Erdogan Reverses Status of UNESCO World Heritage Site Hagia Sophia, from Museum to Mosque

Any modification to a listed site requires prior notification to UNESCO and possibly examination by its World Heritage Committee.

Explosion Rocks Tehran Residential Building

The blast followed a series of explosions that destroyed strategic military targets in the country.

#7: Huge Blast Rocks Tehran Area

There are military and training facilities in the area of the blast which could be the target of sabotage.

#6: Huge Explosion South of Tehran kills 2

As of Tuesday morning, Iranian authorities and state media have not commented on the incident.

Rafael Signs with Abu Dhabi Group to Develop Solutions Against Coronavirus

This joint initiative brings together some of the region’s most active players in the response to COVID-19.

Iran Launching Reconstruction of Demolished Natanz Nuclear Site, ‘Bigger and Better’

"More samples of advanced centrifuges were supposed to be produced in the building."

Iran’s Nuclear Program Under Attack as 5 Incidents Have Rocked the Country

"The underground facility that was damaged in Natanz is at the heart of the debate on Iranian violations of the nuclear agreement."

#5: Explosion Destroys Power Plant in Southwestern Iranian

The Al-Zagan region is reported to have, besides the power plant, a secret nuclear plant.

Families of US Troops Killed in Jordan Call for Cutting Aid Until Terrorists Extradited

Efforts are also underway to push for the extradition of Ahlam Tamimi, the mastermind behind 2001 Sbarro pizzeria bombing in Jerusalem that killed 15 people, including two Americans.

#4: Huge Fire Overnight in Shiraz, Iran

This is the fourth major event in Iran since June 25.

Explosion in Iran’s Nuclear Facility in Natanz

This was the third mysterious explosion in Iran in a week.

GOP Proposing US Buyout of Turkey’s S-400 Russian Air Defense System

The offer to buyout the Russian systems would give Erdoğan a path back to becoming an active member of NATO once again.

To Audit, Or Not To Audit: Lebanon’s Government Cabinet Blames Israel Either Way

Lebanon’s new Cabinet is blaming its latest auditing problems on the Jewish State.

Israel Security Agency Thwarts Effort to Recruit Spies for Hezbollah

Two Arab-Israeli women taken into custody on June 6 • Lebanese terror group uses ex-Israeli Lebanese journalist for recruitment.

Massive Explosion Rocks Northern Tehran Medical Center

At least three people were injured in the blast.

Bibi Taunts Gantz in Meeting with US Envoy: Iran Can’t Wait Until We Fix...

Having stabbed his colleague on the left, Netanyahu turned to welcome his guest properly.

US Lawmakers Call on EU to Designate Hezbollah in its Entirety as Terror Group

Only the military wing of Hezbollah has been designated as such.

9 Pro-Iranian Fighters Killed in Air Strikes in Abu Kamal, Syria

In addition to those killed Sunday, a number of others were wounded, including a number in critical condition and seriously injured.

Iranian Explosion Was at the Hemmat Missile Industrial Complex [Updated]

The Hemmat Missile factory is part of Iran's precision missile program, with annexes in Syria and Lebanon. for Hezbollah's missile program.

IMF Chief: Lebanon Going Down Fast with No Adults in Charge

The reason for refraining from doing reforms is that they touch the clientelism and nepotism widespread throughout the Lebanese political system.

State Dept.: Israel Among Top Global Fighters Against Human Trafficking

The State Dept. has removed Saudi Arabia from its list of the worst offenders on human trafficking.

Israeli, Emirati Companies Partner on Research to Combat COVID-19

Although Israel and the UAE don’t have formal diplomatic relations, the two nations have grown closer amid the Iranian threat.

Lebanese Army Blowing Things Up Near Rosh Hanikra

The Lebanese Army is reportedly holding exercises with UNIFIL near Rosh Hanikra.

Iran Releases Video from Exploded Industrial Fuel Site Near Tehran

Iran's cybersecurity chief threatened Israel, if they discover that Israel was behind the explosion.

Report: Massive Explosion in Tehran, Blackout in Shiraz

Speculation is rife as to the cause and exact location of the explosions.

Report: Iran Spends as Much as $700 Million Annually to Support Terrorism

“The Iranian regime and its proxies continued to plot and commit terrorist attacks on a global scale,” states the report’s foreword.

Mossad Chief Travels to Jordan with Message from Netanyahu about Sovereignty

Jordan’s monarch has expressed intense opposition to the plan and threatened to possibly sever relations with Israel over the issue.

Iranian Navy Seeking to Establish Base in Gulf of Oman, Entry to Indian Ocean

It apparently would assist in combating pirates and foreign vessels, and could be finished by March 2021.


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