Photo Credit: Flash 90
IDF soldier Elor Azaria

Elor Azaria, who was convicted of killing a terrorist in Hebron, and sentenced to time in the IDF’s Keleh 4 prison, saved the lives of two fellow imprisoned soldiers this week, according to a report in 0404.

Azaria’s uncle Victor told the 0404 news site that when Azaria’s father Charlie arrived at the prison, one of the IDF’s prison staff officials came over to him and told him that his son Elor is a hero.


The soldier told Victor that two prisoners/soldiers passed out, and Azaria, who served as a medic in the army, kept a cool head, treated them and helped evacuate them.

After hearing the story from the staff, Charlie asked his son what happened, and Elor simply said some soldiers didn’t feel well, and he helped them.

During his service in the army, Azaria received a commendation of excellence.



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