An Interesting Take On The Talmud

While the Talmud is 2,711 pages, in a little over 200 pages, Kirsch does a good job of detailing the main topics and themes of the various tractates.

Emunah In The Face Of Adversity

Of Medicine, Miracles, and Mindsets, is a first-person account of Rabbi Elie and Chaya Rochel Estrin and their child Yossi, written mostly from Rabbi Elie’s perspective.

Torah Of The Soul

Consistent with that fear was a reticence about sharing his Torah. He wanted to work on things a bit longer, always wanted to make sure he was not overstating or misstating.

The Rav Kook You Never Knew

Following a brief biography of Rav Kook, Rav Sinclair proceeds to trace and then weave disparate strands from the abundant storehouse of Rav Kook’s thoughts, uniting and bringing these to bear on the subject matter to illuminate, for the English-speaking world, the breathtaking tapestry that is Shabbat Ha’Aretz.

A Witness To The Great Saga Of Soviet Jewry Tells His Story

Tension reigned. They were watched by the Soviet security services. The KGB often would search their rooms and suitcases. They were threatened and warned and targeted in shuls.

Finding Her True Melody

Our religion has a lot of rules – about eating, about the Sabbath, about how to relate to other people – but the point of all of them is to create a special relationship between us and Hashem.

A Young Woman Steps Up

This is a book about friendship, responsibility, chesed, family and the challenges Hashem gives us.

A Look Inside Kosher

The feature that most immediately grabs the reader’s attention is the presentation of the sources. The authors do not just bring sources as footnotes or endnotes – rather, they meticulously focus on the sources.

Rav Kook And Rav Shagar

There’s so much to say about Torah Goes Forth from Zion that it would require a small book to properly review it all.

Who Are The Karaites?

The book serves as a brief, yet simultaneously detailed, overview of many broad components of Karaite Judaism, rather than focusing on a single detail in-depth – a tactic which would better serve seasoned Karaite scholars.

Trust The Science

Time and time again, Rav Asher exhorts his followers, and anyone else inclined to heed his halachic pronouncements, to ‘follow the science’ and adhere to the recommendations of recognized physicians and the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

A Great Way To Learn Nach

The illustrations by Racheli David caught the eye of my toddler granddaughter, and she brought the book over to me more than once to discuss the pictures.

Holocaust Survivor Fulfills Husband’s Deathbed Wish

Sophia’s mission continues. “I want every high school student in the United States to read Mordechai’s book,” Martin’s Story: An Orphan’s Triumphant Journey, she says, unwavered by this seemingly insurmountable task.

An Honest Look At Shidduchim

In a conversational and metaphorical style that is refreshing, Lavane talks about growing up in post-baby boomer America as a religious woman who’s trying to find love while not compromising her values.

A Promise Kept

Lily’s story opens with a vivid description of her idyllic childhood and upbringing in the quaint Hungary town.

A Helpful Tool For Children

From the reviewer’s perspective, being asked to review this booklet has given me the chance to engage in introspection as to my own relationship with Viduy.

Returning To The Rav’s Teshuvah Lectures

One unique feature of this book is that over the past few years, Lustiger has been posting to YouTube powerful video clips of the Rav (most of them in Yiddish with subtitles).

Selichos As Heartfelt Prayer

that Selichos should be seen as more than a mere recitation but as a heartfelt prayer, as not just strict objective discipline but as exalted subjective romance.

A Meeting Of Two Worlds

The writer is a bit snarkier than either of his main characters. Sometimes he writes from the vantage point of the man, and sometimes from the woman.

Tranquility Through Torah

The author uses the addiction framework as a prism through which to also reach a much larger audience – people who are unaware that certain habits mask addictive behaviors.

A Heroic Life

He powerfully argues against the stereotype of Jews marching like sheep to the gas chambers: The great majority remained honest, dignified, pristine and heroic…

Beyond Central Avenue

Kolodny explores Nassau and Suffolk community by community. He escapes the dryness of history by zooming into the unique experiences of individual members.

A Complicated Jew

Cohen’s paradoxes are such that he provokes readers and writers alike to riff on their own.

The Story Of An Iconic Store

In the introduction of this book, the author takes us on a tour of this four-story supermarket. As I followed along with her tour, I felt like I was at a culinary version of IKEA or Bed Bath & Beyond.

The Complex Truth Of The Haskalah

In this scholarly study, Zilbergerts upends the conventional take on those early Modern Hebrew writers.

Lessons To Ponder

Saltsman is a deeply spiritual person and a perennial optimist. She gains insight – and often finds humor – in the most mundane experiences.

A Jewish Family Through The Centuries

This isn’t a novel set during a five-year period or within the context of a war, some pogroms, or even a specific historical event. It takes place within a span of nearly 200 years – That is a lot of Jewish and German/Prussian and British and Israeli history to research.

Food That Is Simply Gourmet

If you’re the type of home cook who wants a collection of no-fail, impressive, easy-to-make recipes that you can pull out for any occasion, this book will be of interest.

A Woman’s Jewish Journey

Feldman shares a lot of the Torah she learned at this time, which clearly resonated for her more deeply than the approaches she had been presented with before encountering Chabad.


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