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The Glories Of Pittsburgh

10 Av 5771 – August 10, 2011
On one of those cable financial stations the other day, one of the talking heads was explaining the concept of "Mancations."

Tours For Israel-Hating Leftists

3 Av 5771 – August 3, 2011
The Gaza flotilla and the flytilla may have been failures, but they were also missed opportunities for Israel. It's no secret that a portion of Israel's tourist trade comes from "protest tourism" - philosophy students and poetry Ph.D.s who want a chance to visit the Holy Land, throw some rocks at a soldier and have their pictures taken with AK-47-wielding terrorists. And it's time the Israeli tourist industry took their business seriously.

Crossword Puzzle – Bad Guys

28 Iyyar 5771 – June 1, 2011

It’s My Opinion: Freedom

17 Av 5770 – July 28, 2010
A boat was intercepted in the Florida Straits on July 13. A surveillance plane spotted the vessel and directed the U.S. Coast Guard to intervene. The boat held a passenger who had fled the island of Cuba.He was parched and exhaustedand was said to have been adrift for weeks. Rescuers were shocked to see that the seven-foot craft was made of Styrofoam.

It’s My Opinion: “Be Careful Of What You Wish For”

20 Elul 5769 – September 9, 2009
Ariel Morales' long-time wish came true. The 56-year-old Florida resident purchased a sailboat a few weeks ago. Visions of fun and sun filled his mind.

Do You Know What Time It Is?

18 Sivan 5769 – June 10, 2009
Human nature is such that we tend to procrastinate the attainment of important milestones and goals, such as an education or a shidduch. This is so because we delude ourselves into thinking that we have all the time in the world.

Q & A: The Ten Sons Of Haman

9 Nisan 5764 – March 31, 2004
QUESTION: 1) Why were the ten sons of Haman hung with their father on the same gallows?2) The listing of the ten names of the sons of Haman has three Hebrew letters printed in smaller size. What does that indicate? These two questions have been bothering me for some time.Yitzchak Green(via e-mail)

On The Way With New York Waterway

7 Tishri 5764 – October 3, 2003
On a beautiful sunny day in the middle of August, my husband and I took an incredible boat ride around Manhattan Island.

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