Report: Israeli, Saudi Military Chiefs’ Meeting Suggests Regional Defense Alliance Already in Place

The meeting was convened after US fighter jets intercepted Iranian UAVs on their way to attack inside Israeli territory.

Bennett Makes Snap Visit to UAE to Discuss ‘Regional Issues’

This was their third meeting. They met previously in Abu Dhabi in December 2021 and in Egypt in March.

Israel to Sign Free Trade Agreement with UAE

Prices will drop significantly in the agricultural sector, for cosmetics, food, medical equipment and medicine.

Herzog Conveys Israel’s Condolences in Abu Dhabi on Death of UAE President

The President also congratulated Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed on assuming the role of President of the United Arab Emirates.

UAE President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Dies

He served as president of the UAE for 17 years, and the emir of Dubai.

Survey: More UAE Citizens (55%) Like Israel than Do Americans (53%)

As a rule, in all the countries surveyed, the more the respondents knew about Israel, the higher was their level of sympathy.

Emirati Astronaut Will Be First Arab on Long-Duration Space Flight, UAE & Israel Collaborate...

Israel’s SpaceIL space company and the United Arab Emirates have signed a cooperation agreement to collaborate on a joint mission to the moon in 2024.

UAE Summons Israeli Envoy, Leads Calls for UN Session to Discuss Police on Temple...

In response to the pressure, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett decided to close the Temple Mount to Jews until the end of Ramadan.

UAE rabbi announces plans to establish first Jewish neighborhood in Gulf

Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie describes “a neighborhood with a synagogue, private homes, condominiums, hotels, shopping centers.”

Emirati Planes to Participate in Israel’s 2022 Independence Day Air Show

The "regional peace flight" will begin at the end of the traditional Israeli Air Force flight.

Israel’s Peace Partners Condemn Police Response to Violence at Temple Mount

Somehow, both "peace partners" failed to notice the "violence, religious hatred and extremism" of the Arab rioters attacking the praying Jews at the Western Wall.

Israel’s U. of Haifa Signs MOU with Bahrain, 3rd Partnership with Arab Institution Since...

Several other Israeli academic bodies have signed MOUS with institutions in the UAE and Morocco in wake of the Abraham Accords.

Israeli Woman Caught with Half Kilo Cocaine in UAE Sentenced to Death

Her attorney said he plans to appeal and expects his client’s sentence to be reduced to time in prison.

Israel and the UAE Complete Negotiations on Bilateral Free Trade Agreement

This is the first full free trade agreement with an Arab country and is taking place so shortly after the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Israel-UAE-US Religious Coexistence Working Group to Advance Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue

The new forum is a direct outcome of the historic Abraham Accords and was announced last October at the first trilateral meeting of the Foreign Ministers of all three countries.

Regional Foreign Ministers Land in Israel for Negev Summit

Several urgent issues are on the agenda, beginning with the impending JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran.

PM Bennett Thrilled on Eve of ‘Negev Summit’ – and There’s Lots to Celebrate

At least three of the participants in the hastily-organized Negev Summit share trepidations about the 900-pound mullah in the room.

Lapid, Blinken & Foreign Ministers of UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt to Meet in Historic...

The impending renewal of the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran is expected to top the agenda, along with issues relating to regional energy.

Report: Israel Initiating Jerusalem Trilateral Summit with US, UAE

For the year and a half since the signing of the Abrahamic Accords, Israel has served as a kind of mediator between Abu Dhabi and Washington.

Source in Gulf: ‘We Are Not a Star on the American Flag’

Tension between Saudi Arabia and the US have been rising under the Biden administration.

First Jewish Communal Matzah-Baking Launched in Gulf Nations

The AGJC also arranged for the shipment of 775 pounds of matzah to be distributed throughout the GCC, a nearly 20-percent increase as compared to last Passover.

KKL-JNF Celebrates International Forestry Day at Dubai Expo

On the occasion of International Forestry Day, the Jewish National Fund revealed these rare historic images.

UAE Launches First Lifestyle Show with Israeli Host

The new show features high-profile personalities who play an active role in the UAE's diplomacy, politics and culture.

Israeli Health Minister, IDF Chief of Staff in Bahrain

"This is the meaning, and this is the tremendous power of peace and international cooperation."

Report: Saudis, Emiratis, Refused Biden’s Phone Call on Ukraine Crisis, Oil Supplies

The two heirs to their respective thrones spoke with President Vladimir Putin last week, after refusing to speak with Biden.

Shin Bet Reaches Security Deal with Dubai Airport

Details of the agreement reached between the Shin Bet and Dubai were not released.


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