Israelis Cancel their Netflix Service over Antisemitic Arab Film

The Anne Frank cultural reference is so obvious, one expects Dutch wooden clogs to fall from the ceiling.

Iran Condemns Four to Death for Cooperating with the ‘Zionist Regime’

Iranian police together with the Basij security forces have killed more than 400 Iranians and arrested thousands of others, according to rights groups.

Israeli Business Leaders Urged to Join Peers in Dubai

DMCC has opened a representative office in the Israel Diamond Exchange, and Israel has opened a similar office in the Dubai Diamond Exchange.

Biden Approves $1 billion Arms Sale to Qatar Same Time US Beats Iran in...

Much like all of Iran’s other neighbors, Qatar is uneasy.

Iran Publishes Hit List of Israeli Targets for Future War

Among the prospective targets to be hit in Israel were the Knesset, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Defense Ministry and nuclear sites, plus others.

Fuel Leaking from Tanker Docked at Eilat’s Pipeline that UAE Wanted to Utilize

In May 2021, a storage tank in the Ashkelon depot of the pipeline was damaged by a rocket fired from Gaza.

Israeli, US Air Forces Simulate Strikes on Iranian Nuclear Sites

The chief of IDF Military Intelligence has warned that Tehran will soon begin enriching at least a “symbolic” amount of uranium to military grade.

Leaking Oil Pipeline Pollutes Sea Off Coast of Lebanon

“The water’s smell is foul, and the oil has polluted our nets and threatened the remaining fish population."

CyberWars: Iran Blames Israel for Fars News Agency Hack

Hacker group “Black Reward” has reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack, in which some 250 terabytes of data are said to have been deleted from the Fars servers.

Report: Children in Iranian London School Video Sing about Massacring Jews

The Iranian school is a short walk from the New London synagogue in St John’s Wood.

Syrian Sources: Israel Has Not Attacked Damascus in Weeks Due to Newly Deployed Iranian...

There has been a significant increase in the scope of Israeli and American reconnaissance flights, aimed at determining the locations of the Bavar-373 Air Defense Systems.

Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra to Make First Performance in UAE

The IPO will perform Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 1. and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23 (in A major).

Iranians Hacked Security Footage of Jerusalem Bombing

Someone's security cameras were hacked, but no one is saying it was theirs.

The Case for an Independent South Azerbaijan

“Iran will be fragmented,” Dr. Kedar predicts. “It is only a matter of time – and casualties, unfortunately.”

North Korea Helped Iran, Hezbollah Bring Chemical Weapons to Lebanon

North Korean experts reportedly injected thionyl chloride into the missiles under the supervision of an Iranian chemical weapons expert.

Iran Blames Israel, Vows Revenge After IRGC Officer Killed in Syria

Iran claimed in a statement that Jafari was “martyred by the Zionist agents with a roadside bomb” overnight near Damascus.

Israel Approves Qatari Involvement in Drilling Lebanon’s Natural Gas

Qatar will replace a Russian company that was initially going to comprise one-third of the participating companies.

Mossad Tipped Off UK’s MI5 About Iranian Terror Threats on British Citizens

The U.K. intelligence agency last week said it had identified at least 10 potential Iranian threats to kill or kidnap British and UK-based individuals since January.

Unbelievable: Saudi Arabia Defeats Argentina 2-1 in Qatar World Cup

In response to the victory, the king of Saudi Arabia has declared a public holiday will be celebrated on Wednesday.

Iran Begins Enriching Uranium to 60% at Fordow Nuclear Site

The move is a “strong response” to the IAEA's adoption of a resolution calling on Tehran to cooperate with a probe into uranium traces at undeclared locations, according to Iranian state media.

Iran’s Soccer Team Remains Silent during Pre-Game Anthem Defying Ayatollahs’ Regime

“How many children, teenagers and young people have you killed — is it not enough with the bloodshed?"

Israel & Bahrain Complete First Round of Free Trade Treaty Talks

The two teams discussed trade in goods, regulation and standardization, customs, trade in services, government procurement, e-commerce and the protection of intellectual property rights.

Military Intelligence Chief Haliva: Iran May Attack Qatar Soccer Games

Haliva suggested that "Iran is considering taking action against Qatar during the World Cup."

Report: Hezbollah Brought Chemical Weapons to Lebanon from Syria

According to the report, missiles equipped with warheads containing toxic thionyl chloride, were delivered to Al Qusayr nearly two weeks ago from Masyaf, Syria.

4 Killed in Reported Israeli Attack on Iranian Targets in Syria

The missile fire targeted weapons and ammunition sites, including an air defense battery.

It’s Happening, Azerbaijan to Open Embassy in Israel

Lapid said, "The decision to open an embassy reflects the depth of the relationship between our countries."

Iran TV Morning Show Quiz: How Long Would a Missile Take to Reach Tel...

Viewers of Iran's Channel 5 morning show were quizzed how long a Sejjil ballistic missile would take to travel from Tehran to Tel Aviv.

Lebanon: Parliament Failed, Once Again, To Elect a President

No candidate obtained the necessary two-thirds majority.


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