New Kids’ Book Promotes Mental Health Dialogue in Religious Community

The book’s pictures are warm and the story is both friendly and accessible.  In short, it hits the nail on the head.

Watching Reb Chaim

In interpersonal relationships, Reb Chaim was reported to shock people upon their initial meetings. He would be able to identify a person based on a Dvar Torah he had read years earlier from that individual.

Loving And Living With Dead Jews

Horn speaks incisively to the threat of the misuse of the Jewish past posed by those who are least interested in preserving and honoring the Jewish present.

The Unknown World Of A 17th Century Jewish Doctor

As a renowned doctor, Tuviya served as the personal physician to five successive sultans. It was during this time that in the year 1708 Tuviya published Ma’ase Tuviya (first printed in Venice).

Exploring The Mystery Of The Hebrew Letters

Baruch Hashem, we live in a world where many people desire to be exposed to the depths of the Torah. But there is a difficulty to surmount. How do you teach deep concepts to a student who does not yet have the background as a foundation to understand them?

Building A Fun Seder Brick By Brick

The book follows the structure of the Haggadah, and is designed to be used alongside a traditional Haggadah as one goes through the Seder.

At Root We Are One

Obviously, the purpose of this excellent book was to highlight the cases in which Ashkenazi and Sefardi psak differ, and help Jews understand the practices of different communities.

A Haggadah For Fans Of The Bard

It is clear from the start that this is not your bubbe's Haggadah.

The Rav Who Brought Torah to Los Angeles

The older I get, the more I realize that when I was younger I had opportunities to learn from people who had much Torah to share, and I did not take full advantage of those opportunities.

A Haggadah That Keeps Everyone Engaged

Written in a question-and-answer format to pique the interest of “teens and adults,” the questions can seem to come from left field.

A Project Gone Wrong

Cade and Logan’s courage in the face of resistance from some in their school and community is a model for all people who seek to speak up for others and what they know is right.

Learning To Embrace Ourselves

Something I took away from this book is the need to be present and mindful, and Pachter explains why and how to do this in a practical way.

Answers To Grow With

I particularly liked how Ciment addresses hardships. He explains that setbacks are actually set ups for something way better.

A Deeper Look At Jewish Practice, Prayer And Language

Quirks of Hebrew language, prayer and the festivals are opened up to reveal much more to us than we might have originally thought.

Re-Discover Your ‘Why’

One can only be a strong and effective team player to the extent that one has worked on oneself.

School Daze

How much privacy is warranted once the information becomes public? What can everyone do when all the girls are talking about it among themselves?

Getting The Most Out Of Your Instant Pot

Shoyer elevates pressure cooking from the tired stews and stringy, boiled chicken of the 50s to a more contemporary cuisine.

A Darker Side Of Jewish History

The author shows that when it comes to Jewish involvement in theft, the Jews themselves were not typically the ones engaged in stealing or robbing. Rather, they often served as fences, acting as middlemen between thieves and the eventual buyers of stolen goods.

Toward A Deeper Understanding Of A Giant

With some exceptions, Talmudists had little in-depth knowledge of the Rav’s philosophical output, while his Talmudics were off the radar for philosophers.

Deal With The Challenges Of Antisemitism

Once the general parameters of antisemitism have been defined for the purposes of the book, the authors of the articles are free to discuss contemporary antisemitism in the three remaining sections.

When the Road Map Shifts

Shortly before the diagnosis takes place, Esti becomes friends with Goldie, a woman raising three children by herself while her husband battles severe mental illness.

Protocols: Exposing Modern Antisemitism

Protocols: Exposing Modern Antisemtism demonstrates in chapter after chapter that many of the claims against Israel by supposed objective authorities is in reality biased and error-ridden demonization.

Learning to Feel the Music of Creation

We find perspective on the precious world around us, our own observance, and the vicissitudes of human experience.

Personal, Powerful, And Real

It is so rare to find a Jewish book in which you feel sincerity and faith, and appreciate consistently excellent writing.

Corona From A Halachic Perspective

Pandemics and even epidemics (localized disease outbreaks) have become increasingly rare over the past century, thank G-d, with the result that many people have become panicked or frightened by what they believe to be “unprecedented times.”

Gamifying Kashrut: A Guide For The Rest Of Us

The book’s distinctive spiral binding and two-page-spread-per-case design allows a teacher, parent or grandparent to introduce the case in a classroom, at a Shabbat table or other gathering while retaining access to the deeper discussion on the other side.

Learning From Those Outside Our Community

Are Orthodox Jews really done with finding meaning and relevance in Jewish life? Or could we benefit from a perspective that doesn’t take anything for granted?

Tanach As A Unified Whole

The vast majority of violations identified have a rabbinic resolution, often with more than one way to explain the situation.

A Moral Code For All Mankind

Because the intent is for each chapter to stand on its own and enable quick reading, a few sections stand out for slightly more in-depth analysis.

Sing A New Song

Throughout this sefer the insight of the Vilna Gaon is joined with the Torah of R’ Tzadok and the Ramchal.


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