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More Responses On The Topic Of Chronic Illness And Shidduchim

18 Sivan 5769 – June 10, 2009
These letters are in response to a letter written by a woman whose daughter is having difficulty getting dates because her father has a chronic illness. She also pointed out that there is an assumption that life in their home is depressing because of the illness. These responses deal with both issues, but how they contradict the myth of depression is particularly interesting.

The Children Of The Chronically Ill And Their Battle For Shidduchim

4 Sivan 5769 – May 27, 2009
Dear Ms. Novick, I would like to thank you for your thoughtful column. The information you provide has helped me through the ups and downs of living with a spouse who had MS.

A Letter To Seek Help For A Friend’s Mother, Coping With...

10 Shevat 5769 – February 4, 2009
Dear Ms. Novick, I have been reading your column in The Jewish Press for quite a while and enjoy it very much. It has been very helpful. For many years, my mother, a"h, lived with us while she was going blind from glaucoma and becoming demented from Alzheimer's. G-d bless my wonderful husband and family for helping to love and care for her. She was nifteres last month.

A Lighthouse Of Reason In A Dark Shidduch Sea

30 Shevat 5768 – February 6, 2008
Dear Readers: I want to share a letter I received this week giving me hope that there are some level heads out there in the shidduch world, and that not everyone is caught up in the hysteria and/or ga'avah (arrogance) that accompanies a suggestion for a date.

Caring For Our Seniors And Holocaust Survivors (Part 4)

In the Jan. 4 and 11 issues I reprinted some triggers that may spark awful flashbacks for Holocaust Survivors.

Embracing The Short Leash

4 Kislev 5768 – November 14, 2007
Last week, I shared a letter from a mother who wanted to call the whole compromise off as her children were not holding up their part of the deal.

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