Israelis Overwhelmingly Reject US, Arab Plan for Palestinian State

"The October 7 lesson is that retreat brings terror. The October 8 lesson is that the Palestinian Authority = Hamas, with the same motivations, only with less capabilities. "Kfar Saba will not be Kfar Gaza."

For Biden and the Arabs, Gantz Is the Bulwark Bringing Bibi Down

Mrs. Tzila Netanyahu did not raise a fool, and Bibi, who will turn 75 next October, is hoping to weather even the tsunami of October 7.

UAE Launches Mass Trials of Suspected Muslim Brotherhood Activists

Emirati members of the Muslim Brotherhood undergo a proxy allegiance ceremony.

Update: Iran Hijacks Oil Tanker in Gulf of Oman 24 Hours After Security Council...

Earlier this week, US and UK military vessels shot down 21 ballistic missiles and explosive drones fired by Houthi rebels in Yemen at ships transiting the Red Sea.

UN Calls for Meeting on Judea and Samaria, Focuses on Gaza, Ignores Hezbollah

“Everywhere around Israel, there is one actor that continues to pull the strings, though its proxies, and this is Iran,” says Albania’s envoy.

UAE Invested in Gaza Rehabilitation, Planning for the ‘Day After’

The UAE is buying a seat at the table for the day after the war.

Iran Protests Russian-Arab Resolution Denying Its Sovereignty over 3 Gulf Islands

Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday summoned the Russian embassy in Tehran’s charge d’affaires to protest “Russia’s repeated support for claims on Iran’s trio Persian...

UAE-Israel Land Corridor Expanding to Egypt

Use of the route has grown exponentially in the wake of the Houthi attacks on commercial vessels.

UNSC Postpones Vote on Humanitarian Aid for Gaza, US Wants Text It Won’t Have...

The UAE altered the resolution to exclude a call for suspension of hostilities, and a call to establish a UN inspection mechanism in Gaza.

Bahrain Joins Multinational Force Countering Houthi Red Sea Threats

Bahrain is the only Arab country to publicly sign on to the initiative.

UAE-Israel Land Corridor Operating Despite War

Thanks to the Houthis attacking ships, the land-route has become very popular.

Bye-Bye Houthis: Land Bridge Reportedly Will Operate Between Dubai and Haifa Ports

Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have been ramping up their attacks on Israeli-linked and other commercial vessels as they traverse the international waterway.

Bahraini Crown Prince Condemns Hamas, Calls to Free Hostages

Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa also condemned Israel's operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Abraham Accords Partner Bahrain Announces ‘Ceased Economic Relations’ with Israel

“The House of Representatives confirms that the Israeli ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain has left Bahrain, and the Kingdom of Bahrain decided to return the Bahraini ambassador from Israel to the country.”

3 Years Later the Abraham Accords Still a Miraculous Success, But Israel’s Sour-Faced Media...

The Trump administration actively supported the expansion of the Abraham Accords, Biden has no such goodwill in store for Netanyahu.

UAE Envoy: Powerless to Stop Israel from Applying Sovereignty

The Trump administration reportedly assured the UAE that the U.S. would not recognize Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria until 2024 at the earliest.

Israel Eyes Finalizing Free Trade Pact With Bahrain

Cohen was welcomed in Manama on Sunday night by his Bahraini counterpart Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani.

Israeli FM Heads to Bahrain

Eli Cohen will inaugurate the permanent home of the Israeli embassy in Manama.

Israeli Arab Activist Yoseph Haddad Attacked in UAE Airport

Haddad was attacked by Arabs who oppose his activities on behalf of the Jewish State, and who recognized him on the plane prior to departure.

From Frying Pan to Fire: Israeli Doctors Flee Israel’s ‘Dictatorship’ to the Gulf Emirates

Is it possible that these democracy lovers haven’t heard of the state of freedom and civil rights in the Gulf States?

UAE-Israel Land Bridge Through Saudi Arabia Planned

The "Land Connectivity by Trucks" proposal hopes to kick off even before Jerusalem-Riyadh normalization.

UAE Resumes Ties with Qatar as Part of Regional Reconciliation with Iran

On June 5, 2017, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt severed their diplomatic relations with Qatar.

UAE Expected to Join Israel in Global Communications Project

A fiber-optic cable is to connect Asia to the West via the Jewish state.

Israel-Gulf Rail Link Awaits Saudi Normalization

The “Tracks for Regional Peace” plan and a newer U.S.-backed proposal to connect Gulf and Arab countries with India come as talks intensify between Israel and Saudi Arabia to reach a normalization agreement by the end of the year.

Israeli Man Murdered in Dubai

The 32-year-old man, a resident of Akko, was reportedly stabbed to death.

Dubai Free Trade Zone Notches 25% Growth in Israeli Members

DMCC registered its most successful year yet in 2022 and now includes more than 23,000 companies from around the world.

UAE Invites Netanyahu, Herzog to UN Climate Summit in Dubai, in November

COP28 later this year will be the Israeli prime minister's first official visit to the United Arab Emirates.


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