Rabbi Berkovits On Megillat Ruth

The challenge in modifying halachic practices is that it can often be akin to modifying DNA. While the outcome can have horrifying consequences, Judaism has only survived by adapting to new circumstances while keeping its core the same.

Genuinely Funny Jewish Jokes

This book is good for kids, and seems to be less good for adults. It has a lot of puns, and when I told some of them to my parents they didn't think that they were funny. (But maybe my parents just don’t have a sense of humor.)

Championing Israel To Our Children

This book deals with the great challenge we all face in grasping what is currently happening to the Jewish people. The author demonstrates the rare talent and sensitivity needed to lift the veils of confusion and elucidate both our spiritual and historical connection with the land of Israel from ancient times through the present.

An Indispensable Guide To Hashkafa

Within Judaism, there are necessary disciplines, ideas, and requirements. Yet, it's not uncommon for people to live their entire lives without genuinely understanding these fundamentals.

There’s Nothing Like A Good Story

Bullying has become a scourge and is a topic that is not given enough attention, and I was happy to see that it was included here.

How Do We Enjoy Hashem’s World? A Conversation with Rabbi Yehuda Schonfeld

I did not recognize the rav’s greatness at the time, but the board was set for writing the book. I guess you could say that my mother introduced me to the rav. Regretfully, I never met him in real life.

The Worldview Of R’ Yehuda HaChasid

Weissman's book analyzes the dead and the afterlife as manifested in R’ Yehuda HaChasid’s thoughts and how he came to them. In a somewhat radical approach, the book shows the significant Christian influence on R’ Yehuda HaChasid.

Getting To The Soul Of Parenting: A Conversation With Slovie Jungreis-Wolff

A house filled with chutzpah is an unsafe home. The world is an especially frightening place these days; when you parent in unity, the whole environment feels good. The child will not have to look to the wrong outlets for love.

Another Haggadah Gem From Martin Bodek – Plus A Tribute Memoir To His Zaidy

That feeling of freedom after years of emotional and physical torture can be felt even more fully when reading Bodek’s Zaidy’s War: Four Armies, Three Continents, Two Brothers. One Man’s Impossible Story of Endurance. He tells the shocking true story of his grandfather’s fight for survival during World War II.

Making Vaykikra Accessible And Meaningful

The author’s treatment of Yom Kippur is surprising. Rather than define the day in its more familiar sense, as a day of atonement, Rabbi Fohrman focuses on the language around the fact that Aharon’s sons die as a result of their sin at the beginning of the parsha.

Fooling G-d?

I greatly enjoyed studying all of these works, and I especially enjoyed reading them together. Each offers something important that the others do not, and each is an outstanding example of a different subgenre within contemporary halachic/Talmudic literature.

Rambam Has The Answers

The source of each quote, paraphrase or inspiration in each chapter is cited in a lengthy appendix at the end of the book. And the sources extend beyond the usual ones, even to Rambam's extensive medical writings and letters.

The Importance Of Physical Health

Kaufman, a nonagenarian, still exercises every day and limits the time he spends sitting. He devotes a great amount of time to staying healthy, so that he lives a long life in which he can dedicate himself – body and soul – to serving G-d.

Go And Learn

The first thing to say about this book is that it is a fantastic, fun, interesting read. I cannot wait to share this with my preteen son.

A Nugget Of Jewish History For Every Day

History is both broad and deep at the same time. One with a broad knowledge of the subject probably prefers more depth on a topic, while one with less background probably prefers something broader in its scope.

A Book For Children Going Through Challenges

A rollicking story with a happy ending, children aged 6-12 will understand that they have a choice when faced with any difficult situation.

The Personal Experience Of Prayer

Her book, or rather her slim booklet of around 20 pages, does not come to teach, prescribe or preach how Jewish prayer should look. Plenty of other books have been written for that purpose.

The Lengths A Jew Will Go To Say Kaddish With A Minyan

Not only are these 30 plus stories amazing because of the lengths that a Jew will go to say Kaddish with a minyan wherever he happens to be, but the Hashgacha Pratit that enables him to do so is clearly miraculous.

How Halacha Deals With Loopholes

The rabbis understood that ha'aramah was a mechanism that could be used well or poorly.

Empowerment Through The Jewish Calendar

Within the context of Shabbos and each festival, Muskat-Brown discusses many important issues such as education, parenting, relationships, and lifestyle and, more importantly, gives us points to ponder and discuss.

The Haftoras Are Not Random

Rabbi Bezalel Naor has masterfully taken Rav Kook's commentary and made it readable and comprehensible to the English reading audience in The Legends of Rabbah Bar Bar Hannah with the Commentary of Rabbi Abraham Isaac HaKohen Kook.

A Biography And A Lesson Plan For Life

The fact that some of Rabbi Brevda’s followers turned to chassidus did not bother him; in fact, he even encouraged them. He said that one can learn from everyone. There is no one right way.

A Watershed For The Thought Of Rav Kook

The Hebrew font is definitely clear and readable, but I do wish the endnotes would have been included on the Hebrew side as well.

An Inspiring Memoir Of Professional And Personal Success

Philosophical and humorous, intellectual and spiritual, Gruen discusses many important topics of the day, both personal and universally relevant, as she muses over the changes in her life and the changes in the world and how they overlap.

Inaugurating The Third Generation Of Halakhic Man

If we are to consider what the future will bring, we must take account of the reception history of this work not only in its early decades but also in more recent years.

Teaching Kids To Persevere

Sometimes the best thing you can do is the Hippocratic Oath of parenting: just try not to make things worse.

Explaining Zionism

In this readable and engaging book, Pilichowski has 101 brief essays of 2-3 pages that explain the many aspects of Zionism. A critical point that he makes is that Zionists don't need to justify their existence.

Accessing Our Happiness

We all want to be happy. Not only because it’s a great mitzvah, but because we enjoy being happy. No one wants pain, worry, affliction, despair or despondency in their lives.

Masterful Mysteries

Even after the reader sits back contentedly on the couch with a smile, mystery solved, he is left with much more than a typical fast-paced kid’s read because the book contains very gripping and relevant information about the historical events and sites on which the stories are based.

Israel’s Moment: International Support for and Opposition to Establishing the Jewish State, 1945–1949 by...

The book offers a compelling and accurate description of the challenges the Zionists faced between 1945–1949


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