The scenario repeats itself over and over. You read a job listing and with each qualification they desire you become increasingly more excited – this one is in the bag. So you send off your resume and wait with hopeful anticipation that quickly morphs into self-doubting anxiety when that response fails to come. At times it may feel like your resume just sinks to the bottom of a never-ending pile, regardless of how perfect you are for the position. In actuality, however, your resume might not have even made it through the computerized screening process employers utilize, never reaching human eyes. And if it has, it may be one wrong word that landed yours in the recycle bin.


The troubled economy has left us with an overwhelming unemployment rate resulting in many highly qualified people applying for the same positions, so capturing your audience’s attention and wowing them in the five minutes it takes to read your resume is crucial. What if you could find out the exact words employers in your field check your resume for and which words are just a waste of space?  Enter, a newly launched web site that offers just that opportunity using an innovative technology, natural language processing, to electronically interpret your resume and then grade it.


         The process is exceptionally easy for users. On the homepage you can upload your resume without any required login and after a moment you are redirected to a page displaying your grade. Grades are given on a similar scale to that used in school, running from A through F. But you are also given more specific numerical scores on key factors such as brevity, impact and depth, to help understand the letter ranking. The site also produces a list of the strongest words in your resume, words that recruiters and hiring managers in your field will be scanning your resumes for prior contacting you.


             This first step provides an initial snapshot of how your resume comes across to those involved in the hiring process. A higher letter grade confirms that the message you intend to relay to employers and that which they receive are in sync, while a lower grade suggests revisions are necessary. The numerical score then illuminates both the strong and weak elements of a resume, helping users find out which areas require further attention.


            At this point, for a fee, users have an option to proceed to the next step and receive a detailed report, providing more in-depth guidance. Here the grades you received are explained further, explaining why you lost points in certain areas and how to remedy the issues. The report explains how your particular resume would benefit from reformatting, which previous jobs to include, and which to omit for your field of interest, and even how many words you should dedicate to describing each past position.


Also found in the report is an industry metrics breakdown that determines the resume’s strength in different industries, illustrating for which careers it would be best suited. also offers a list of key terms to include, ones that recruiters specifically set as search terms in databases. CEO Gerrit Hall COO Sean Weinberg


   is the brainchild of business partners Gerrit Hall, CEO, and Sean Weinberg, COO (chief operating officer). Hall might be considered the quintessential “Jack of all trades,” having worked successfully as an inventor, business analyst and even as a comedian. Weinberg, a law student, previously worked as director of business development for a large recruitment firm, bringing the unique perspective of recruiters to Rezscore. Both have extensive knowledge and experience, offering a deep understanding of what employers are searching for.


 The two developed the idea for out of a mutual frustration with the poor state of an overwhelming number of resumes the two had come across and from hearing the direct complaints of both employers and job hunters alike. 


Developing the web site, the founders had nearly 100 resumes evaluated by human resource managers, recruiters and resume writers, to understand how the experts view resumes. Armed with this information, the two created a service with the unique ability to help bridge the gap between the job seekers and employers. 


            While the grading is done through a computerized process, the two play a very active role, reviewing each resume and report personally for quality assurance and adding on further critique where relevant.


            Using their proprietary technology, also offers corporate solutions, assisting in candidate selection. Resume writing is also available for an additional fee, rounding a full set of resume services.


            Already experiencing great success in its early stages, has the potential to shake up the career guidance and resume building industry. is the first and only tool to provide automated resume grading and offer deep insight into the job search process. Free of charge and with near instantaneous results, there’s no reason not to try today.