Russia, Syria Hold Joint Aerial Patrols of Borders, Including Golan Heights Border

Russia maintains a military air base along Syria's Mediterranean coast in addition to those housing its ground forces.

UAE Downs 2 Houthi Missiles over Abu Dhabi, Saudis Also Attacked

Air traffic has been temporarily suspended in Abu Dhabi and its surrounding area.

American Jewish Committee CEO: ‘Azerbaijan Is our Friend’

Harris noted that Azerbaijan is home to a Jewish community that dates back 2,500 years.

Hamas Angers UAE, Saudi Arabia Over Support for Houthi Iranian Proxy Militia

For now, the UAE continues to support social enterprises in Gaza -- but this could change.

Israel to Partner with UAE on Hi-Tech Investment Fund

The concept was discussed last December during Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's visit to Abu Dhabi.

Jordanian Document Proves Jerusalem’s Disputed Sheikh Jarrah Properties Are Jewish-Owned

Under the contract, housing units for 28 families were built on "formerly Jewish property leased by the Custodian of Enemy Property to the Ministry of Development."

Report: UAE Textbooks Encourage Coexistence, Yet Israel Still Not on School Maps

IMPACT-se discovered that peacemaking was “by far” the top priority discussed in the textbooks that were analyzed.

With UAE Onboard, UN Security Council Discussion Sees Slight Shift in Tone on Israel

The council held its regular meeting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, drawing almost no top diplomats as planned, as the United States and the United Arab Emirates redirected the focus to other pressing concerns in the Middle East and around the world.

UAE Seeks to Increase Its Israeli Defense Technology After 3 Killed in Drone Attack

A deadly attack on Abu Dhabi by Iranian-linked Houthi rebels in Yemen left three people dead and six others injured.

Tunnel Complex at Natanz Nuclear Facility in Iran ‘Deeper than Expected’

“The potential size of the underground complex raises questions about what capabilities this new tunnel complex will provide in addition to a new advanced centrifuge assembly plant.”

US Sanctions Hezbollah-tied Businessmen for Exploiting Lebanon Amid Economic Collapse

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said “as the Lebanese people suffer an economic crisis of historic proportions, Hezbollah continues to engage in illicit activity and amass wealth at the expense of the Lebanese people.

Lebanon is 30th Asian Nation to Block Internet Access

Lebanon is also the 72nd nation worldwide in the past seven years to have blocked or heavily restricted access to social media.

Houthi Drones Attack 3 Tankers in Abu Dhabi Port, Explosions Ensue, 3 Dead

On January 1, a UAE cargo ship, the Rwabee, was hijacked by Houthi forces.

UAE Jews Celebrate Tu B’Shvat

Representatives of KKL-JNF planted a tree in the educational campus, with the campus children and their parents.

Lebanon Denies Reported US-Brokered Indirect Gas Deal with Israel

The country's Ministry of Energy and Water said in a statement that Lebanon and Egypt are instead working on an agreement to supply Egyptian natural gas alone.

Syrian Surface-to-Surface Missile Site Exposed, ‘Threatens Most of Israel’

Alma research center: The new site “serves as a fortified compound.”

Shin Bet Exposes Iranian Recruitment of 5 Israelis Who Spied for ‘Rambod’

The Iranians approached the Israelis, mostly females of Persian ancestry, through Facebook, usually by pretending to be an Iranian Jew named “Rambod Namdar.”

National Library of Israel Online Sees Massive Traffic Increase from Arab Countries

650,000 users from around the Arab world visited NLI online, led by PA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Algeria.

New COVID-19 Variant, ‘Deltacron’ Identified in Cyprus

The sequences of the 25 Deltacron cases were sent on January 7 to GISAID, the international database that tracks changes in the virus.

Vandals Force Lebanon into National Blackout

This is not the first time the country has gone dark: last October, two main power plants were unable to operate due to lack of fuel.

Surprise! Downed Hezbollah Drone Had Memory Card with Photos

Two Hezbollah operatives were seen clearly in the photos.

Statue Honoring Qassem Soleimani Torched Hours After Unveiling in Iran

Unknown assailants in Iran burned the statue to the slain Iranian general.

Fewer Kurdish than Iraqi Women Are Victims of Domestic Violence in the Age of...

The number of women who have filed domestic violence reports in Iraqi Kurdistan has decreased since the start of the pandemic.

Israel Optimistic Bias May Shift as UAE, Other Nations Join UN Security Council

The Emiratis join Albania, Brazil, Gabon and Ghana in installing their countries’ flags outside the council chamber, replacing Estonia, Niger, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Tunisia and Vietnam.

IDF Troops Open Fire After Spotting Infiltrators from Syria in Golan Heights

IDF troops fired flares and distancing fire from tanks, after which the suspects fled into Syrian territory.

UNIFIL Soldiers Attacked in Southern Lebanon’s Hezbollah Stronghold

The UN forces were not accompanied by Lebanese Army troops when they were attacked.

DM Gantz Seeks ‘Enduring Relations’ in Meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah

King Abdullah, however, focused his efforts on advocating for the Palestinian Authority.

Turkey Changes Its Name to Turkiye, Ends Confusion Involving a Certain Delicious Bird

The real reason is the prevalence of very insulting synonyms for Turkey in the English language.

IDF Shoots Down Drone Sent by Hezbollah

The drone was monitored throughout the incident by Israel Air Force personnel.

Iran’s Tasnim News Agency Launches Hebrew Website

The target audience for the Hebrew site was Hebrew speakers worldwide, including in the “occupied territories,” apparently referring to the entire state of Israel.


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