Israel and Azerbaijan Sign Bilateral Aviation Deal

The agreement strengthen the political and strategic relations of Israel and Azerbaijan.

Disgraced IRGC Officer Tells NYT: Israel Seriously Undermined our Most Powerful Intelligence

Taeb’s removal was a public acknowledgment by Tehran that in order to confront the Israeli threat they had to bring in a new leadership.

Israel Downgrades Travel Warning for Istanbul to Level 3 – Still Dangerous

"The NSC recommends the urgency of travel to Turkey be evaluated in light of the possibility of continued Iranian efforts to carry out attacks there in future as well."

10 Dead, 251 Injured in Toxic Gas Leak at Jordanian Port of Aqaba

The leak occurred after a tank filled with the gas fell during its transportation in the port.

Report: Israeli, Saudi Military Chiefs’ Meeting Suggests Regional Defense Alliance Already in Place

The meeting was convened after US fighter jets intercepted Iranian UAVs on their way to attack inside Israeli territory.

Report: Hezbollah Erects 15 Outposts on Israel-Lebanon Border

Once an outpost appears, the Lebanese army and UNIFIL cease visiting the location, a senior IDF source tells Channel 12.

Iran Launches Solid-Fuel Rocket Carrying a Satellite

The US slammed the move – which further advances Iran’s ballistic missile program -- calling it “unhelpful” and “destabilizing.”

‘Formulating Constructive Directions’: Israel Discusses Gas Field on Border with Lebanon

Lebanon is reportedly demanding additional 1,460 square kilometers from Israel’s economic water, in addition to the 860 square kilometers on which the discussions are already focusing.

Iran Replaces Second Top IRGC Commander

IRGC Second Brigadier General Hassan Mashroueifar Amr replaced Ebrahim Jabbari, commander of the unit protecting Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Lapid in Ankara: ‘Confident Turkey Knows How to Respond to Iranians’ on Terror Attempts

"Iran is behind the attempted terror attacks. The intelligence leaves no doubt about it. Israel won't sit idly by when there are attempts to harm its citizens in Israel and around the world."

Turkey Thwarts Attempt to Kidnap Former Israeli Ambassador

The June 17 arrests were behind the Israeli foreign ministry’s unusual announcement last Thursday evening.

Jordan & Saudi Arabia Cozy Up as MBS Continues Regional Tour

The regional tour by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince comes just a few weeks ahead of a visit to the region by President Joe Biden, intent on reviving the so-called "two state solution."

CNN: Israel Leaving US ‘Largely in the Dark’ about Operations in Iran

“The more the Israelis push—especially if the Iranians decide JCPOA is dead—the more the Iranians are going to push back,” says former NIC deputy national intelligence officer.

Très AIPAC: Azerbaijani Official in Israel to Tighten Relations through Israelis Born in his...

The Azeri official stressed the positive relations of the olim from Azerbaijan with their native country.

Hamas Wants to Renew Ties with the Assad Regime in Syria

Assad cut his ties with Hamas after they supported the wrong side in the Syrian civil war.

Iran Announces Arrest of 3 ‘Mossad Spies’

The arrests of three people suspected of leaking classified information to the Mossad were also reported in April.

Lebanon Closes Egyptian-Syrian (shhh, Israeli) Natural Gas Deal

The World Bank, which has pledged financing, and the United States still must approve the deal.

WSJ: Israel Targeting More Key Iranians in Increased Covert Operations

The killing of Hassan Sayad Khodaei was followed by the killings of several high-ranking individuals.

Iran: Reports of Officials Killed in Parchin Military Complex due to ‘Sabotage’

Chief Commander of the IRGC Hossein Salami said last month that the IRGC will avenge the deaths of its members.

Leftist Pundit Peeved at NY Times for Saying Iran Deal Is Dying without Blaming...

For the record, it’s actually disturbing that 33 Democrats supported the removal of the IRGC’s terrorist designation.

Lapid to Visit Turkey After Herzog Thanks Erdoğan for Protecting Israelis

The news of Lapid’s visit follows by a few hours a telephone conversation between Israeli President Isaac Herzog and his Turkish counterpart, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Iran Making Swift Progress on Underground Nuclear Plant Near Natanz

Israeli defense officials issued a warning about the construction in progress a month ago.

Israel Vows Response if Iran Attacks Israelis in Turkey

“There are Israelis who were minutes from death and do not know it. Another day where we let out a sigh of relief that the attack did not happen.”

US Army Captures Senior ISIS Bomb Maker in Syria

“The mission was meticulously planned to minimize the risk of collateral damage."

Israeli Envoy Summoned to Kremlin Over Strike on Damascus Airport

Russia condemned last week's air strike and blamed Israel for the attack.

Iran Confirms Plan to Launch Satellite-Carrying Rocket

The US military said it is closely monitoring Iranian activities involving space launch technology and how it relates to its ballistic missile program.

Israel to Export Natural Gas to European Union, Through Egypt

This signing of the MOU is “another step on the way to Israel’s positioning as a natural gas power.” the Ministry of Energy stated.


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