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Western Critics of Democracy – “Accomplices to Injustice”

22 Sivan 5772 – June 11, 2012
Critics of their own democratic societies rarely discuss the real difficulties, both demographically and politically, of the multicultural societies of Britain and France, or what the significance might be of over half the Muslims in Britain believing that it was actually the CIA or the Israeli Mossad which were responsible for the 9/11 attacks in New York City.

Israel’s Derfner Affair

15 Elul 5771 – September 14, 2011
One of the most bizarre controversies concerning freedom of the press and freedom of speech has been afflicting Israel in recent days. The basic question is whether there exists some sort of natural right to advocate the mass murder of Jews.

Israel’s Fickle Standards Of Free Speech

24 Av 5771 – August 24, 2011
The eminent law professor Robert Bork once described the Israeli Supreme Court as the worst in the Western world. Israel, Bork wrote, "has set a standard for judicial imperialism that can probably never be surpassed, and, one devoutly hopes, will never be equaled elsewhere."

Israeli Left’s Mind-Numbing Hypocrisy On Freedom Of Speech

5 Tammuz 5771 – July 7, 2011
The assault on freedom of speech in Israel by the leftist establishment continues, manifested in a series of arrests of rabbis merely for expressing opinions.

Israeli Left’s Checklist For Academic Freedom

1 Elul 5770 – August 11, 2010
With so much recent debate in Israel about academic freedom, I thought it would be constructive to describe the current politically correct ideas about academic freedom held and proliferated by the academic left:

Why The Left Hates Im Tirtzu

3 Adar 5770 – February 17, 2010
Israel's Im Tirtzu student organization bills itself as the "Second Zionist Revolution." Until a few weeks ago, that sounded like youthful bravado. But the group has raised eyebrows - and hackles - with its unprecedented grand slam in the Israeli media against the New Israel Fund.

Litmus Test For Nakba Law Opponents

25 Sivan 5769 – June 17, 2009
The Israeli media and the Israeli Left (but I repeat myself) have been hysterical in recent weeks over a proposed bill that would make it illegal to hold anti-Israel "mourning" events on Israel's Independence Day, events that would declare Israel's very existence a "nakba" (or catastrophe in Arabic).

How I Beat Israel’s Dual Justice System

4 Nisan 5768 – April 9, 2008
Israel has a dual justice system. While operating within a single overall structure of courts and related legal institutions, two separate justice systems exist in the country: one for leftists and the other for everyone else.

Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn

30 Nisan 5767 – April 18, 2007
Question: Popular radio personality Don Imus was fired last week over racial cracks he made about the Rutgers women's basketball team. Your reaction?

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