PA Intelligence Blaming UAE for Jewish Jerusalem Land Purchases

Abbas is looking for a way to cancel the PA elections, and escalating tensions in Jerusalem is as good an excuse as any other.

First Female Astronaut Joins UAE Space Program

“I aim to work hard to script historical moments and achievements that will be etched forever in the memory of our people,” says recruit Noura Al-Matroushi.

Day After Etihad Lands in Israel, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi Announces NIS 89 Flights...

The flights from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv will be available three times per week in April, moving to daily flights in May.

Bahrain Appoints First-ever Ambassador to Israel, Prepares to Open Embassy

"The decision of the Bahraini government to appoint an ambassador to Israel is another important step in the implementation of the peace agreement between the two countries."

Mezuzah is Finishing Touch on New Masterpiece Art Gallery in Dubai

The event was attended by was attended by Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mana Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum as well as the Senior Rabbi of the UAE, Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie.

Biden May be Ready to Sacrifice Abraham Accords for Iranian Deal

The new president also made sure to staff his foreign policy ranks with old Obama hands, including John Kerry who has come to represent American anti-Israel attitude even more so than President Obama.

Israel Beats UAE in ‘Friendly Rugby Match’ in Dubai

Leaders may sign peace agreements but “true peace requires people on both sides to build bonds of friendship and cooperation in every arena.”

Israeli and Emirati Companies Sign Deal to Bring Greentech Innovation to Region

The cooperation seeks solutions that promote sustainability by mitigating the negative environmental impacts of development.

Israel and UAE Sign Agreement to Fight Terror Financing and Money Laundering

The agreement will promote the exchange of financial intelligence between the two countries.

Nearly 650 Pounds of Matzah Shipped to Gulf Jews

“It is very exciting to see such demand for Passover programming in the Gulf this year.”

UAE and Israel to Build Advanced Anti-Drone Defense System

The platform would include jamming and cyber-takeover capabilities, as well as guns, missiles, electromagnetics and lasers able to destroy a drone.

UAE Announces $10 Billion Fund for Investments in Israel

"This initiative is an integral part of the historic peace accord signed by the UAE and Israel with the United States’ support."

Jordan Refused Netanyahu’s Flight in Its Airspace, His UAE Visit Was Cancelled

It appears that everybody involved in relations with Israel on the Arab side has been jittery recently.

Netanyahu Will Make a First, Quick Visit to UAE- Reports

Netanyahu will meet with UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan at the airport.

Ramallah’s Revenge: PA Vetoes Emirates’ Inclusion in East Mediterranean Gas Forum

All EMGF resolutions must be unanimous, and so the PA's nay vote was enough to deny the UAE's request.

While White House Ambivalent on Saudis, Russian FM Moves In

The Russians would like to forge a collective mechanism of response to challenges and threats with the participation of regional states, including Iran and all the Arab countries.

Tom Friedman Accuses Israel of ‘Abraham Accords Washing’ and Ignoring the Much Preferred ‘2-State’

Friedman says "Biden needs to move fast" if he wants to be able to thwart all those efforts in favor of the old, familiar, and bloody 2-state solution.

Abraham Accords Sees Sweet Results in Form of D’vash Business Cooperation

Brian Finkel reached out to Dubai-based Al Barakah Dates Factory, and without knowing he lived in Israel, it became his largest supplier. As the relationship grew, the two companies ended up forming a strategic partnership that is becoming representative of the region.

First-ever UAE Ambassador to Israel, Mohamed al Khaja Presents Credentials to President Rivlin

"We have a historic opportunity to present a model of warm and comprehensive peace between countries and peoples."

Repairs Begin on MV Helios Ray in Dubai Port, as Israeli Investigators Continue Security...

"We can say for sure that Iran is attempting to damage Israeli infrastructure and to hurt Israeli citizens."

UAE to Increase Investment in Israel’s Private Sector

The Abu Dhabi Investment Office hails the opening of its Tel Aviv mission as “a significant milestone on a journey to advance collaboration between our two markets in pursuit of solutions that can benefit the wider region.”

Report: Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain Seek Military Alliance

Saudi Arabia resolutely promotes the alliance. But Saudi sources neither denied nor confirmed the report.

Israeli Cycling Team Starting Second UAE Tour on Sunday

Chris Froome on his ISN debut: “I want to test my legs after a productive winter.”

UAE Donates 20,000 Doses of Russia’s Sputnik V Coronavirus Vaccine to Gaza

“We hope the vaccines will be allocated to medical teams fighting the epidemic head on and heroically, as well as to the groups that most seriously need it.”

Abu Dhabi Weapons Show Pleading with Netanyahu to Let Israeli Defense Industry Delegation Visit

"This is a severe blow, beyond the money we have invested in the exhibition display and the possibility of meeting security representatives from the Gulf in public for the first time."

Report: Iran Behind Plot to Attack UAE Embassies in Africa

Tehran has set its sights on the UAE due to its rapprochement with Israel and efforts to hinder Iran’s nuclear program, says The New York Times.

Mohamed Mahmoud Al Khaja Sworn In as UAE Ambassador to Israel

The treaty was signed on September 15, 2020. It recognizes each state's sovereignty.

Israelis Partner with Emiratis to Address Critical Food-Security and Agricultural Needs

An online investment conference was driven by the objective of assisting the Gulf state in meeting one of its central challenges, which came to light even more so amid the coronavirus pandemic.

UAE’s ‘Probe of Hope’ Takes Honor and Reputation to Mars

“The arrival of the Probe of Hope marks the beginning of the celebrations of the UAE in its fiftieth year, its golden jubilee.”

Blinken Tells CNN Obama Is Back, Trump Is But a Fading Dream

Despite the alarming headline of this report, Biden and Blinken are probably better for Israel and the Middle East than Obama and John Kerry, if only because they're too busy dealing with other issues first.


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