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December 4, 2016 / 4 Kislev, 5777

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Reports: Yeshiva Student Draft Dodgers to Face Criminal Charges

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Haredi Orthodox yeshiva students will face criminal charges for dodging the draft under a proposed law, after the intervention of the prime minister, Israeli media has reported.

Under the proposed military draft law, the Haredi men would be criminally charged for evading the draft, but the penalties would not go into effect until 2017, according to reports. In addition, draft orders for Haredim up to age 26 will not go into effect until up to a year after the law goes into effect.

The Shaked Committee that is preparing the draft law was set to meet Wednesday to vote on the final proposal of the bill, which will likely be brought before the full Knesset in March.

Lawmakers from the Sephardi Shas and Haredi United Torah Judaism parties have threatened to drop out of the committee.

The Tal Law, which allowed Haredi men to defer army service indefinitely, was invalidated by the Supreme Court in February 2012 and expired in August that year. Haredi yeshiva students since then have had their drafts deferred.


Leftist NGO Helping Haredi Youths Evade the Draft

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

New Profile,” which describes itself as “a group of feminist women and men, who are convinced that we need not live in a soldiers’ state,” has been active in helping Haredi yeshiva students stay out of the army.

The New Profile mission statement argues that today’s Israel is capable of relying on “peace politics,” rather than be a “militarized society.” Very Vietnam era politics, except that the Vietnam war digested 50,000 American youths in a mad war thousands of miles away, while Israeli civilians are staring into the barrel of Arab guns right at home.

Their website sounds outright delusional, with statements like: “We are convinced that we ourselves, our children, our partners, need not go on being endlessly mobilized, need not go on living as warriors.”

Originally, New profile was founded to help Arab youths avoid the draft. “Since 2005, the Baladna Association for Arab Youth has been working together with a number of other civil and non-governmental organizations in opposing plans by the Israeli state to introduce a form of mandatory civic service for Palestinian citizens of Israel.”

They reject the idea of enlisting young Arab men and women to clean up and improve their own or neighboring Arab towns and villages, simply because this would be managed by the Zionist state.

Lest some Arab young person decide to join this government sponsored effort to improve their own neighborhood, The Coalition of Youth Against the National Service has been formed as a “grassroots movement to raise awareness and inform young Palestinians of the potential dangers and consequences of Israel’s mandatory service project, and why it constitutes a real threat to the Arab community inside Israel.”

Because, let’s face it, neglected roads, dirty streets, and understaffed clinics are much preferable to letting the Zionists come and decide to fix it up, militaristic thugs that they are.

Now, according to Mynet, it appears this NGO has discovered a whole new population group it can steer away from helping their own communities. Since the Israeli Supreme Court in 2012 killed the Tal Law that governed Haredi recruitment, thousands of Haredi yeshiva students have become exposed to the regular draft law, just like their secular or National Religious neighbors. And so a bizarre alliance has been formed between the haters of Israel on the extreme right and the extreme left.

New Profile founder and main activist Ruth Lackner Hiller told Mynet she’s been helping thousands of draft dodgers, including many Haredim.

“I may not agree with them on other issues, but they come to us asking for help getting out of the draft, and we’re there for them,” she said. “In recent months there has been a steady rise in calls to us from Jerusalem Haredim, asking for help and tips.”

Lackner Hiller established her NGO in 1994, when her own son refused to enlist, claiming pacifism. Eventually the boy received his exemption, not as a pacifist, but as unfit for military service.

Today’s IDF service is one of the easiest to avoid in the world. When politicians aren’t doing their dance, pushing their agenda, the military HR has been remarkably understanding. Personally, I find them even more impressive when they go out of their way to make it possible for many fringe individuals, including the disabled, to nevertheless enlist and serve a useful purpose in uniform, despite their limitations.

Frankly, I believe the military stands to benefit from Haredi recruits as much as they stand to benefit from their service. The IDF has always been the melting pot of Israeli society, where young people shared their lives with their counterparts from places they would never even hear about.

Yori Yanover

Poll: Two-Thirds of Israelis Favor Jailing Haredi Draft Dodgers

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

A poll commissioned by the Knesset Channel 99 revealed that two-thirds of Israelis favor jailing Haredim who refuse to join the armed forces.

Almost the same majority backed extending the length of service for Hesder yeshiva students, according to the poll, quoted by the Jerusalem Post.

The Peri Committee recommended treating Haredi draft dodgers as criminals, setting off a mini-political storm.

Habayit Hayehudi (Jewish Home) chairman Naftali Bennett and Likud Beiteinu Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon objected to the concept, but Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid threatened he would break apart the coalition if the committee’s  proposal is not accepted by the Knesset.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called on Ya’alon to tone down his opposition, and the political storm is expected is to disappear.

Jewish Press News Briefs

Perry Committee Haredi Recruitment Plan: Sanctions on Draft Dodgers

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

The Jacob Perry Committee program, which includes financial rewards to yeshivas with a high percentage of recruits among its students, and sanctions against those who do not report to the recruitment offices, is triggering many different reactions in Israel today, Thursday.

The enlistment reform on which the committee has been working for the last two months, examining all the necessary balances between the value of military service versus the value of Torah study. The reform will replace the Tal Law, which lapsed following the Supreme Court’s decision last August. The reform determines a gradual process ending with all the Israeli citizens serving the state under the conditions prescribed by the law of security service.

The recommendations determine new rules for sharing the security burden equally, by including yeshiva students as part of the Security Service Act (and taking them off the “temporary” rules which have been in existence for ages), and thus the the duty of the civil service would apply to Haredim. At the same time, the law is also considering the value of Torah study in the mix.

In addition, the proposed law shortens the service of men in the army to 32—from 36—months, and extends the service of women in the IDF to 28—from 24—months.

The new law, should it be approved, will take effect in August, 2013.

But the actual recruitment of Haredim will begin only three years later, a fact that raised the ire of equal burden activists. Three years are an eternity in Israeli politics, which could mean that by the time the serious part of the law comes into effect, an entirely different government will be doing the enforcing.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Haredim, who until now have been limited in what they could do for a living, since going openly to find work could end up with them wearing a uniform, will now be free to pursue real jobs on the open market.

Torah Judaism MK Israel Eichler suggested a complete revamping of the IDF recruitment program, turning the army professional, with good salaries that would attract the very best from all parts of society.

Most Haredi leaders argued that the new law is a blatant attempt to destroy the Torah world in Israel. At the same time, many detractors of the new proposed law on the secular side argue that it needlessly exempt 28 thousand Haredim today, with vague promises about recruiting their younger brethren four years from now.

Still, no one so far has objected to the idea that yeshiva deans will have to account for their students, and decide whether they really belong behind a stander.

Yori Yanover

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