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The Maggid at the Podium; By Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn; ArtScroll Mesorah Publications



Rabbi Paysach Krohn, the noted speaker, mohel, and author who has delighted hundreds of thousands of people as “The American Maggid,” has produced The Maggid at the Podium, a collection of speeches originally delivered to live audiences and subsequently published in Zman Magazine. Covering a wide spectrum of topics, the articles touch on such subjects as the proper ways to do bikur cholim, nichum aveilim, and kiruv, to name just a few. Rabbi Krohn also discusses human relationships as well as timely topics connected to the Jewish calendar.

Although these speeches were originally delivered before specific groups, they are universal in nature and provide advice and encouragement to readers. Of course, as usual, Rabbi Krohn uses wit to lighten the mood by recounting humorous real-life events and incidents that amuse and enlighten. Heart-wrenching tragedies and disasters are also put into perspective, as Rabbi Krohn uncovers their messages of chizuk and encouragement. Many of his thoughts and insights are illustrated through references to the Tanach, highlighting their relevance to today’s world.

Rabbi Krohn is renowned for his warmth and extraordinary approachability, and these traits come through on every page. As he says, people are always coming up to him to tell him their amazing tales of hashgachah pratis (heavenly interventions) that changed their lives and that can help change the lives of others. These incidents are used to gently coach us on how to improve our character traits, yet the author never sounds preachy or harangues us to do better. By pointing out possible missteps that may occur in our interaction with others, he encourages us to develop better relationships with family and friends – and even with strangers we may encounter at the airport, in the office, or on the street.

The Maggid at the Podium is the perfect way to meet “The American Maggid” for the first time, or, for his plethora of dedicated fans, to continue to enjoy Rabbi Krohn’s inimitable warmth, wit, and sensitivity.