A Biography And A Lesson Plan For Life

The fact that some of Rabbi Brevda’s followers turned to chassidus did not bother him; in fact, he even encouraged them. He said that one can learn from everyone. There is no one right way.

A Watershed For The Thought Of Rav Kook

The Hebrew font is definitely clear and readable, but I do wish the endnotes would have been included on the Hebrew side as well.

An Inspiring Memoir Of Professional And Personal Success

Philosophical and humorous, intellectual and spiritual, Gruen discusses many important topics of the day, both personal and universally relevant, as she muses over the changes in her life and the changes in the world and how they overlap.

Inaugurating The Third Generation Of Halakhic Man

If we are to consider what the future will bring, we must take account of the reception history of this work not only in its early decades but also in more recent years.

Teaching Kids To Persevere

Sometimes the best thing you can do is the Hippocratic Oath of parenting: just try not to make things worse.

Explaining Zionism

In this readable and engaging book, Pilichowski has 101 brief essays of 2-3 pages that explain the many aspects of Zionism. A critical point that he makes is that Zionists don't need to justify their existence.

Accessing Our Happiness

We all want to be happy. Not only because it’s a great mitzvah, but because we enjoy being happy. No one wants pain, worry, affliction, despair or despondency in their lives.

Masterful Mysteries

Even after the reader sits back contentedly on the couch with a smile, mystery solved, he is left with much more than a typical fast-paced kid’s read because the book contains very gripping and relevant information about the historical events and sites on which the stories are based.

Israel’s Moment: International Support for and Opposition to Establishing the Jewish State, 1945–1949 by...

The book offers a compelling and accurate description of the challenges the Zionists faced between 1945–1949

The Importance Of The Beit HaMikdash In Our Daily Prayers

Each chapter focuses on a unique aspect of temple service and how it relates to a unique aspect of our daily prayers.

Divisions Vs. Differences

Ettinger wants to tell a broader story than that, however, including not just questions of the Israeli Rabbinate but also more broadly of rabbinic authority in Orthodox Judaism.

Stories Of Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer

It is appropriate that Rabbi Kelemer, who seemed bigger than life in his piety, modesty, and sensitivity, should be commemorated by someone who writes such that alliteration, personification, onomatopoeia, and metaphor are all present in one sentence.

A Life In The Day Of A Modern Orthodox Jew

Other topics discussed in this section are bat mitzvahs, women and prayer, Jewish divorce, and Torah education for women.

How G-d Made Room For The World

It offers an insightful exploration into the intricate realm of tzimtzum, providing invaluable snippets of historical context that enrich the understanding of its diverse integrations across various contexts.

The Trials And Tribulations Of Rabbi Pinkhes Dov Goldenshteyn

What makes the book unique is that while he may have been a shochet, he was also a fantastic storyteller, which makes this such an interesting read.

Death And How To Live A Meaningful Life

This is Rabbi Alt’s seventh book and it comprises 70 meticulously crafted essays, eloquently articulating the Torah's viewpoint regarding death and the afterlife, and the eternal value of a mitzvah in this world and the next.

A Jewish-Centered Guide To ADHD

I had VERY high expectations for this book. I’ve been parenting kids with ADHD for 22 years, and I have a lot of theories and workarounds and opinions. My expectations were exceeded.

Israel’s Secular And Religious Divide

In a little over 100 pages, Friedman does a good job detailing the myriad tensions in the Israel secular and religious divide.

Not Any Old Stories

What motivated the Zlotnicks to write this book? We need only to look at its title, Brick by Brick: Building an Ahavas Yisrael Mindset One Story at a Time, to answer this question. It suggests that no effort, big or small, to reach out to our fellow Jews is insignificant.

A Post-Chanukah Look At Sukkos

With seven previous books to his credit, this is not the first time Rabbi Bernstein has covered the holiday of Sukkos.

Israel Through The Parashot

Thousands of pages have been written explaining why Maimonides didn't include dwelling in Israel in his list of 613 mitzvot. Notwithstanding that, the book shows that irrespective of whether it is a mitzvah, the land of Israel and the Torah are one.

Right In The Middle Of Somewhere

Among the delights of this book is the joy he takes in his family – his wife Sharon, their son Yosef and his wife Hillary, their grandchildren – and in observant Jewish life.

The Torah As A Blueprint For Modern Life

Dee shows us that the very foundation of our lives and the precepts we live by, our ethics, morals, and culture, our education, the worlds of physics, and science all emanate from the foundations of the Torah...

Chanukah Book Roundup – 2023

A well-chosen book can bring a kid hours of pleasure and also instills a love of reading, an activity that will serve them well in the years ahead.

One Final Tour By An Indefatigable Guide

Each section of the book begins with a map and some history, followed by a walk that features unique sites, conversations with people on the street, and a wonderful array of quirky facts that only someone who gets into granular local history would discover.

Rav Chaim Kanievsky Through The Eyes Of His Grandson

Rav Chaim was not bound by the dictates of this world; he was heard to recite Torah passages in his sleep.

The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Antisemitism

A Brief and Visual History of Antisemitism is thoughtfully written and designed to appeal to young readers, the smart phone-obsessed, and anyone else with a short attention span, all while being researched and thorough enough to keep the methodical reader clinging to every page.

A Rosh Yeshiva Reminisces

Rabbi David writes how he was completely taken aback by how this giant of a Torah scholar would treat a very young boy with such respect and friendship as if he were talking to one of his peers.

From Judaism To Christianity And Back Again

One particularly fascinating recurring question described in the book is that of a symbolic re-conversion as an apostate returns from Christian ideals to Jewish ones.

A Voice Of Strength, Beyond Survival

Interwoven in this biography are the political, religious, historical, and cultural background events marking Wiesel’s extraordinary life trajectory, which the author expertly and entertainingly describes with his reporter’s eye.


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