Why Peter Beinart’s Judaism is Doomed

Moshe Koppel’s new book, “Judaism Straight Up: Why Real Religion Endures,” explains why powerless, diasporic Judaism has no future.

First Ever Book About the Jewish Festivals for Emerging Jewish Communities Released in Time...

The author of the book Ronit Treatman, the daughter of Israeli diplomats who speaks several languages and lives in Philadelphia, was inspired to write the book after she became involved with the Bnei Anousim, the tens of millions of people around the world descended from forcibly converted Spanish and Portuguese Jews through the organization Reconectar.

Procrastination, Colors, And The IKEA Effect

One of the book’s most creative and powerful essays discusses the so-called “IKEA effect,” which asserts that people value things in accordance with the amount of effort they put into getting or building them.

Title: Ask Rabbi Jack

One question is about Marie Kondo’s cleaning philosophy... Does the animism that underlies Kondo’s philosophy invalidate her overall method?

A Meaningful, And Honest, Journey

Jenna’s writing is honest, raw, and moving. She describes the struggle to adapt to a new way of life for her and for her family.

Fighting For His People – In Australia

Dr. Rutland does a fantastic job at using Liebler's life story as a springboard to introduce the reader to the dynamics of the Australian Jewish community in the latter half of the 20th century.

A Fighter For Holocaust Survivors

Edith Pollak would go on to work 14 hours a day reading notes from survivors and gathering information for files needed to reclaim their stolen funds, such as age, town, and the concentration camp and ghettos where they were imprisoned.

Title: Pride & Preference

One of the themes prevalent in Jewish ethics is to judge others favorably even when their behavior seems to indicate otherwise.

Havrelock Insists on Diaspora Rules for Sovereign Jews

These so-called peace activists can’t even bring themselves to rejoice when Arab and Muslims leaders in the Middle East come to their senses and establish normal diplomatic relations with Israel.

Title: The Kosher Butcher: A Lincoln/Lachler Mystery

If moments of squeamishness can be put aside, the reward is a lively read, filled with colorful characters and plenty of well-paced twists and turns.

Title: Pathways To the Heart: Opening the Teachings of the House of Ishbitz

For a long time, these sefarim were not accessible to the layman. Although some academics wrote about them, those who wanted a more traditional and less biased approach had few options.

Literature for Littles

It’s not just that having children who love to read will buy you some well deserved quiet time – as every self-respecting teacher will tell you, getting kids to enjoy reading offers tremendous academic benefits that will serve them well, both in school and throughout their lives.

Title: Turf Wars

The book contains multitudes, all woven together so beautifully. The story is complex, as are the characters. It is fast-paced and character-driven. A page-turner.

Title: Patient: Taking Tefillah, Emunah and Humor on a Journey to Healing

Sharing her experiences with honesty and humor, she enables the reader to connect to her challenging journey with all its difficult and positive aspects.

Title: The Narrow Halachic Bridge: A Vision of Jewish Law In the Postmodern Age

I would have enjoyed a bit more emphasis on the period of the Rishonim and how they responded to the societal, geopolitical and cultural changes that swept through Western Europe at the end of the Middle Ages.

Title: Kayla and Kugel’s Happy Hanukkah

Koffsky's vibrant and whimsical artwork complements her clear, lively, and informative text.

Title: Sarah Dreamer

Its rhyme scheme is a little off, and the illustrations, while colorful and cheery, are pretty standard cartoon fare. But the message! Oh, the message! It will grab you by the heart right away.

Title: Secrets In Disguise

The suspense in the novel is heightened as the author masterfully moves back and forth between older Fraidy and younger Fraidy.

Title: Torah & Rationalism: Understanding Torah and the Mesorah

Rabbi Zimmerman was also quite well-versed in the sciences, including advanced mathematics, philosophy, and physics.

Title: Explorations Expanded: Bereishit

Rabbi Kahn goes through a more than exhaustive array of sources. Yet, despite the breadth of his erudition, his conclusion is fittingly humble.

Can Shabbos Start In The Middle Of The Day?

When all is said and done, this reviewer counted more than 10 different opinions on where the halachic dateline ought to be placed – all of which are thoroughly considered in Crossing the Dateline.

A New Christian View On Israel

"Chock full" is an apt description of this work, as it offers insight on many issues. These include why it’s inaccurate to say the Jews displaced another people in returning to Eretz Yisrael, why support for Israel is growing in the Christian world, and why giving away parts of Israel doesn't work.

The Night Archer and Other Stories, by Michael Oren

Michael Oren's characters are terrifying, tragic, passionate and yes, also funny as hell.

Off The Couch

So if you’re a patient who needs to know that you’re not alone, a mental health professional who wants to see what it’s like in the office of a psychiatrist working here in Jerusalem, or just about anyone who cares about the Jewish people, you’ll find the book quite relevant. This is 360 pages of pure gold.

Title: Finding Ourselves in the Crowd

Did you ever wonder how someone grew up to become a name that others recognize?

Rambam Press Makes Rambam More Accessible For All Ages

“Writing a summary is always challenging since the compiler must accurately captures the key points of the text he feels should be highlighted,” Rabbi Tayar told The Jewish Press.

Rabbi Dr. Solomon Schonfeld, Hero of the Kindertransport: An Interview with Riki Goldstein, author...

Schonfeld didn’t just save the children from a distance, but got involved in their struggles. “He was a father figure and had a personal relationship with many of the children,” Riki says.

Title: The Oral Law: The Rabbinic Contribution to Torah sheBe’al Peh

Rabbi Schimmel’s greatest contribution, aside from his organization and clarity, is his discussion of the rabbinic mind.


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