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‘Mazel Tov On Your Date’

9 Shevat 5768 – January 16, 2008
I hate to say it, but I am coming to the conclusion that that if abocher and a girl actually go on a date - a mazel tov to both sides is warranted.

Happy New Year? How Do You Know?

25 Tevet 5768 – January 3, 2008
Just days ago, millions of people all over the world welcomed in the secular new year of 2008.

The Miracle Of Trying

10 Tevet 5768 – December 19, 2007
Chanukah has come and gone, and so have the donuts, the latkes and the celebration of the two amazing miracles that took place at that time.

Borders And Boundaries (Conclusion)

25 Kislev 5768 – December 5, 2007
Two weeks ago I wrote about a culture of self-indulgence and instant gratification that seems to have permeated Western society.

Borders And Boundaries (Part 1)

11 Kislev 5768 – November 21, 2007
Recently, I came across a talk show whose topic of discussion was about managing personal finances.

‘Getting Back On The Swing’

26 Heshvan 5768 – November 7, 2007
I remember a mishap years ago while in first grade and happily swinging on the playground swing during recess.

‘It’s Your Fault’

12 Heshvan 5768 – October 24, 2007
I grew up in an era where customers were always right - even if they weren't - because it was good for business to accommodate them, even if they were out of line.

Doing Personal Teshuvah

28 Tishri 5768 – October 10, 2007
With three sets of three-day Yom Tov/ Shabbat combinations behind us, and a return to "normalcy" and our daily routines, now would be a good time to examine our lifestyle habits - and improve them.

Death, Life And Hope

13 Tishri 5768 – September 25, 2007
It is Sunday, the day after Yom Kippur and everyone you speak to says, "Thank G-d it's over."

Shidduch Sadness (Part II)

28 Elul 5767 – September 11, 2007
In my previous column I wrote about older singles who were undermining their chance at getting married by letting others make decisions for them on as to whether to date a proposed shidduch or not.

More Shidduch Sadness

15 Elul 5767 – August 29, 2007
This past week I was told two shidduch stories that made me sad and mad at the same time - because it is infuriating and tragic when people sabotage themselves or let others do so to them.

Hot And Bothered: Letting The Steam Out

1 Elul 5767 – August 15, 2007
It's the dog days of August, and between the sizzling heat, the numbing humidity, the rain and the never-ending traffic and airport delays, there is a lot to complain about people's actions.

My Kid – My Hashkafot

17 Av 5767 – August 1, 2007
Every August thousands of children ages 17-19 leave the only home they have known, the community they grew up in, the neighborhood they are familiar with - even the country of their birth, and fly thousands of miles to a new and relatively strange environment where they will remain for a year.

‘Killer’ Shidduchim

3 Av 5767 – July 18, 2007
Most of us have heard the Talmudic assertion that "He who saves a life, saves a world," and conversely, "He who kills a life, kills a world."

‘It Is What It Is’

11 Tammuz 5767 – June 27, 2007
Just the other day, I was commiserating with a close friend about how my life had not gone the way I had envisioned way back when - when I was young and my head was filled with sweet visions of what would be.

Cell Phonies

27 Sivan 5767 – June 13, 2007
Last week, to my deep distress, my cell phone disappeared from my purse. I don't know whether it somehow fell out, or if someone on the very crowded street purposely brushed against me and slipped a hand into my purse.

The Miracle Of Marriage

13 Sivan 5767 – May 30, 2007
With the Sefiras HaOmer period behind us, the wedding season is in full swing.

Returning Home To Jerusalem

28 Iyyar 5767 – May 16, 2007
When I was a little girl, I was fortunate to be one of the first of my peers to travel to Israel. It was 1965 and the fledgling state was only 17 years old.

Time To Wake Up And Smell… The Blood

14 Iyyar 5767 – May 2, 2007
There are many die-hard optimists who are actually Leftists. (I thought I would be generous in explaining why they are reality-challenged.)


30 Nisan 5767 – April 18, 2007
Just days ago millions of people's lives across the country were impacted by severe unrelenting weather in the form of snowstorms, torrential rains, hurricane force winds and tornadoes.

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