It’s history. You can’t deny it.

The Holocaust. Just about the worst six years in Jewish history. The Nazis slaughtered our nation during its journey to world domination. Six million innocent people were murdered. We have evidence. We have witnesses. We have proof. So why are people denying it?


The Holocaust began during World War Two, during the years 1939-1945. The Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler, began to conquer the world. Having most of Europe under their rule did not satisfy them. So the Holocaust, extermination of one nation, began. The Jewish people as their victims were being eliminated one by one. The Nazis set up concentration camps, to work the Jews until they died. Their goal was to make the world Jew free.

People are in denial simply out of fear. Fear of the possibility of something so extreme happening again. If so, why aren’t people denying the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition? These events took place so long ago, while the Holocaust took place about seventy years ago. I think the fact that there are still eyewitnesses alive today makes it much more frightening. As understandable as this may seem, it’s very unrealistic to deny history. But still, people let their fears get the best of them and may pretend that the holocaust never happened. It’s foolish for people to deny something when there is so much evidence to prove it happened – documents to diaries, photographs and videos. The most well-known concentration camp, Auschwitz, is still around today for people to visit. My great grandparents went through the Holocaust. They were tattooed on their arms and were sent to work. Baruch Hashem they and many others survived the horrors of the Holocaust and are still here to tell their stories.

Do you want to live in a world of lies? Do you want to live in a world where history is denied? Holocaust denial is wrong and in my opinion, needs to be put to an end. Unfortunately, the survivors of the Holocaust are beginning to die out, which is why we have to go out and learn about the Holocaust and teach people the real facts. Act now and tell the world the truth.