bottoms.

  21. Baloney. There are no tests that detect homosexuality.

  22. Barry Tracy says:

    I have never heard of anything so ridiculous! Is there a test to see who is a Jew? That would solve one of the most politically motivated "problems" in Israel. And if a convert is declared "invalid," does a "test" reflect this??? Dumb people just get dumber.

  23. Please don't visit those states if you are a suspect. they are still the only areas on earth for rightful people at-least. Viva Kuwait, Long live.

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