The Complex Truth Of The Haskalah

In this scholarly study, Zilbergerts upends the conventional take on those early Modern Hebrew writers.

Lessons To Ponder

Saltsman is a deeply spiritual person and a perennial optimist. She gains insight – and often finds humor – in the most mundane experiences.

A Jewish Family Through The Centuries

This isn’t a novel set during a five-year period or within the context of a war, some pogroms, or even a specific historical event. It takes place within a span of nearly 200 years – That is a lot of Jewish and German/Prussian and British and Israeli history to research.

Food That Is Simply Gourmet

If you’re the type of home cook who wants a collection of no-fail, impressive, easy-to-make recipes that you can pull out for any occasion, this book will be of interest.

A Woman’s Jewish Journey

Feldman shares a lot of the Torah she learned at this time, which clearly resonated for her more deeply than the approaches she had been presented with before encountering Chabad.

Where Halacha And History Meet

When Rashi wrote in his commentary that he had to stop writing to go to his vineyard, it did not mean that it was his profession. He writes, Rashi may have been a vintner, but by the same token, he may have been an egg salesman.

ZIONIST Underground Poet Rediscovered in New Book

“Stern’s spirit of freedom, pride, and sacrifice birthed the Jewish Insurgency and eventually its State, and, now in English, may well spark a revolution in the hearts and minds of the English-speaking Jewish world.”

‘Kushner’s Diplomatic Performance Will Go Down As One Of The Greatest In History’

Israel doesn’t have a right to defend itself. It has an obligation to defend itself. The primary obligation of any government is to defend its citizens.

Tisha B’Av Kinnos Made Accessible

It’s not just the language barrier that poses a problem. I consider myself to be proficient in Hebrew when it comes to ordinary tefillos, but I routinely find myself stumped by the extremely difficult Hebrew of the liturgical poets.

Torah And Psychology Combine For Timely Wisdom

The presentation was spellbinding. He spoke about the important role of humor (it was the month of Adar) from both a psychological and a Torah perspective.

A Key Addition To The Scholarship Of Rabbi Lamm

In terms of the book’s structure, because it is a compilation rather than a direct commentary, some connections are more directly related to the mishnayot than others.

A Coming-of-Age Story With Many Layers

In her class, Aviva is the only girl without a father, and that becomes particularly poignant in her sixth-grade year, when the school traditionally hosts a father-daughter Bas Mitzvah Bash at a local arcade.

In the Footsteps of Abraham

Former Trump administration Mid East envoy Jason Greenblatt shows how rejecting conventional thinking brought peace.

A View From The President’s Office: A Reality-Driven Approach To The Middle East Conflict

Trump challenged the notion that America has to be an honest broker indifferent to its ally’s interests; instead, he felt that America should be a smart broker.

A Parsha Sefer To Grow With

This sefer can be used at the Shabbos table for parsha review and discussion question prompts, even if not everyone sitting down at the meal has read the book.

Down To Earth Inspiration

With a conversational, upbeat and humorous style that is both down to earth and sophisticated, Rabbi Viders in this, his second book, connects snippets of history and everyday life with the eternity of the Torah’s truth and values.

Healthy Food You’ll Want To Eat

I've long been in the camp of people who believe that food is either good (think Haagen Dasz) or good for you (think brussels sprouts) but rarely, if ever, both.

Ein Od Milvado

I was intrigued by how the writer looked to find Hashem’s message in frustrating, mundane stories.

Review of “Judaism 3.0: Judaism’s Transformation To Zionism”

Can the current rise in antisemitism as anti-Zionism pressuring American Jews to criticize Israel actually have a positive dimension?

Judaism Through The Lens Of Responsa

Failure to acknowledge the hierarchy of values causes us to risk losing sight of the forest for the trees.

Believers Respond

Why unpack that can of worms when it seems like the repository of our experiential faith has never been deeper and more sound?

Torah For The Thinking Teenage Boy

Rabbi Halberstadt says at the start that he doesn’t think that the big question of this generation is Is the Torah true or not? Therefore, he doesn’t address this point.

‘Rupture And Reconstruction’ Reconstructed

Rupture was intended as a description of the development of Ashkenazic, mitnagdic post-migration Orthodoxy. It was never actually about 1990s American Modern Orthodoxy and its anxieties, or about how to resolve them.

Looking Doubt In The Face

If you’re a frum person seeking traditional answers to modern questions, this is a resource you’ll want to have on your shelf.

Torah And Science In A Nutshell

The book covers an array of topics, one for each letter of the alphabet – including the age of the earth and universe, climate change, evolution, the sun and stars, and vision.

Davening With The Sar Shel Torah

The sefer provides practical advice about how to daven, inspirational stories about davening, and even various kavanos to consider when praying.

Lives Of Uncommon Emunah

Even though his wife says that it is his story, and she is the author, it is also her story. It is the recounting of her journey of emunah and dealing with such an upheaval in their lives. She writes an open book.

Grow Into Your Gifts

These weekly meetings with Yonatan help Rachel begin the process of unraveling what her gifts are.

Broad Collection Takes A Deeper Look At Yetziat Mitzrayim

Several of the works in the second half of the book explore the finer details within the debate between Moshe and Pharaoh, providing meaning and background to the seemingly superfluous details noted alongside the biblical description of the plagues.

New Kids’ Book Promotes Mental Health Dialogue in Religious Community

The book’s pictures are warm and the story is both friendly and accessible.  In short, it hits the nail on the head.


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